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WVD 2020: A Decade of Struggling

27 Apr


the last part of this trilogy.. Will be a very late post in this World Veterinary Day’s celebration.

10 years ago. I remembered when I was struggling to finish my education and had this hesitation. Most of my friends already started their interview with companies, some of them looked out for internships in clinics/ hospitals in other regions. While I already accepted to work in the largest gibbon conservation program in Indonesia. But did I ready for that? I was struggling during the class and exam, especially when it’s about clinical stuff. Once my lecturer praised my theoretical skill, but she disappointed with my motoric ability and warned me. During the bachelor program, I scored less in clinical stuff. while in the internships program, especially clinical practice, I was way behind my mates. Working in wildlife conservation as a veterinarian demands good clinical practice skills. What drove me to finally go for it is, it’s my dream job.

Took a couple of years flashback, when I almost finished high school and prepared for the university enrollment, I was clueless. I didn’t know where I should go. I only tried so hard to graduate highs school. Then my mom had this obsession… She wanted me to go to medical school, though I wasn’t smart enough. I couldn’t pass any test to any medical school that I did accept in international affairs study. I still had another chance for the national enrollment, so my parents suggested to me to try the medical school for the first option and (surprisingly) veterinary medicine school as the second option. Now we all know where my fate went end right? Then I still clueless in the earlier year. I had a good score. But again, nothing motivated me to study hard. Until I correlated my study with tv shows that my Dad loves to see. Wanna try some guess? Steve Irwin and much other wildlife series in discovery or animal planet. Then I started to join the student organization that has a focus on wildlife medicine. I envied my seniors run their field study in a national park like Baluran, which they can watch Banteng in the wild (FYI, Banteng is my first wild animal spirit). I envied my seniors having internships in many rescue centers and zoos. I envied when my seniors work their thesis research on wildlife. I want to be like them! Therefore, my study runs late. Normally we can finish the bachelor program in 4 years and I’m 4,5 years. It happened because I was too picky to run my thesis research, then there were me and my classmate who randomly researched Babirusa’s nutrition in a zoo. There goes my second wild animal spirit: Babirusa. In 2008, there was a joint conference of Asia zoo and wildlife Medicine in Bogor, and I went there, writing a poster about my organization’s annual field study in sea turtle observation, and there goes my 3rd wild animal spirit. After that, I was almost sure that I have to work as a wildlife vet in the future. On the other hand, I also active in dog show stewards, so there I spare my backup later.


So carry on the day I finally flew to Kalimantan in 2010, to join a gibbon (there my 4th wild animal spirit) conservation program named Kalaweit. At that time, we were in transition to move the center from Palangkaraya to Muara Teweh. So sometimes I have to switch to each center during that moment. After a while there, a year later I was promoted to be the coordinator of the medical team. Not just one site, but two, Since they also have another site in West Sumatra, also in transition to move to another region. Fast forward, I think I got some mental burnout attack many times and had so many different views there.

That’s the time when I decided to quit and moved. 2014, I tried a new experience, still in wildlife but in West Java, in IAR Indonesia, until now. It is the largest slow loris (there’s my 5th wild animal spirit) conservation program in Indonesia. I almost surrender, since I have so many things to catch up. Clinical practice like surgeries, perspective change in how to diagnose cases, and perspective change in holistically running conservation programs. But I survived in my 6th years, thank God.


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The end of @iar_indonesia annual meeting Finally we did the annual meeting! Just like last year, we still held it in our new learning center in Ketapanc, the Sir Michael Uren Learning Center. The place looked so much better now! Well, sometimes meeting is lousy. But sometimes we have to take break for a while from our routine works, gather up and discuss what we've done along the year. Evaluate our works and goals, make sure we still on the right track, identify challenges or risk of our strategy. Also try to figure out whether we still can use old strategy or make a new one, setup new goals, etc. Yeap, to think of those stuff are lame in some point, especially when our energy already drained by the routine real works. It's even difficult for sure. But if it can make our works easier in the future, why not?

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Many sad moments happen during my 10 years of work. Losing your lovely patient is an example. I remembered Kimmy, a hand raised gibbon baby since her parents neglected her. She died because of my confidence. That moment made me stop to bring my emotions in this work. We are just a living creature, and we can’t save every life. Working in the jungle tested your emotions. Faraway from family, sometimes it felt miserable, especially compared to everything you got in your life before. Limited communication networks, remote areas, private electricity for just 4 hours a day, access for entertainment, information, and education were too limited too.


Happy moments can be found in the simplest way, such as eating some jungle fruit, encountered with so much wildlife. Traveling to a new place, enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Got an opportunity to traveling abroad too, to represents your organization works at the conference. worked with so many animals like cats and dogs, macaques (long-tailed, pig-tailed and Mentawai), gibbons, crocs, snakes, raptors, slow lorises. Succeed to intubate a loris, succeed your first solo surgery in your 6th years of a career (way too late). Succeed to publish the first scientific article.

Tried to operated so many advances and complicated machine in your works like blood machine, x-rays, endoscope, gas machine (I know I’m a dork!).

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During the lunch break of our annual meeting, we decided to visit the clinic of our center in Ketapang. So we @iar_indonesia has 2 center, Bogor and Ketapang. The Bogor center is more for slow loris rehab center, while the Ketapang is for orangutan rehab center. They just got an x-ray system, donated by the generous @orangutanveterinaryaid (these guys are amazing!!😍😍) And we're curious 😅 So @twintemia started to show off the thing 🤣🤣 She shows us the system. There were 2 hard cases and it contains of x-ray generator, digital plate and a laptop with the x-ray imaging software. I think it's AGFA Musica series. Basically it works like the usual x-ray but this one process the image digitally straight to the computer. And then we can easily check the result, setup the exposure+brightness,zoom in-out, put label, mark or even caption 😮😮😮 This is really helpful for our orangutan as it portable too! Last but least, thank you @orangutanveterinaryaid 🙏🙏🙏🙏

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Finally it's finish!!10 endoscopic tubectomy and 1hernia inguinal hernia correction (i may wrote it wrong in the video 😂😂😂) done in almost 4hours… thanks to the master, Dr.Paolo Martelli who kindly help us to do this with his experience.we were quite surprised when he came without his usual assistant. so each of us got the chance to assist him in surgery and all of us did it smoothly.. but one thing for sure.. it's so hectic to prepare everything..and I'm glad everything was smooth. so as an ecological balance issue, we have to make sure that the macaques already sterile so they don't breed again in the wild, as they are very fast in reproduction and they're not protected animal.this endoscopic tubectomy is one of the way to sterilize the female. so now they're one step closee to the wild! #macaque #vetsurgery #wildlifevet #conservationmedicine #veterinarymedicine #veterinarian #primate

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Another happy moment is when people started to debate their wonderful life and compared it to me, I can just easily shut them straight by telling them I already on the TV many times!

I’ve been treating Hundreds to thousands of animals, some survived and can go back to the wild again, some are just stuck in captivity but (hopefully) with good welfare, and some couldn’t survive.

I never thought I can be a wildlife vet in 10 straight years and yet survived, alive, married, and have a daughter, though it is still far from welfare. Well everyone’s struggling, right?

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since we were planning to keep moving everyday when we were in Bali (at least until the conference moment), we decided to rent a motorbike from krisna motorbike rental for a week. quite worth price with 60K IDR/day for a honda vario 110cc. and they were willing to deliver and pick up the motorbike (only in Kuta area). so yeah, we did our quest!! like in day1, we drove from airport area to sunset area then seminyak and ended in Tabanan. in day2, we went to Sanur from Tabanan, then we visited to the Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue! at the last day we tried to reach Nusa Dua from Sanur and then finished our quest in airport. 2fat adults and a almost 2years old child, 1huge back pack (75L), a 30Lbackpack and a 25L sidebag!! #familytraveller #bonbontroopers #papbon #mambon #panggildiagemi #baliquest2018 #roadtoascm2018 #latepost

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I remember when I frustrated to look for a partner since most people don’t have an interest in wildlife. Therefore I tried to bridge a network to students. I tried to inspire them (even I’m far from a good inspiration), made a charity program for students who had an interest in wildlife medicine. And glad I still meet those familiar faces in my circle until now.


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Finally I finished these series of guest lecture about slow loris conservation medicine 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Today is UWK's turn and they really arranged the lecture really well!they picked a big room for the class (lately they just told me that it's their graduation ceremony ballroom). And to be honest, it's actually more like a seminar than just a class 😅😅😅 More lecturer came to the class, participants looked very neat indeed, while I'm in a band's t-shirt, jean and sneaker 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 They also started the event with national anthem!!this is the most serious guest lecture I've ever do for sure! Although I messed up with my power point, but i backed up everything with yesterday's power point. So yeah, it's a worth 63slides to rock! The discussion went very live too. What a nice event. Oh they also had a good campaign to minimize the use of plastic and they gaveaway tumblers to participants!!👍👍👍 #slowlorisconservation #slowloris #conservationmedicine #wildlifemedicine #wildlifevets #vetmed #veterinarymedicine #veterinarian #fkhuwks

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Too bad my charity program has to be ended 3 years ago. But then it’s not stopping my altruism and voluntary spirit just like that.

It’s been my 3 years, I become a vet volunteer for a local herpetofauna conservation program. I also do TNR (Trap-Neuter-Release) in stray cats around my neighborhood.

Besides that, this year is my 2nd period became the board for the Indonesian wildlife vet association.

I also believe that education is the key for people to understand the vet’s role in society and it can be done in so many ways, such as social media. So that’s why I’m a bit social media geek.

At the present I know I still have so many flaws, I’m clumsy, I do terrible mistakes like amateur, I have bad memories, sometimes I’m inconsistence, But what I learn now is, to be patient, focus, keep reading and study and pretends you know nothing as it is easier to understand more.

To look behind and now facing forward. I don’t know what will happen. Some people suggest I pursue a master, some suggest I take a diploma exam, and there’s also somebody still awaits me to quit this life and hoping me to switch into normal office work. My unpopular opinion, I may need to rest awhile, to take care of my daughter and let my wife come back to her professional life.,


I always clueless and wondering, when people ask about what was in my head to keep struggling like this for the wildlife. Well, I can’t just say it’s my dream job. But it’s not making people aware of how probably it’s important for them. I just realized lately that saving wildlife is an efforts to save environment and humans in the end, just exactly like the “one health” or what Indonesian Veterinarian motto : “Manusya Mriga Satwa Sewaka”à Preserving Human welfare through animal


It took almost my 4 years of work until people finally called me “doc”

And just in my 10th years, I finally got a gratitude greet from people around due to the world veterinary day celebration –>and it means a lot for me to!


Happy World Veterinary Day to me, keep struggling and believe you 4 wisdom words. Those 4 words that you almost left in rubbish:







WVD 2020: Go Contribute!

26 Apr

WVD 2020: Go Contribute!

Into the second part…

Still about this damn pandemic! Seriously it sucks our energy for sure.

I did say about how late vets to prevent this pandemic, but it’s not just vet’s responsible, it’s everyone anyway.


Though in some portion, some vet ignores the fact that we have to keep the wildlife stay in their habitat, in the wild to prevent any zoonosis transmission. Still, they let people have unhealthy and unlikely living hood, by supporting and promoting their clients to keep wildlife as a pet. Not even just about a concern and awareness of the zoonotic disease, also animal welfare which is a shame. Well, it doesn’t cause this COVID-19 but probably other emerging/re-emerging diseases. *sigh

Since information now spread faster (thanks to the internet), there is 2 kind of things circulated the society about this COVID-19. Those who tell people to be ignorant and careless, so they just don’t care how serious is this disease can spread and kills people. Also, those who make people panic and respond irrational. It all starts with every single false and hoax or lies that intensionally or not by someone. Who’s the victim? illiteral people. Yet in the end, other people at higher risk like medical workers have to be drag by this Covidiot!

While intellectual like vets have so much privilege to understand which information is wrong and right, so vets can help the medical doctor by spreading the right message. We, vets, can’t help the human medical workers directly. But by the education, campaign, and awareness about this disease, we are the big back up for them! Show some supports for them! They’re the front guardian for our safety now!

And that’s how the jargon of One Health works. Each disciple uses their discipline to give a solution!

We can be part of the solution, we can go contribute!

But then somehow things don’t work like that. Since there was somebody who uses this pandemic as his stage to gain the spotlight. Yet he seems too confident to talk briefly about this disease, according to his personal opinion, leaving the actual scientific finding and delivering the wrong message to ignore the fact that this motherfucking virus is harmless! Thanks to media and netizens, who recklessly made him viral and boom! Every strategy like self-isolation and distancing fails since people just neglect and disobey it due to the viral celeb vet. More people infected, more lives fall. Disappointment comes from the medical doctor, they are very angry and upset because the wrong message spread by a random person. So there goes the logical fallacy and professional sentiment. Then look at how people also responding to that, your profession disgraced and become a joke. Look also how the vets respond and this just becomes a circle of the bigger sentiment of which one better. When your profession already had a huge gap in society and thanks to that man, the hole is getting deeper. The big picture of One Health is just jargon, while the war against this disease distracted by useless negativity despite we can just fight together and respect each other lines. How about the culprit, he’s having fun with his fame now. Is this how you contribute to this crisis?

Then just a week after, the tension happened again. A TV show discussion about the safety of pets during this pandemic with a reference from a human internist. You can imagine how the vets will respond right? Luckily the internist wise and diplomatic to answer (even he looked worried and unconfident), no personal opinion, all explanation based on actual scientific finding, no blunder statement, yet he asked people to treat the pet just like a person. Salute and respect!–> though I still didn’t agree the TV show took that reference from a human internist. But when I look at the colleague’s reaction? everything’s wrong in their eye, which is natural. Butthurt is natural. Before, I already saw it in the Medical Doctor too.

Too bad that this happened just a week before this WVD celebration. Although it’s a  god moment to show people that vets have a real contribution to society, especially during this pandemic. Want to know some facts?

The leader of the expert team for the National’s COVID-19 task force is a veterinarian (How the hell you screwed up netizens didn’t choose this person!)


The government (finally) allowed more labs to run the COVID-19 test and some of the labs are designated for animals and run by vets like the lab in IPB university and its Primate Research Center. Before, the government selects a lab from ITD Airlangga University, and some of their staff also vets.

Another real contribution to society, remember that false news can trigger the wrong policy? It happened in Solo when their local government decided to eradicate bats sold in the animal market.

ASLIQEWAN (Indonesian wildlife Vets association) reacted by sending the objection letter to the regional Vet association. Then a week later Ngawi regional government asking a suggestion of wild bats existence in one of their tourism objects. Good to know that vets can prevent more misleading policies to the animal during this pandemic.


Some vets and the vets association also working hard to donate for PPE distribution to medical workers since the PPE is in high demand and very difficult to get.

Ironically, most of the vets and animal caretakers in wildlife conservation NGOs started to struggle to get basic PPE such as surgical masks and latex gloves. Especially after the more finding of positive COVID-19 in animals like cats, a dog, and tigers. There was also research about non-human primate susceptibility in COVID-19 transmission. Now the life of wildlife vets and the wild animals at risk too. So here is a donation to help them, guys!


So that’s how vets can contribute to society during the pandemic. Even share some reliable campaign and awareness about this disease is helpful, don’t be shy.


Stay strong, stay healthy, stay safe, let’s contribute!


Viva le vets!

WVD 2020: Current Situation

25 Apr


Hi. Long time no see you guys around eh?

Thought gonna make some short visit, but I promise that this will be quite long written and read.


  1. Today officially held as the World Veterinary Day 2020
  2. Today (well actually a week late) is a reminder of my 10 years professional work (gosh it’s already a decade)
  3. I have so many things to spit


It’s World Veterinary Day, held annually every last weekend in April and it’s already happening for 20 years. So don’t get it wrong when in late April, you’ll see some random people post about this thing in social media or you may even find some random people march in the street to celebrate it. The fact that the festivities go hype, the impact won’t go far, speaking about the veterinarian profession in your society, especially in Indonesia. Well, it might change some perspective as more students choose veterinary medicine blind-folded-ly as their major. The fact that same joke, the stereotype still circulating during this time and related to all the vets of all ages. The bottom line, probably the gap between vets and society is even bigger than our existence.



Now we talk about the 2020 WVD’s theme which is “Environmental protection for improving animal and human health”. Again it’s also still related to the old jargon, “One Health”. A simple definition of “One Health” is a circulating relation of a healthy environment, healthy animal, and healthy human. This means each of them will affect and complete the others. For easier example is our current situation.


We still just reach the 4th months of the year, yet so many awful things happen and of course, the one that really makes us pay a lot is the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. It’s just like a showstopper, boom!

Once it happened in China, then it spread globally became a pandemic just in weeks.

I remember when the first time it went out, the name was frightening, “SARS-like a disease”

Started known as novel coronavirus, then turned into COVID-19 disease and the virus itself named SARS-2-COV-2.

A quick review, it’s a badass virus from a badass virus family, coronaviridae. Yes, it’s older family is reputable in the outbreak: SARS and MERS.


We’re much pretty sure that this virus is zoonotic since the older family is zoonotic, originated from bats then jump into other mammals before reach humans. How about the COVID-19? The same prediction and argument strongly point to the same problem. Some researchers found a similar virus but unidentical in bats and pangolin (Sunda Pangolin). Some suspicious thought: it has something to do with people’s behavior in ground zero, they like to eat bush meat as their wet market free to sell every kind of live wild animals there.


Quite amazed that saving wildlife, fighting wildlife trade hare actually has a great impact to prevent or cancel this new emerging disease! But people just ignored the fact and everything’s just too late.


I mean, vets, really have great power to stop this but we’re just neglected things that we learn from school and the condition already fucked up now. In your eyes, then nailed it. Gosh, the WVD’s theme really related but we couldn’t do much now.

While the pandemic happened, more lives fall, more people infected, some already recovered while some just relapse or exposing the other.


social and physical distancing promoted to prevent this disease spreads, everything’s cancel. Most activities deactivated, some people housed and lost their job, some people stressed out and bored in their isolation, even vets.



When you want to work, the fear of getting the disease is real. While when you stay at home, there’s probably some lives abandoned because of your absence to help them, including your life. More shocking, the disease started to infect animals. At least dog, cats, and big cats reported with respiration symptoms and tested positive for COVID-19. Then some researchers revealed that non-human primate is also at risk to get infected due to the similarity of the virus receptor (especially great apes and monkeys in Asia-Africa).

Even though WHO declares that human-human is the main spread, now we have to be careful that we may spread the disease to the animal. While some people become reckless and clueless to blame animals by dumping them or even eradicating. More pets neglected and it did happen a stamping out efforts in bats. More impact? Vets are not that safe to work since PPE became a rare item to find, which means you might save from COVID-19 but then dozens of other zoonotic diseases from your patient awaits.



The worst part of these catastrophic is, we know less about this novel disease. Everything’s dynamic and remains to be uncertain. Uncertainty of the certain or certainty of the uncertain. Which one easier to understand, I don’t know.

With all these confusions, how do we elaborate on the spirit of WVD to fight this pandemic? I’m gonna spit it out in the next part of this WVD.


Oh yeah, it’s gonna be prolonged. I prepare a trilogy.

That’s it 2019! 2020, Let’s go!

31 Dec

Once upon a time, my partner said that if he really wants something (as possession of things, let’s say shirt, shoe, gadget, etc.) he would do anything to get it, he will put every focus and efforts to acquire that. Work hard, earn more and save more. He used to do that since he was a kid especially when he knew that he’s not a person with privilege. Nothing’s free, nothing’s fall from the sky, there’s no free lunch.

Well, who doesn’t?

Unless you’re very rich people and everything can happen in an instant.

My story is a bit different. my family actually quite wealthy. But then I couldn’t get what I want anytime, yet  I am to dependents on my parents. Also, I wasn’t that creative to make money. So then I was just hoping that someday the God and universe grant my hope. I did try something real to work it out, but we all know a tiny force will never efficient and ineffective for greater aim. So you might have to wait until the impact happens. As time goes on until it really happens, I also did this to remind (entertain) myself:

Start to possess the smaller part first, before heading to the whole thing. Some examples:

When I want to buy a laptop, I buy the bag first.

Wanna have a motorbike?buy the helmet first

In the end, I did it, even it took years to fulfill my hope and I’m surprised that I can survive my life with these kinds of mindset.

This still relates in some other things that I got this year, or at least in this decade and it’s really great moments.

I remember when my seniors in university told me about their internship in some rescue centers. Then I was thinking that someday I’m gonna go there too. Ten years later I reach all of those places for collaboration works, mostly to share and train my knowledge there.

I remember when I was working with the gibbon and I knew that there’s a special group for Orangutan veterinarian with all of their cool workshops. I was hoping that someday I could join the workshop of Orangutan Vet group someday and I was hoping the gibbon vet would gather for the same thing and in it’s happening for the second time this year (I participated in the group too!!)

Another fun story, 8 or 9 years ago I adored this wildlife photographer artwork and bought his first book. Then out of nowhere, just a month ago I arranged a collaboration event with him. It’s the famous Riza Marlon.

Along the journey of 2019, I learned that the power of hope is so strong.

In the other hand, this year also one of “the weakest me moment” another dental infection again, had a terrible muscle sprain in my back and hip ( I went to several physiotherapy sessions) and the worst part, out of nowhere I got an oral Herpes infection, while everyone else in the house was healthy. A bold reminder of how I didn’t really manage my nutrition, especially the sugar intake. I didn’t exercise anymore.. Hopefully next year I could correct these.


After all, I also need to gratitude more, since everything’s under control, my health recover. I also learn that gratitude is not just thanking, but also to share something with those who need it. I learn this through the good campaign of an NGO that loves to donate medical stuff to other NGOs. When you don’t have any funds, at least you can share your knowledge with those who need and that’s what I’m trying to do in the whole year.

The last thing to recall in this year,  I’m happy and glad that my 2 cutie peaches: my wife and my daughter, really support and motivate me. Another gratitude to see their smile, though I’m a lousy husband and father.

The daughter turns 3 years old

 I’m glad during this year I can meet so many old faces from couple of years ago, yet they all look healthy and fine

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Out of nowhere this couple reach Bogor and contact me. Randomly they spend their night in the hotel next to my office 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 These two guys are my seniors in university, we grew up in the same organization. They did inspire me to be a wildlife vet actually. As the husband had internship experiences in orangutan rehab center and his research about fecal sampling in wild banteng in Baluran national park. He told me so many fieldwork and wisdom stuff, he also brought and introduced me to a rescue center for the first time! While the wife, had experiences internship in elephant conservation and multi-species rescue center. She told me about birdwatching and organization-administration stuff Last but least, they're a lovely couple and inspire my love life 🤣🤣🤣🤣 #senior #fkhua #kmpvpw

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Well, that’s it 2019. Thank you. You hit me really hard and yet you helped a lot to stand and walk again.

2020? let’s go!




Dental health

16 Aug

For me and probably some other people (hopefully not), dental health is the least concern stuff… I rarely take care of my teeth and my oral hygiene seriously. I don’t visit the dentist if I don’t find any trouble. the last time I checked my teeth to a dentist was at my late teenager, means it’s more than ten years ago. As more predisposition factor, I was lazy to brush my teeth since I was children and I love sweet food.  Bad things never happen to my teeth, but well I remember I had a refilling once on my left lower molar. As my teeth are anatomically in good shape too, except my irregular lower incisors structure. As my laziness in dental and oral hygiene continued, but I did to manage to brush my teeth every morning (before going to sleep?never!) only and I prefer to use mouthwash. Scary and disgusting isn’t it? But I just don’t care about it

download (3)
Though as a vet I got more dental cases since 2014, this just no enough to keep me aware. God already warned me to pay attention to my teeth just as same as my patient’s. Most of my patient had those broken teeth, so most of the time we have to do the extraction or refilling. And it’s not enough to change my perspective about my dental health.

Until shit happens in 2018. I’m getting old My lower right first molar was broken and split into half. My dentine got exposed from outside, which was very bad as the port of disease entrance. The first response was a pain whenever the site got exposure such as touch, thermal, drink and eat. At that moment, it’s very hard to control everything. So I went to a dentist in the nearest public health facility and I got their free of charge service. They put a temporary refilling for 2 weeks, then cover it with permanent refilling. Into the first week, the refilling was already gone, the dentist seems not friendly too. So I guess its better when there’s a price to pay. Then I came to another dentist, senior and respected too. He treated me with weekly temporary refilling then straight to the permanent refilling in the third week and that’s it, I was happy. He told me that even my tooth split to half, it’s just the crown, root canals still fine.


Then almost at the end of 2018, suddenly I got a headache, cramp and bad pain around my facial, sinus, ear. I couldn’t chew any food, especially in my lower right jaw. And this just happens when I have to attend my office annual meeting in a remote place! I stand with the pain for almost 5 days. Was trying to hold the pain by some oral drugs, but it’s hopeless and helpless. As soon I finished my annual meeting, I visited my dentist again. He found the same problem in the same site just like before. But now it’s already periodontitis, infection in the root canal. Things that I just wrote and presented in a conference, just a couple month before. LOL! SO yeah, I have to deal with that drill, those files, he did go too far trough to my nerve and it’s hurt. He filed 3 lines one my root canals, tried to clean any dead tissue and soon refill the empty canal and tadaaaa…everything went to normal again. At this point, the dentist reminds me to aware of my oral hygiene since food stain in the teeth is the growth media of bacteria that will lead to infection.

images (1)Dentist using dental drill
Before I was careless with my dental health and hygiene. I never brush my teeth before I go to sleep. Whenever I ask my daughter to brush her teeth before she goes to sleep, she just starts the drama by complaining why I don’t brush my teeth too and I simply answered “daddy is a bad example so his teeth is a mess and often sick”
But now, after the dentist warns me about my dental hygiene, I decided to take care and attention of my oral health by brushing my teeth before sleep. Because it’s not just about the pain, but it’s also about the price to pay for these treatments

I even went to the dentist for scaling promotion. Imagine, never been scaled for the rest of my life.
But then on this July, something bad happens again. It seems the same area in the right lower molar again. I was frustrated since that was the fourth time! The dentist seems surprised too. Then he checks every teeth. It turned out it’s not the same tooth. The old refilling looked fine, but it’s more to my last molar that grew in a bad position and made a cavity with another molar, trapped some food and become bacteria home. To support his diagnosis, I was told to do an oral x-ray. So yeah, I finally experienced the panoramic x-ray. The result was even cooler!!
All refilling still in their places, no more root-canal infections, even the oldest one that I had since a child. .



His prediction about my last lower right molar was right. Short term treatment was just trying to clean the teeth with sensitive protector toothpaste and mouthwash. The long term treatment was, to remove my last right lower molar due to its abnormal position would hit other teeth and end in another trouble


gigi3One more mystery revealed after the x-ray which was the absence of my lower left the last molar! There was no trace of upcoming grow in the jaw, but the rest of the last molar were consistently grown and appear. So where the fuck that molar went???? The dentist said that it’s probably already extracted. But I didn’t remember when the last time I lost my tooth is. I am also very rare to go to the dentist. If I extracted that, it should be in my adult age. While it’s been liked more than 10 years ago the last time I visit the dentist and that molar tooth hasn’t erupt yet at that time


So yeah it’s tiring. But the fact is, now I regret my every bad behavior for my dental health. As it’s disturbing with the pain and the amount of money I’ve lost.LOL!

So yeah it’s tiring. But the fact is, now I regret my every bad behavior for my dental health. As it’s disturbing with the pain and the amount of money I’ve lost.LOL! I mean, just don’t try this at home!

So remember kids, brush your teeth regularly, especially before to sleep.

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Trying The Newest Mass Transportation; Is This The Future Face of Indonesia?

5 Jul


When we traveling around Jakarta by private transportation, we’ll face that depressing situation a.k.a traffic jam. Though we switch to public transportation, it’s also inconvenience actually. The massive crowd from outer Jakarta fulfilled any kind of public transportation such as KRL or the Transjakarta. As Transjakarta also can trap in Jakarta’s savage traffic hour, even they already own an independent busway. LOL.





Apparently, it’s not just about the number of vehicles that flooded every inch of the street, it’s also because of the decreasing space in the street due to some constructions project. A project of promises in the future that already spoken since many years ago.




Yes, it’s the brand new alternative mass transportation’s infrastructure: MRT, LRT and also probably the ultra speed train Jakarta-Bandung. Anyway, most of us can’t wait to witness this milestone and luckily this year, some part of those new alternative mass transportation will start to operated!

Started with MRT, in March they already run the public trial and now it has been couple months operated. We had the opportunity to try the transportation during the public trial and it’s for free!!

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MRT Trial experience!! Light entertainment for a dad and a mom and their 2 year's old daughter 😂😂😂 So we tried the MRT Trial event. Set the schedule, booked the free ticket by Bukalapak and we went to the Dukuh Atas station and experience the MRT to Lebak Bulus station.we had fun for sure. Love the station, the train, the trip and facilities on it. They had nice toilets. Though it hadn't officially active so everything's should be good and right on the place. It reminds of the same facility in Singapore bad we found some direction sticker on the floor already looked bad, so hopefully they can mantain everything! Can't wait when they're already work!! #jakarta #jakartamrt #mrt #publictransportation #bonbontroopers

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To see the station, the design, the interior and the train itself, reminds me of the similar service in Singapore and Bangkok actually. it’s cool, fantastic and futuristic (of course). How I love the white noise of the MRT, how the people’s ambiance to try it, how all of us amazed when the train rose from the subway up to the skyway….!feels like a dream, well like a traveling dream in Singapore or some other modern country actually :p (just look at the pictures below :p )




But still, whenever new things come, there’s always this culture shock. Some people still unaware of how to get used in a public facility without to bother other’s comfort. Some are just ignorant. Trashing, cutting line, standing in the train’s chair, sitting on the train’s floor, normal people sit in the priority seat.

Then we skipped a couple of weeks ago with the LRT. Apparently, the LRT’s infrastructure project already finished in some parts and area, and they did the same way with MRT, organized a public trial. Again, nice infrastructure. But then we just realize that LRT was made for intersection hub to a smaller region, just like a feeder train, that’s why they are lighter with only 2 parts of carriage and designated for fewer people to take. The problem is, during the public trial, more people ride it. So there were too many people for just 1 train. You couldn’t enjoy the inside view of the rain while the track was shorter than MRT and there were only 6 stations to stop too…So yeah, it’s a crowded train. But the ambiance and sensation were just like riding a shuttle train in Changi airport. I bet it will be comfortable as long as it not too crowded.

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Two days ago was the last day of LRT's public trial, and we didn't miss the chance to try it for sure! The problem, the station option set in a far location which was in kelapa gading area!but we're not quitters 💪💪💪💪 We already registered online for the trial, then we got the ticket (similar to e-money/ those in KRL). Another problem. It's still on school's holiday season, so there were too many people want to try. Then we just realized that LRT stands for Light Rail Transit. Means smaller carriage ability and smaller distance just contained two railway carriage.each station took 3minutes to reach. To be honest the facilities were great!it reminds me the airport's train in Singapore according to the size and the interior.but it can't carry more people so you'll get that discomfort feeling since the moment you make the line. As the track for public trial only for 6station (kelapa gading to velodrome), it's a quick sensation actually. But yeah, public transportation is a sign of modern civilization. Hope this will really works efficient in the future! #LRT #publictransportation #bonbontroopers #panggildiagemi

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Anyway, with all of this privilege, I hope we can keep and maintain these great facilities and really wish a dedicated service from the government to their civilians. I really believe that soon some other city would develop the same project as it really a future face of Indonesia.




Journey : Padalarang

20 May


Back again with me after all these months, I’m just wasted myself on many things and forgot this fun activity.

This time it’s gonna be a bit different than things that I used to write. This thing came up to my head for a couple of years ago, then it just disappeared and then popped out again. And it’s always happened during my travel time, especially whenever I go to the East/ south part of West java like Bandung or Ciamis.



It’s because of fieldworks’ assignment. Rescue, release, meeting, etc. It’s the worst travel by car actually.  you’ll get stuck in Bekasi for hours whenever you pick the highway toll (I know, it’s silly). But the same result also can happen when you take the alternative way through the non-highway road by Puncak, although you could get better scenery and many stops option.


One of our drivers always chooses the non-highway as he could avoid the boredom and sleepiness. Then you’ll pass Puncak, Cianjur and reach this area called Padalarang. Sometimes it’s jam, sometimes it’s just easy road. After couple times hit this area… there were couple things that really memorable about this area…the karst mountain that actually already had a great destruction due the limestone mining exploitation, old Toyota’s container trucks loaded with tons of limestone (I think it’s the Toyota 60s something), some gigantic chilly gyps-replica  displayed in the whole street, gigantic marblestone and limestone on the side street and factories with all their massive air pollution. Suck place to pass for work, back and forth. While I can’t imagine how local people can survive with this condition. I mean I said that the karst mountain was actually a good scenery. But then what you can see just holes and some structures were half-destructed, it’s not fun anymore. Both legal and illegal mining already exploited the karst mountain since a century ago during the colonial era. BY the time goes on, it becomes more massive. The karst mountain almost gone, being destroyed for chalks, marble stone, minerals, a mixture of cement, an ingredient of toothpaste, etc. All of those mining stuff delivered by that Toyota’s old truck to the factories. The factories activity also worsen the condition of the environment itself. Dust, smoke…This stuff would kill people there slowly or at least make them got cancer. While speaking about this karst environment, another huge issue about exploitation is water supply. Gosh..first the air then the water. I’m so surprised that people around this area can survive their life.

Human, I can’t imagine what they’ve done for nature and it impacts goes back to themselves. ..

So folks. Whenever you passed this area, keep your window closed.