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Trying The Newest Mass Transportation; Is This The Future Face of Indonesia?

5 Jul


When we traveling around Jakarta by private transportation, we’ll face that depressing situation a.k.a traffic jam. Though we switch to public transportation, it’s also inconvenience actually. The massive crowd from outer Jakarta fulfilled any kind of public transportation such as KRL or the Transjakarta. As Transjakarta also can trap in Jakarta’s savage traffic hour, even they already own an independent busway. LOL.





Apparently, it’s not just about the number of vehicles that flooded every inch of the street, it’s also because of the decreasing space in the street due to some constructions project. A project of promises in the future that already spoken since many years ago.




Yes, it’s the brand new alternative mass transportation’s infrastructure: MRT, LRT and also probably the ultra speed train Jakarta-Bandung. Anyway, most of us can’t wait to witness this milestone and luckily this year, some part of those new alternative mass transportation will start to operated!

Started with MRT, in March they already run the public trial and now it has been couple months operated. We had the opportunity to try the transportation during the public trial and it’s for free!!

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MRT Trial experience!! Light entertainment for a dad and a mom and their 2 year's old daughter 😂😂😂 So we tried the MRT Trial event. Set the schedule, booked the free ticket by Bukalapak and we went to the Dukuh Atas station and experience the MRT to Lebak Bulus station.we had fun for sure. Love the station, the train, the trip and facilities on it. They had nice toilets. Though it hadn't officially active so everything's should be good and right on the place. It reminds of the same facility in Singapore bad we found some direction sticker on the floor already looked bad, so hopefully they can mantain everything! Can't wait when they're already work!! #jakarta #jakartamrt #mrt #publictransportation #bonbontroopers

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To see the station, the design, the interior and the train itself, reminds me of the similar service in Singapore and Bangkok actually. it’s cool, fantastic and futuristic (of course). How I love the white noise of the MRT, how the people’s ambiance to try it, how all of us amazed when the train rose from the subway up to the skyway….!feels like a dream, well like a traveling dream in Singapore or some other modern country actually :p (just look at the pictures below :p )




But still, whenever new things come, there’s always this culture shock. Some people still unaware of how to get used in a public facility without to bother other’s comfort. Some are just ignorant. Trashing, cutting line, standing in the train’s chair, sitting on the train’s floor, normal people sit in the priority seat.

Then we skipped a couple of weeks ago with the LRT. Apparently, the LRT’s infrastructure project already finished in some parts and area, and they did the same way with MRT, organized a public trial. Again, nice infrastructure. But then we just realize that LRT was made for intersection hub to a smaller region, just like a feeder train, that’s why they are lighter with only 2 parts of carriage and designated for fewer people to take. The problem is, during the public trial, more people ride it. So there were too many people for just 1 train. You couldn’t enjoy the inside view of the rain while the track was shorter than MRT and there were only 6 stations to stop too…So yeah, it’s a crowded train. But the ambiance and sensation were just like riding a shuttle train in Changi airport. I bet it will be comfortable as long as it not too crowded.

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Two days ago was the last day of LRT's public trial, and we didn't miss the chance to try it for sure! The problem, the station option set in a far location which was in kelapa gading area!but we're not quitters 💪💪💪💪 We already registered online for the trial, then we got the ticket (similar to e-money/ those in KRL). Another problem. It's still on school's holiday season, so there were too many people want to try. Then we just realized that LRT stands for Light Rail Transit. Means smaller carriage ability and smaller distance just contained two railway carriage.each station took 3minutes to reach. To be honest the facilities were great!it reminds me the airport's train in Singapore according to the size and the interior.but it can't carry more people so you'll get that discomfort feeling since the moment you make the line. As the track for public trial only for 6station (kelapa gading to velodrome), it's a quick sensation actually. But yeah, public transportation is a sign of modern civilization. Hope this will really works efficient in the future! #LRT #publictransportation #bonbontroopers #panggildiagemi

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Anyway, with all of this privilege, I hope we can keep and maintain these great facilities and really wish a dedicated service from the government to their civilians. I really believe that soon some other city would develop the same project as it really a future face of Indonesia.





Journey : Padalarang

20 May


Back again with me after all these months, I’m just wasted myself on many things and forgot this fun activity.

This time it’s gonna be a bit different than things that I used to write. This thing came up to my head for a couple of years ago, then it just disappeared and then popped out again. And it’s always happened during my travel time, especially whenever I go to the East/ south part of West java like Bandung or Ciamis.



It’s because of fieldworks’ assignment. Rescue, release, meeting, etc. It’s the worst travel by car actually.  you’ll get stuck in Bekasi for hours whenever you pick the highway toll (I know, it’s silly). But the same result also can happen when you take the alternative way through the non-highway road by Puncak, although you could get better scenery and many stops option.


One of our drivers always chooses the non-highway as he could avoid the boredom and sleepiness. Then you’ll pass Puncak, Cianjur and reach this area called Padalarang. Sometimes it’s jam, sometimes it’s just easy road. After couple times hit this area… there were couple things that really memorable about this area…the karst mountain that actually already had a great destruction due the limestone mining exploitation, old Toyota’s container trucks loaded with tons of limestone (I think it’s the Toyota 60s something), some gigantic chilly gyps-replica  displayed in the whole street, gigantic marblestone and limestone on the side street and factories with all their massive air pollution. Suck place to pass for work, back and forth. While I can’t imagine how local people can survive with this condition. I mean I said that the karst mountain was actually a good scenery. But then what you can see just holes and some structures were half-destructed, it’s not fun anymore. Both legal and illegal mining already exploited the karst mountain since a century ago during the colonial era. BY the time goes on, it becomes more massive. The karst mountain almost gone, being destroyed for chalks, marble stone, minerals, a mixture of cement, an ingredient of toothpaste, etc. All of those mining stuff delivered by that Toyota’s old truck to the factories. The factories activity also worsen the condition of the environment itself. Dust, smoke…This stuff would kill people there slowly or at least make them got cancer. While speaking about this karst environment, another huge issue about exploitation is water supply. Gosh..first the air then the water. I’m so surprised that people around this area can survive their life.

Human, I can’t imagine what they’ve done for nature and it impacts goes back to themselves. ..

So folks. Whenever you passed this area, keep your window closed.

2018th leaped, into the 2019 leap

31 Dec

00-06-59-piyopikavet-full.jpgJust couple hours before we pass the 2018 gate and will enter the 2019 gate, and believe me it’s just another matter of crappy bullshit that I used to work every years to close the year. Some kaleidoscope, some summary or the trending stuff today, the rewind. I know I was lost within the mid of year after lost and found many months before. In fact I have no excuse other than lazy. So just like before, here’s my effort to fix it which is would easily break as soon the year switches. LOL

Before we just call it resolution, but then it’s non sense to put many list things to change who you are every year while there’s an easier term to define it simply as goals, new and old. This idea was quote by Gustika Jusuf Hatta on twitter and I agree for sure.

I won’t make it long as it reviewed everything month by month. So perhaps I just highlighted it as OK and NOT OK moment.

And I always love to tell everything from the bad side first.


This year we loss our uncle (actually it’s my wife’s uncle). His wisdom will always in our heart. We loss also one of our resident’s cat in our house.

She’s Pucet. A stray cat that stayed in our house after we spayed it. We shared nice moment, Gemi also loves to play with her. Too bad someone just run her and she died instantly.


We struggled with everything in our pocket every time, as life went tougher, our daughter getting bigger, we almost run out of ammo. Trust me marriage isn’t an easy thing to work even with the so-called happiness = child. To keep up the same frequency with your spouse a perfect tone result also not easy. Especially when it disturbed by outsider like negative opinion about our life. At the beginning we tried so hard to follow the ideal life of people’s noise, but then regret always come after since they’ll never stop to shit you around. So I learn to be more ignorant for people’s shit.

Parenting is another exhausting thing to do. Since there are so many factors of successful parenting, but one big concern is to make peace with in your childhood time. The more I remember how bad my childhood (even with my prosperous family), the more I hate it and affect my behavior and my daughter’s behavior. It made me sick to deal with relatives in the past. Bad children and teen moment, high school sucks era, even my university life. I just want to wipe my trace from those. As it depress me one to another.

To run the marriage and parenting smooth means sometimes we had to sacrifice some stuff for the sake of our harmonic life. And for me, productivity is one of it. Beside to limit my me time such as hobbies and many other kinds fun attractions. Again this hit me mentally and physically.

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into the finish line of Surabaya trip, 1-8 august 2018. a planned holiday, while we also have to do some paper works too. my translated diploma certificate that stuck in the university for months (i dunno what happen, but it often happen!), the other one is our civil administration that amazingly finished just in time before we left (thank god!).this is our first time trip with our daughter. she had travel sickness just after the flight. she vomitted many times in a worried us dor sure.we have to cancel our big family's trip to Malang. we had to bring her to the doctor. luckily she's fine and her hydration still ok too.well, every children had different strength, and i guess our daughter not that strong one 😂😂. well our vacation is fun, with all the worrying thing when she got sick.but yeah, really happy to spend our holiday in hometown after 2years. vacation is over, got to back to reality.while we have to aware if our daughter will get the travel sickness again.😅 #vacation #panggildiagemi #papbon #mambon #bonbontroopers

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Last year I easily got ill just because of flu, like 5 times a year. This year I’m getting stronger by simply to decrease my sugar consumption and had just one flu. But then problem affect my tooth. I got this periodontitis twice with so many expensive treatment. I couldn’t force myself for sports activity, since it’s one of my hobby that already forgotten very long time. The fact that I started to get this mental issues too. Whenever I stressed out for everything, I kinda loss my focus and got this sleep disturbance and it just affect my fitness in easiest signs, such as muscular pain in back. Though I’m naïve to start to look for help. One must goals to do in 2019 is to go to mental therapy.

Not only me, my daughter’s health also bit concerning as she easily get ill whenever she sleep less than 12 hours. it happened once in her first airplane travel and it break my heart to see that. But then we learned that all she need is enough sleep and nutrition and she’ll be just fine, even in the hardest day like what we did during our exhausting Bali quest.

I have to admit that I’m getting slower. All of my works are way behind to finish and often off targets. Including my charity works. I spay and neuter less for stray cats. I also have to commit that main charity program, d’alton Project, will be shutted down at anytime soon due so many things like funds, time and myself.

I write this again, that I have so many blocks on writing and read, so yeah. It will be a big failure and I need consider if this also still my passion.

So what OK for 2018:

In some other way to say productive, I’m quite happy can involve in some activity like volunteering in reptile conservation center as vet.

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got a call from @nathanrusli_wildlife for some snake's check up. recently the @ciliwungrc rescued some reticulated phytons. the plan is to relocate them to the wild soon. but we have to be sure that they're ready, physically and mentally. then we met this poor buddy who apparently got some serious open wound. some torn muscles, skin and quite necrotic too. probably old wound of physical trauma by sharp things such as machete's slashes. I was trying to clean the wound as I could and stitched it up. hopefully this could help our buddy!!🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞 the best thing of this pict is, each person gave their best effort together as a team, as most of us just knew each other for the first time! it's fun, it feels just like when you had a soccer game with new persons! #snake #wildlifevets #conservation #conservationmedicine #vetsurgery #python #veterinarymedicine #veterinarian

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I’m happy can share my insight about conservation medicine in Tambora Muda community )as most of them are unaware for things that I’ve done), such a pleasure.

I still can travelling to some place like Palu. It’s a beautiful place with good foods and happy can meet my friends there too. Too bad natural disaster happened couple months after, deep condolences.

I still can present my cases in Bali for ASCM conference as I attended the workshop with my family. My wife also joined the event, though is hard to split our time to babysit our daughter too. But yeah we had a good time in Bali before the event too. Visited some good places and met our old friends.

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Finally it's finish… i did my presentation quite smooth. i talked about The Effect of Endodontic Treatment in Survival Rates of Reintroduced Javan Slow Lorises in Indonesia in 11th meeting of ASCM conference in Bali. the bottom line of my talk is to know how's the survival rate of reintroduced javan slow loris that had undergone the endodontic treatment compared to those with complete teeth. these all happen because of the cruelty that happen in slow loris in indonesia.their teeth got clipped before theu were sold to the pet owner. whenever they got rescued and rehabilitated in IAR Indonesia, it's always become troubles for them as most of the time we have to extract the broken teeth and they're become toothless, which is not good for releasing candidate and it's almost reach 80% of our javan slow loris in the we decided to treat the broken teeth with endodontic treatment, as we can save/restore teeth and provide more candidate s to be release.the problem is, could those who had undergone the endodontic treatment survive in the wild? #conservationmedicine #wildlifemedicine #slowloris #wildlifevets #ascm2018 #veterinarymedicine #veterinarian

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since we were planning to keep moving everyday when we were in Bali (at least until the conference moment), we decided to rent a motorbike from krisna motorbike rental for a week. quite worth price with 60K IDR/day for a honda vario 110cc. and they were willing to deliver and pick up the motorbike (only in Kuta area). so yeah, we did our quest!! like in day1, we drove from airport area to sunset area then seminyak and ended in Tabanan. in day2, we went to Sanur from Tabanan, then we visited to the Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue! at the last day we tried to reach Nusa Dua from Sanur and then finished our quest in airport. 2fat adults and a almost 2years old child, 1huge back pack (75L), a 30Lbackpack and a 25L sidebag!! #familytraveller #bonbontroopers #papbon #mambon #panggildiagemi #baliquest2018 #roadtoascm2018 #latepost

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I’m happy as finally I can replace my shitty phones with a new one. Cheap Chinese phone really helpful for sure! And finally I have this runaway, playing some addictive game like NBA live mobile (lol)

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4 gadgets for the last 5 years!I have to admit that I'm a lousy person for electronic stuff.. from left to right sony xperia acro –> samsung gt b 2700 xcover (but mine looked slightly different)–>Asus Zenfone 6–>Xiaomi redmi 5a before this 4, I used blackberry gemini and samsung galaxy mini..then i seek for the tough performance since i worked in the jungle in borneo at that xperia acro and samsung gt b2700. the xperia acro actually still survived until now but its small RAM and internal memories really frustrating for sure.the samsung b2700 broken earlier since the battery lock already broken and water leaked inside.the asus zenfone 6, i loved it actually. big memories,big RAM and big screen. but it's too big in your pocket and easy to the battery bended and made the screen popped out. so now i stand with xiaomi. cheap and quite ok performance.hopefully this will be last longer #gadget #tech #sonyxperiaacros #samsungb2700 #asuszenfone6 #xiaomiredmi5a

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I’m happy that I’m trying to fix my problem by buying a new guitar, though it’s not working yet to help my problem but finally I can buy my own guitar after so many years working!LOL

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couple weeks ago, our aunty came to our house to visit us. Then she looked on Gemi's toy, the plastic mini guitar and then she told my wife something. the uncle's guitar. the one that used to be my wife's the mine then went back to him again.our belated uncle said that he wanted to give this guitar to me as he knew that i played the guitar. too bad he passed away and couldn't give it to me. so aunty offered it again to feels quite hard as i just bought a new one. but then it's just like our uncle's last memento, so yeah we decided to accept it. we just trying to figure it out how and when we'll take it and then this afternoon my father in law brought it. an old Yamaha FG325 (left image, the bright one)..still feels good with nice sound too.. it's hard for sure to choose these guys..but probably I'd sell the new one, since 2guitars are too many in my small house..😢😢 #guitar #folkguitar #acousticguitar #yamahafg325

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I’m happy as I finally my small family could go to travel to Surabaya although with all the drama stuff and our daughter got ill. But we learned the hard way anyway.

I’m happy that my daughter grow bigger and active with all the milestones

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16-11-16 such a nice number actually, though we didn't have any intention at that date. but 2 years ago she came to our life..makes our life more colorful, makes my life even worth to fight.. since her first cry until now..we witnessed she crawled, she stood, she fell, she walked, she run, she jumped, she hummed, she vocalized, she blabbered, she called us, she talked, from a random word to a clear sentence.. laugh and joy for every single development of her…tears flow whenever she got sick, in pain or sad. now she even stronger for travel for many hours with motorbike,car,ship or even plan. she's our hope for the nature, as the nature also a our hope for her. happy birthday my cutie peach, we always love you. #panggildiagemi #mambon #papbon #bonbontroopers

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I’m happy I can still live my lovely small family with these two lovely cutie-peaches

I’m glad I still can survive this life as I think that’s the only resolution that I can get by this year.

To set a new goal

Looking for a healthier life

Making a great LAKERS in my NBA live mobile (LOL)

Working new paper

Improve my voluntarily works                                                                                                                                 

More non veterinarian event to join

Make music again

Writes and read more non veterinary shit stuff

Thinking for advance education

Spend more quality time with family and run more family travelling!

Ok, adios amigos. See you in 2019, hope you can make peace with 2018 and ready to grind in 2019.

Happy new year!

A lesson of Ramadan

13 Jun

Dear earth,
How are you guys? Well, it’s always be like these. I lost my thoughts (well some people can say it’s just an existence) after my previous post in earlier this year.
‌Took so many months to just push myself to write again. I did had a lot of things to spill, I had so many great experiences to share. But then it just floated to somewhere without any realization. I don’t know what happen. To mention that “time” as reason sometimes sounds cliché but it’s. I drowned myself in these all fun (or too much fun) activities that somehow sometime can easily turn into boring stuffs. Working, parenting, household activity, traffic to work, sleepiness, charity activity, playing with daughter. Yes, sometimes these tiring-amazing things can lead into boredom (yet I can’t imagine how my wife’s day is). These stuffs turns me into a zombie, holding my fingers to type more words, blocking my eyes to read more words and pulled me out of my curiosity, intensity, to learn more, to try something’s new or even just to keep my mind’s sharp (practices).

‌Then I felt myself easily tired, uneasy to focus, sleepy, hungry, degrading hearing ability, white hairs flooding and spreading in my head like they just doing the binary fusion every second. I realize that this made me really hard to concentrate, especially in a discussion, especially to understand, to react and answer people’s question.
‌As it started become a desperation, I tried to keep myself steady by surfing through the social media and playing the video games. The fact that’s not helping me either and I should’ve just blame those and not to blame the time. But in the end I probably would scream that what I really need is just time, more time. LOL

‌Ah yeah that’s just the prologue of my post anyway. The bottom line is I’m running out of time to study, learn and write. Instead of to use my time efficiently, I’d rather to waste it with games and social media. LOL

‌So it’s already reach the mid-year. As reflection, I haven’t do anything worth, I even can’t match how my last year’s struggling activity. And now already Ramadan (well because I’m late to execute this, it’s almost in the end of Ramadan), the holy month for moslem. A month where moslem told to battle themselves as they had to fast for a day (no eat, no drink), limit their anger, hold their sexual desires, locked out their negativity thoughts and bad words.

‌Physically, we are handicap. Emotionally, we are restricted. At this condition, I always think that we were told to feels and emphasis how animal’s live. When we can’t pass this challenges and test, we are the same like the animal, or even worse.
‌Another point is, we were told to realize how to limit the unlimited things in a complete human, physically and psychologically. Those two actually can sort what we need and what we want but sometimes it easy to blur also. As example, when we are breaking the fast, our stomach may easily full with just small amount food. Though that small amount are never enough for us in a normal ordinary day without fasting. Our body sort things that really important and tells our mind to stop eat the unnecessary. But sometime we are just a greedy and end it up by trying to eat as much as we want and we eat till death.
‌How’s my Ramadan? Quite ok. So far I just have to battle myself more to the sleepiness. Since I wasn’t sleeping at all after the sahur. And this sleepiness is a test when you have to ride motorbike for hours. This year’s less physical work, no fieldwork. 3 years ago I had to deal with illness for some weeks, in the middle of fieldwork too. Thought that I will be safe from that, the fact I got diarrhea just almost in the end of Ramadan. Like last year I had to do the fasting during the fieldwork (well it’s just a couple day, but I was quite weak for sure)

Besides that, I do experience a new thing, such as babysitting a 17 months old daughter that really a test of patient. She runs, cries, plays, she’s not easy to be fed.
‌The other problem is I don’t know why I can’t force myself to do the table work. This brain is just failed to work on write and read activity.  Another interesting part is, I tried to minimize all toxic thoughts that usually were easily spread in your circle. I start to unfollow some toxic person, I even block some of them too.. I feel relieve, I find my peace, finally it’s a good choice.

‌ Too bad that it’s almost reach the end of Ramadan. I learn that after all these years, sometimes we have to limit our unlimited, especially desire. We really have to sort things that we really need before it fulfill our tank too much  and stuck, or before we turn into a greedy bastards. Sometimes we just have to fast and not randomly eat anything. As like last year I succeed to run many things, but then this year I can’t even match the same goals and level. Perhaps it’s a downgrade, but probably I also don’t need that too much. And by fasting, perhaps I can get a complete better proportion of living. I just realized that it’s sad to shut down my charity program for uncertain time, it’s sad to limit my other charity activity, it’s sad to hold my productivity as it may good for my body and mental health, it may good for my family (family time, yeah!), though it’s arguably too for my satisfaction itself.

‌well at least a new thing learnt by this year’s Ramadan. Hopefully.

‌hoping to see Ramadan again next year, as i might learn new things again.

happy Ramadan, we will celebrate our victory in Eidul fitri soon.

See you all again in the next post soon.



Palu Trip : ConsCamp and Refresh!

6 Feb

Actually since last year, my eyes aimed on an interesting status on Facebook, stated by someone from a conservation community called Tambora Muda and probably it would sound more and less just like this:

What if someday we gather in someplace, independently, to share many things in conservation as a moment for capacity building and knowledge transfer? Would it be interesting?

Then couple weeks later, there was the announcement of the annual Tambora Muda’s Conservation Camp. It would be held in Palu, Central Sulawesi, at 9-20 January 2018. Of course it’s an interesting event to join. But then to see the schedule and location made me think twice, it’s impossible for me.


Speaking about Tambora Muda community, this is a growing community for young researchers and young practitioners in Indonesia biodiversity conservation. Established in December 2015, I was following their activity by their monthly bulletin, “Erupsi”. Though their activity are easily can found in many kind of social medias.


I was curios about this community, most of the people, the contents, the activities are in the same disciplines such as biology or forestry and less people and issues that related to wildlife medicine, or even conservation medicine.  The fact that I’m a veterinarian who work in conservation, and really believe that conservation effort should run by various disciplines, also veterinary medicine has important roles in conservation biology (some people don’t know about this actually).  At least there are 3 things that related between veterinary medicine and conservation biology, (1) participation in wildlife capture and immobilization, (2) leadership or assistance in addressing wildlife health issues, and (3) leadership or assistance in addressing wildlife disease issues, including using wildlife as sentinels to identify new and emerging diseases or epidemics of old diseases. So those led me to email them and asked about it. Yet they revealed that actually there’s only one veterinarian actively involved and contributed in the community. Then the email became a longer conversation about their interest to ask me to  share my perspectives in their Conservation Camp event. This was a game changer.

Then the invitation letter reached me. I discussed it with my superior about the possibilities, start with a permit to leave my works for couple days and sponsor for the event. In the beginning, it’s not easy to convince that this is gonna be something with good impact to the organization. But in the end, I got the permit and sponsorship. So yess!

My class schedule was arranged on 18 January. So I decided to depart one day earlier. I chose a bad flight which was very early in the morning like 02.30 am. The problem was, the last shuttle bus to Soekarno-Hatta airport from Bogor was at 8 or 8.30 pm. Yet I got to work until 4 pm and reached the house almost 6 pm. I hadn’t packed my goods, just finished my presentation couple hours before. Luckily everything sets on time, though I had to change my pants first just a moment before I left to the bus terminal. I ripped it just in attempt to ride the ojek (damn!).

Thought that the journey to the airport would takes more hours, the fact it just around an hour. Well I got plenty hours stranded in the airport before boarding time. The hardest part was, staying alive from this boredom and sleepiness. Well then everything went smooth in the airplane, took off and flied. Bit turbulence couple minutes before landed, but yeah, everything’s ok. I finally back again in this Sulawesi island. I did spent some years during my childhood in Makassar, 2 years ago I visited Manado and now Palu.


sunrise view from a plane, above the sky, ready to land

Actually at that day there were also 2 speakers of the Conservation Camp who arrived. But they were couple hours after me. So I decided to call my friends for a short meet, before 10 am, which was the the meeting time between me, 2 other speakers and the committee. Yeah I met Faqih, who actually was my classmate during in the university and her wife also our junior colleague . Had breakfast, shower, some short chat with the guys and also Fadhil, their son, then I straight to the meeting point and left to Lore Lindu National Park.

The 2 remaining speakers were Satrio and Sephy. Satrio would talk about peat swamp habitat and its complex in conservation. He is WRI (World Research Institute) representative, very smart, spent his whole higher education in USA, a Ph.D. and younger than me (LOL)! The other one is Sephy. Nope, it’s a gentleman (remember to not judge a book by its cover?). He is a bat researcher would give a long session about bat studies, quite veterant (he is older than me, haha), has so much same interests like me, he’s cool yo.

Took like almost 2 hours to the national park, we stop in Tambing Lake, where the Conservation Camp of Tambora Muda was held. Spotted some familiar face like Nathan the reptile boy and Billy from Tasikoki rescue center. Met Marsya who emailed me earlier about this event. So the Tambing Lake is actually a tourism object in Lore Lindu National Park. The committee set the camp in its camping ground but then they decided to move some people to a hall nearby due the unfriendly weather. It’s cold, it’s in the mountain area. The fact that the place has just finished for some renovations due the big earthquake last year, but the place looked good, neat and quite clean (when less people come). Nathan said there were no reptile found during his surveys and some birds easy to spot.


Anyway on the first night, Sephy started his long session about bat studies, but the electricity went bad and made the class bit uncomfortable to follow. He also tried to apply a trap to capture the bat, but zero result that night. Yet I was very tired..I only slept like 2-3 hours and I wasn’t sure i could sleep well in the new place and cold like that. I went sleep with a big concern..what if the electricity failed again during my presentation (I still applied my “no laptop during conference or workshop policy”).

With the time difference there, I awake just like my biological hours, though it still bit dark, and no one else. Quite fresh after the sleep and a bit confident for my talk that day. I, Billy and Sephy talked about the electricity disturbance that might become a trouble for us. Luckily the committee asked the national park officer to check our generator and tried to fix it. Then the generator back to work again, electricity went on again. Then the committee asked me to do presentation before lunch. Considering the unstable power, so I said yes in the first time.

Well my talk was titled Conservation Medicine Practice. I tried to share perspective about conservation medicine.

1But before reached punchline, I tried to introduce to the participants about veterinarian, the works of veterinarian and talking about the animal health, I mentioned about zoonosis.


Shared some cases of zoonosis that exist in Indonesia and could spread with in the conservationist fieldwork. I told’em about how important biosecurity in our works is.


I pointed many things that could influence the spread of the disease and it ended in how we treat people, animal and our environment as one connection. That is a concept that sounded lately and known as one health concept.


As a punchline, I continued to explain about one emerging discipline that preserve the one health concept, which is the conservation medicine. Most literature define conservation medicine as an emerging , interdisciplinary field that studies the relationship between human, animal health and environmental condition.  But then I just knew that there is a misunderstanding of  conservation medicine definition in Indonesia, which become quite similar to wildlife veterinary medicine.


I don’t agree with the Indonesian terms, as I always believe that animal health, human and environmental are connected in one link and studied through many kind of discipline aspects. After defined the conservation medicine’s term, I did share some cases of wildlife disease outbreak and tried to explain in conservation medicine’s perspective.


As a closing, I played some videos of my works in IAR Indonesia (commercial breaks! :p). How bout the feedback? Quite impressing actually. At least around 3-4 person asked some questions related to animal welfare. Great feedback then!


What made me happier after the presentation went smooth was I joined the bat session again. That night we succeed to apply the mist nets and also the harps trap the morning after. We got a bat! No, we got bats!!

So then after the bat successfully captured, we put in bag and straight to hall for the examination. Here participants learned how to handle the bats, tried to identify the species and the sex, did morphometric, body weight measured and collected some ectoparasites (that’s my request actually!) Not every participants had deal with wildlife directly, so bit acceptable that some of them were too excited with the animal. But I warned many times to not point too much light or flash to the animals, to not touch them recklessly, or waste time too long for the handle.

For the biosecurity issues also bit concerning, since we don’t used proper minimum protection, the committee didn’t provide it too, so I hope in the future they would considered about this. But i appreciate how the guys were trying their best to run and set the stuff, thumbs up!

Well actually my flight was in 20th, but I decided to left in 19th.  I would leave the camp later on afternoon, but that the remaining speakers apparently had to fly back in the afternoon, so we had to left earlier together.

While the others quite in a rush to catch the flight, but at least we could hangout and took some pictures in some good spot in the seaside, in Palu. We also had spare time to shop souvenirs!


Then after the others flew, I decided to spent a night in Faqih’s house. But before stop in his house, I and the generous Fahri (PIC for pick-up, he was very welcome with our will and love to help us to take a picture!) had another sightseeing in the city, to the Tadulako University and visited the Nosarara Nosabatutu Monument, the peace monument of Poso’s conflict.


Tried to get the feels of the monument. It’s always hard for us to build this country, especially when we waste too much times and lives for intern conflict like this 😦 ..Anyway the place itself had very beautiful scenery, since it was on the high land. There you can spot great scenery of Palu when mountain meets seaside from the top view. This city is beautiful for sure!


Well then to end the night Faqih brought me to eat the Kaledo! The Palu’s dish! Basically beef and their bones, cooked like a soup. Quite light broth and seasoning, but tasty!

On to the next day, which was my last day in Palu. I woke very late, exhausted for the jetlag and tiredness from couple days before. Then Faqih, me and Fadhil had Palu’s breakfast style. Eating Putu with duo and Nasi Kuning in the beach while watching the sea.

Unfortunately it’s rain and we left earlier to his house. Then I packed my stuff and then ready to the airport. But before that, we went to eat Utadada. It’s just like a chicken in white curry and served with ketupat, we ordered the roasted chicken too and it all so tasty!! Really a great dish to end my journey in Palu.

So much refreshing for the journey, the food, the people, and ConsCamp was a great event. Too bad I couldn’t join for the whole event. Very glad and happy to see Faqih, Lia and their son, Fadhil. Thank you very much guys! Much appreciate for Marsya, Shera and the gank for this opportunity. Not forget to mention the generous Fahri who’d welcome to accompany me for short moment in Palu. Palu is a beautiful city for sure, their foods are outstanding too!

Gate 2017 almost Closed, Proceed to the Gate 2018

31 Dec



Why things feels rolls so fast?just like a blink of an eye and suddenly it’s almost reach the end of year 2017..Suddenly it’s already reach my 2nd year of marriage with a daughter that already turns 1 year old and my family already stay in Bogor for more than a year…

Feels like I missed all of the moments that were happen during this whole year. I feel like missed all of the event in a blink of eye. I feels like I waste so many times, but in the fact I did so many things. Some were standard, some were just left out and some were just a milestone. Some were happy, fun and exciting, but sad and sorrow also complete it too.

In general, things in 2017 were mostly mean and harsh, uncomfortable. People tends so hype at religion, they’re become fanatic, but then forget what religion are for. Most of them become morale police and thank God internet, they spread so fast like an outbreak. People you known before are changing. aggressive, hateful, self-righteous and love to judge in the name of religion. Some of them are actually insecure for their state of obedience, therefore they start to seek other’s privacy just to be told a better person. Thank God again with the internet, these people become so vocal in social media.


Actually this first happen because of the polarization of political atmosphere and their the religion sentiment took place to shake your faith and common sense. logical fallacy, hoax, double standard, made people lost somewhere. No matter how high they enroll their education.


That’s also a golden moment for some cults to penetrate the society such as, flat earth community, anti-vaccine, racist, terrorism, etc.

While the capitalism harvesting the hype too. Then people start to block one to another just because a different preference and it’s happen to me too. Time wasted as more just annoying debate and it’s not a discussion at all. So social media less fun nowadays. Well it’s a self-note to myself when I got irritated with people who boldly think different,  some of them would feel the same like me and pissed. I always try to keep in mind that is normal to have different interest, but don’t let it lead into an ignorance, intolerance, friction and ruined your relationship. Especially with those who had good relation  before. So sometime with those kind of consideration, I tried to hold my opinion to be post, though it’s feels like an apathy. There are a lot of bigger things to fight actually.


You still see how cruelty still happen in animal, you still see how wildlife crime still happen. The fact that it can affect our healthy environment and our healthy state, it affect how we treat the marginals and it also affect us in the way to afford the social justice in society.  As Gandhi said the greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated and it also can be related in one health concept.


“The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” – Gandhi


While in the other parts of the world, there’s  a stupid person who apparently has super power and doesn’t care about climate change (he doesn’t even think it’s exist!!) as the matter of his money. This is a huge problem for at least in the next  4 years, if it not gone too far and bigger.



I keep remind that we, human,  are responsible for anything in the past, present and the future. So yeah, I still stay and struggle to take care what the almighty has gave us. To become a small part of the mother earth protector. In the whole year, I tried to save the wildlife, promote their welfare, in this case are slow lorises and macaques. I tried to change my way of life slowly. I tried to spread the awareness slowly too, start with my family, especially my daughter, who will become our better hope for the future.


Sadness will always complete your day, to make you stay sane, though sometime it depressed you and drive the insanity. That also happened to me this year. Started with cheesy things like my broken laptop, broken phone, broken motorbike, and other things.


Continued with how barely I almost failed to survive myself and family everyday was. How some close people still  disturb my comfort zone was. How learning through an experience was such as marriage and parenting are quite stressful and exhausting. How your professional works not good enough for a better result were.  Not enough just that, I lost some friends around the mid of this year. A buddy back in the university, one of  funniest person, died earlier in young age due to his illness. Felt sad, since I couldn’t come to his wedding, couple months before. Another one, my childhood friend, who ended her life by suicide after drowned by her sorrow. Also not forget to mention about the lost of our cat, Doraemon. Well he just a stray cats that often stayed at our house for almost a year. We first met him since the earlier day we live in this house. Then we decided to start a spay and neuter project for stray cats in our neighborhood and he was the 2nd cats. Since that time, he was more attached to us. As he also the first cat that we introduced to Gemi and they quite along. His calm attitude really friendly for children, no matter how rough the touch of Gemi was. But he got older, then he was gone like couple weeks and come back but then looked so much ill until a week after he disappear forever.

Another lost also for us in the clinic, we rescued an injured cat and treated him. One of his hind leg got necrotic and we had to do the amputation. We called him Utut aka toothless. After that he become a resident cat with a lovely attitude. But  couple weeks ago he died by a venomous snake bite.


I don’t know if those things mentioned above also affect my health state and fitness. But as a highlight of this year, I felt like so easy to be ill, easy to be tired and exhausted. I got like almost 8 influenza this year, even though only half of it that made me really drop. But it’s difficult for my body also to get recover after the illness. It took almost 2 weeks to get well after a flu and it’s has to be help by antibiotic. I once had almost 3 months of dry cough after a flu. The worst one, I had an hemorraghic- keratoconjuctivitis with influenza a few weeks ago.


The fact that i just recovered from an influenza before the eye infection. I tried to change my diet, I didn’t had a frequent work-out since I was too tired for the works. My belly was getting bigger, more hair turns to white, easy to get exhausted. I’m getting older in this 31 years of my life. My body seems almost give up..Then my wife started to worry. She keeps tell me to not die earlier…

Well, those are my problem during this year. How about my productivity ? I failed to produce any paper for a scientific journal, but I did make 2 papers for 2 conferences. 1 oral presentation for the conference and it’s the ASCM! I did it again!

I also gave a class about conservation medicine to vet students in Padjadjaran University, Bandung.

That was fun! As a milestone, this year I think I did so many surgeries, more than last year. I did surgeries in my work place (mostly dental surgeries in primates, vasectomy-castration in primates and spay/neuter cat).  I did also some in my house (spay/neuter for stray cats). Before I never want to do any surgeries and mostly I only assisted the surgeon for anesthesia monitoring. So yeah, I did it!finally

This year I got less fieldwork duty, it’s just 1 trip of slow loris release and 1 trip of supervised slow loris in one of our rescue shelter in Malang.

In contrary for my state of health, I did really great physical effort during the release work. It’s on Ramadhan and I survived the day in fasting eventhough I walked for so many kilos in quite bad ass track!


though it’s not too often going outside but at present I easily got homesick, especially when I miss my daughter..So I guess I’m not as strong as it used to be….


What makes me happy for this year? Well me and my family still survive and happily ever after. My daughter getting bigger, my wife quite adapt for her role as a mother and housewives, our parents are healthy and happy too.

I was happy to join the ASCM again.

IMG_20171114_182930_239 The bottom line is I’m happy no matter some bad things happen to me or my family, since we still alive and in every worst stage of my life, I believe that there’s someone else with worse condition. That’s why I should always feel thankful and happy for that.

Some goals were failed at this year but again, there’s still a chance for next year. I just have to trying harder, or probably my target are just too high, so I may drop my standard a lil’ bit.

For next year, I plan some things that hopefully I could done. More scientific publication (especially the international one!), participate in ASCM again and start to aim it diploma maybe, involve with a different community just for the sake of conservation, run more frequent and consistent surgeries with better standard and result, involve more with student to share my knowledge, work hard to gain more money for D’alton Project, to be a better husband and father and trying to stay alive as long as ever just like what my wife asked.

Well just in couple hours the 2017 gate will be close, and another gate will be open. it’s 2018 and let’s get it on!

We spend the new year’s eve at home again, the baby girl is already sleep, we had a great dinner and to wait until the year’s change we already got supplies of Hok Lo Pan and Martabak! Enjoy your new year’s eve everybody! Keep in faith!


ASCM 2017 : I Did It There!

28 Dec


After 2 months! Finally I get the time to make this! At least before the year change, I have to post it!! (Well if you read it after 2017 already past, the I fail again!)

Asian Society of Conservation Medicine (ASCM) is a great networking group of vets (mostly wildlife or zoo vets) in Asia and it really has a great relationship with me. Professionally and emotionally too. Previously they were known as Asian Zoo/Wildlife Medicine and Conservation.


In 2008, they held the conference in Bogor, Indonesia and that was my first participation in the event. I was in the university and joined with my friends to go there, supported by our seniors. We presented a poster about our activity in sea turtle’s basic observation there.


Then time flew, in 2012, I participated again in their event in Thailand, at that time they already changed their name into Asian Society of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine. I was presenting 2 oral presentations and 1 poster presentation. That was my first time experience to travel abroad. Very emotional for sure, since I came as my organization’s representation but minimum  support and appreciation. So my parents funded me (yeaay!), then I also share fund to my junior who her theses and research were funded by me since her paper accepted for poster presentation there.



A year later I attended the conference again in Singapore, this time I worked very hard to find a fund. I made it in the last minute. But then I messed up with the presentations. Lousy topic, lousy presentation and preparation..But i had a great experience in their post conference workshop, the reptile endoscopy.

But then i never expected that it’s my last time participation with the society. Until 4 years later….


Well this year, the conference was held in Kuching. I tried very hard to work a paper to submit. Nothing wrong with paper, though it’s not a perfect paper and cheesy topics. But it’s a compilation of record of clinical findings in our Javan slow loris post-release activity, I have to look so many data and stuff. However the problem it’s not only that. Four years in absent of this conference, many things has changed. We have to register and submit the paper online, including to complete the payment first so we can get a validation for the account registration. Well I’m kinda short and still trying to look for fund and to get a fund at least you have to show the acceptance of any kind presentation (well this is as my standard). To send any paper you need to have the registration’s account, means I almost in the dead end, until Alice (the secretary) really help me with an access to on spot registration form. So I could send my paper, then I have to wait couple weeks until my paper accepted to be presented. Surprisingly a week after the submission, I got an email for my paper’s revision. In my entire history of this conference, this is my first time to get a revision order. Even I already tried to review it to many people first. I mean, this probably was my best paper so far. Again, things change in 4 years. Sometime when I tried to review my old papers, it just feels like rubbish. But when I submitted in the couple previous similar conference, no revision at all! LOL!

Anyway my paper got accepted for the oral presentation in almost late time, I succeed for the fund and finally I could attend the conference again!!yeyeyeyeyyeyeye…..!!

I tried to prepare many things. Got my funds and cashed it, finished my presentation and reviewed it to many people and revised it again after so many good inputs. Charts, pictures, videos and then I practiced the presentation also. and revised again until I really satisfy and confident enough for my presentation. I had to finish everything before left to Kuching, I have to make sure everything well prepare so I could just enjoy the event there without being distracted by any other thing. For other reason is, my laptop was already broken, I couldn’t afford the new one and didn’t planning to bring any other. So it’s my first conference experience without any laptop.


Anyway, I reached Kuching after flew from Jakarta then transit in Pontianak. I slept less than 3 hours the night before, left my house at 3 a.m. to catch the flight at 8am (Jakarta’s traffic really absurd, so you better move earlier). Things was okay with the flight, I transit in Pontianak and met with work-mate there and stepped in Kuching on time. But the problem, I was very hungry. The last time I ate was at 2 a.m. and it’s already 3 p.m.! Luckily I could find the nearest McDonald’s.


dododododoo..I’m lovin’ it! it’s cheaper than in Indonesia!

I was exhausted, sleepy and hungry. So yeah, I survived for lunch then at dinner I joined my friends near the riverside.


not bad for a small room in a hostel




Kuching statue :p

So the ASCM meeting was held at 20-22 October 2017. 21-22 October was the conference and a day before they ran some pre-conference workshops, USG on small mammals and wildlife pathology and forensic. I joined the wildlife pathology and forensic workshop. And here I told you a stupid story of me…When go abroad, of course internet network is a problem, unless you had the local SIM card. So at very near the workshop day, the announcement spread by email. It contains of schedule and meeting point. Since the workshop place located in a far-faraway place in state veterinary lab, then from that place, we would move to the conference’s place (which is in another faraway hotel from the city). The email didn’t reach me (well actually it did, but in my other email and why the fuck my phone didn’t notify me ??!). Well but it’s okay. Since I wake very early and planned to met my workmate at 7 in her hotel then decide where we should go. Eventually and accidentally I met the workshop’s lecturer during my way to my friend’s hotel. His name was Chia-Da Hsu, I remember him since my manager already showed his Facebook account and we did communicated by email before. So, he told me that workshop will start at 9am, the meeting point was in my friend’s hotel and the shuttle would be left at 7.30 (for the lecturer) and 8 for the participants (It’s my first time to meet him and it’s awkward).. In the hotel I saw so many people already put their belonging to the mini bus. But here I started my stupidity again. 1, I straight to the lobby to wait until the actual time while I await my friend ready. 2, I didn’t ask anyone again there soon, even I met some familiar faces back from 4 years ago. Then until time was running out, people gone, hotel seem quiet and I ask the hotel’s staff who apparently didn’t know anything about the ASCM and what made it so perfect is, my friend hadn’t show up from her room….Then I met another familiar face which is Junpei Kimura, who is the general secretary of ASCM, I asked about the shuttle bus stuff to the workshop place. Then he just shocked and told me that they already left several minutes ago! ( and I was  just so fucked up.yeah). Luckily he ran outside and stop the remaining committee and there were Takuma Yanai (the head of ASCM’s senior board) and Alice Lau (the secretary, who correspondent with me all time since my registration trouble, included to ask her for extra person in the workshop for my workmate). Yeah, it’s an awkward first meeting and very great impression. Alice bit upset for me, since she saw me at the first time I reached the hotel. And my excuse is, I waited for my friend. Without wasting for more time, we just carry on to the destination. But just we turned to other way and passed the hotel, I saw my friend walked in relax. So I asked them to stop, to wait for her. And finally after all those shitty things, we hit the pedal to the workshop place. I was very embarrassed for this and here we are the stereotypical Indonesia, the late people..The journey seems awkward too because I didn’t have any topic to talk, but I’m amazed to see how my friend looked cool and innocent….The morale lesson is, don’t hesitate to ask anyone ASAP and be selfish.

We arrived on time in the state veterinary lab and straight to registration (luckily, yet I still felt very ashamed). I finished my payment then continued to the class. The workshop was started with introduction of every participants as ice breaking. After that we had some theories like general wildlife pathology, general veterinary forensic, and general guideline of necropsy photography.


Then we break for lunch and then heading to the wet lab for a necropsy practice. We were divided in couple groups and got 3 different animals for necropsy practice; turtle, bird and a mammal (at that time my group had a slow loris carcass!yeay!!). Well basically for the mammal and it’s in a slow loris, had no  different than the way that I did in my place. But seriously, Chia-Da performed and teach the better and neat procedures of necropsy. As he could presented and exposed the organs very clear, so we could see the anomaly of the carcass easily.  By his way. I could see more critical points of examination than the way I used to do.. This is very enriching for sure!

After the workshop done, we were wait for bus pick-up to Damai resort where the conference would be held a day later. I was very exhausted since in the last two days, I just slept not even more than 6 hours. I just overslept on the way to the hotel. It almost 1,5 hours and the traffic quite jam.

Touched down the hotel, straight to the lobby for check in, then another problem popped out. Because of my clumsiness to state out my flight’s schedule, the hotel got confused for my reservation eventhough I already stated the actual plan and booking date. I should have just stay for 3 nights, but the hotel charged me for 5 nights.And it’s my office and donor money. Great!So I just skipped it first, since I was tired, probably the jetlag stuff still bother me, and I was hungry for sure. The fact that the hotel looked so isolated from the civilization and the hotel’s meals were expensive. The WiFi was sucks also, so I went out to the lobby again after spent couple minute in the fancy room.


Fancy and big room huh!

I met Sumita who’s the wife of Reuben, the local chairman of the conference. She said there were free dinner in the bar as the welcome party of participants. Hell yeah, dinner time! So I ate and socialized with old faces! Woaaaw….this is so good..after 4 years, I could meet these people again! And I did make sure eat a lot as I didn’t want to get starving.

Remember my mission to not bother my presentation anymore after I finished it? Well I failed, I got some mistakes issues on my slide of presentation when I was practicing it with my phone. So I borrowed my friend’s laptop to review and revised it again. The fact that nothing wrong happen, it’s just stupid things appear in a different device, but I then changed some color’s font to make it looked well. Then I went to sleep to recover my energy.


Awake in the D-day earlier. I decided to walk around the hotel as it has beach and seaside view.


Hang out at the lobby for WiFi (seriously the WiFi so sucks, as I had to connect to the hotel’s admin network in lobby area for internet). Met Junpei again. Talked about how the organization of ASCM improved, how it goes for the yesterday’s workshop and how it would goes for the conference. As more people appeared in the restaurant for breakfast, I decided to go back to my room, took a bath, change my clothes and straight for breakfast. There then I met the rest of Indonesian participants. So in total it should be about 7 Indonesian. Me and Uwi from the IAR Indonesia, 2 persons (Rico and Pandu) from OIC and SOCP, Prof. Bambang from IPB,  dr. Kadek from Udayana Universities and not forget to mention Lina, my former partner in Kalaweit who become a student of Seoul University at present.


Endonesa!endonesa!! –>Indonesian contingent minus Dr. Kadek

The conference started! I was so nervous, I really cautious for everything. Started with earlier presentation submit to the committee.

Set the folder very neat with all of the video attachment there. Then just couple minute before my session started, I did the double check to make sure that the presentation was okay. Well my session was started after the second coffee break, which was around 3 p.m. I had plenty time to relax, enjoy the other session and presentation.


To be honest, the conference run very well and quite smooth. Set on time, the session divided very fair and in a good arrangement with so many interesting topics. The food were great too… I was glad that i could alive during the conference without losing glucose or even caffeine support to my brain and eyes..but then the time was getting closer to my show time…

It’s my turn to give the talk! I was so nervous, my voice was trembling, the tone sounded loss of pitch, I was a bit shaking.. I tried to make it more comfy by throwing some interactions between the audiences, yet it succeed so I started to gain for more confident. My slide went smooth, the video played successfully, although I pressed the wrong button. But then there was a disturbance, I did edited one slide since the font’s color not too clear, but in the end the words just gone! Luckily I wasn’t that panic, so I could finish it until the end of the presentation. During the discussion, there was only one person who asked some questions, but then the questions almost out of the context. So this is quite confusing me whether people really understand or not. LOL! But finally, I did my presentation again there! With a better topic, better execution and this is so relieving! After many months of preparation, stressful works and so many blocks…pheew…


After the presentation, I straight to the lobby again. Then the hotel had a good policy about the reservation mistake. They would refund the rest of the day in cash, later after I checked out! Thank god!

So I was very happy and relaxed. Spent the day by hang out with other Indonesian fellow then prepared myself for the gala dinner. So I took a bath then gathered with other people. I sit in a round table with some of Indonesian and the rest were the Singapore zoo guys and OPCF Hongkong.


they drunk as hell for sure!

Then people started to drunk and we, the Indonesian were bored after finished the meals. So we left the place earlier and took a walk to the outside, the civilization. Apparently there was a small path connected to the world. There was a hostel there, with cheaper price! Around the hostel, there was a food court and 711! Gosh! I should’ve stay there! So yeah, we bought some stuff like snack and ice cream in the 711, then hang out in one of our room. Had some chat and joke. Then we split back to our room for rest.


we are young!

Well at the second day, I already felt calm. Just enjoy the rest of the session. But also talked with some other people about the next year conference that would be held in Bali. I tried to connect the board and the local organizer with the Indonesian Wildlife Vet Association, as I am one of the junior board there. Hopefully they would considered my idea. Then after session by session, the conference reached it end. At the closing ceremony there were also announcement for best oral and best poster presentation also the winner of photo contest. Amazingly Indonesian participants won the best oral presentation and 2nd place of photo contest! But too bad it’s not me, LOL!I should worked it harder next time.

bit weird to see these two people win the competition LOL!

After the announcement, we had a big photo session together with all of the participants then continued with closing ice breaker in the bar. Alcohol again, so most of the Indonesian stayed outside the bar, some were smoking, and some just enjoy the rain. We asked for non-alcohol drink, but the bar almost charged us. Luckily in the end, we got a free non-alcohol juice..yessss! After the rain stop, all of the Indonesian decided to walk to the food court outside or dinner then again continued with chit-chat and snack in the same room like the day before.


The last day in the hotel, me, Uwi, Pandu and Rico decided to travel around the town. So we planned to check out from the hotel around 10, after the breakfast. During breakfast we meet some guys who prepared their diploma exam. Yes, the ASCM also arranged a diploma program of conservation medicine. Each year, after the conference, they will held exams for the registered candidates. While we gathered around, there came Junpei, who joked with me, by saying “I saved your life that day man!” (Yes, the pre-conference workshop! LOL!) Then the diploma candidates left the restaurant earlier and so did us couple minutes later to prepare our goods. After our check out stuff done, we hitched an Uber to the town and we were lucky we got a good car(a brand new ford ranger haha!). Stopped at Uwi’s hotel first, to drop our bags. Then we walked around the riverside area. Had lunch, tried some different mall, visited an old and famous coffee shop there, hang out and eating some snack again, enjoyed the riverside view. We were bit unlucky during dinner, heavy rain happen with strong wind. It stop after like an hour, then we could continue dinner, the shopped in souvenir shop. Then we end journey in Kuching that night, as each of us had to fly to Indonesia in the morning with different flights.

great mural YO!

welcome and goodbye!

chill and hangout


Bata does exist in kuching!


Local wisdom!

Gosh..such an emotional journey! To look back in the past, how I could joined this conference experience this ambiance again..I just glad and happy to say that, “ I did it again!” and I’m very excited for the next conference. I’m very excited too if I could start to aim the diploma in the next couple years..

Dear lord, please lead me to the way..and thank you for all of these opportunities…

High appreciation to the ASCM’s board (especially the wonder woman Alice!), the local organizer (they organized a flawless conference dude!), and thank you KFGB for funded me to this event!