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2018th leaped, into the 2019 leap

31 Dec

00-06-59-piyopikavet-full.jpgJust couple hours before we pass the 2018 gate and will enter the 2019 gate, and believe me it’s just another matter of crappy bullshit that I used to work every years to close the year. Some kaleidoscope, some summary or the trending stuff today, the rewind. I know I was lost within the mid of year after lost and found many months before. In fact I have no excuse other than lazy. So just like before, here’s my effort to fix it which is would easily break as soon the year switches. LOL

Before we just call it resolution, but then it’s non sense to put many list things to change who you are every year while there’s an easier term to define it simply as goals, new and old. This idea was quote by Gustika Jusuf Hatta on twitter and I agree for sure.

I won’t make it long as it reviewed everything month by month. So perhaps I just highlighted it as OK and NOT OK moment.

And I always love to tell everything from the bad side first.


This year we loss our uncle (actually it’s my wife’s uncle). His wisdom will always in our heart. We loss also one of our resident’s cat in our house.

She’s Pucet. A stray cat that stayed in our house after we spayed it. We shared nice moment, Gemi also loves to play with her. Too bad someone just run her and she died instantly.


We struggled with everything in our pocket every time, as life went tougher, our daughter getting bigger, we almost run out of ammo. Trust me marriage isn’t an easy thing to work even with the so-called happiness = child. To keep up the same frequency with your spouse a perfect tone result also not easy. Especially when it disturbed by outsider like negative opinion about our life. At the beginning we tried so hard to follow the ideal life of people’s noise, but then regret always come after since they’ll never stop to shit you around. So I learn to be more ignorant for people’s shit.

Parenting is another exhausting thing to do. Since there are so many factors of successful parenting, but one big concern is to make peace with in your childhood time. The more I remember how bad my childhood (even with my prosperous family), the more I hate it and affect my behavior and my daughter’s behavior. It made me sick to deal with relatives in the past. Bad children and teen moment, high school sucks era, even my university life. I just want to wipe my trace from those. As it depress me one to another.

To run the marriage and parenting smooth means sometimes we had to sacrifice some stuff for the sake of our harmonic life. And for me, productivity is one of it. Beside to limit my me time such as hobbies and many other kinds fun attractions. Again this hit me mentally and physically.

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into the finish line of Surabaya trip, 1-8 august 2018. a planned holiday, while we also have to do some paper works too. my translated diploma certificate that stuck in the university for months (i dunno what happen, but it often happen!), the other one is our civil administration that amazingly finished just in time before we left (thank god!).this is our first time trip with our daughter. she had travel sickness just after the flight. she vomitted many times in a worried us dor sure.we have to cancel our big family's trip to Malang. we had to bring her to the doctor. luckily she's fine and her hydration still ok too.well, every children had different strength, and i guess our daughter not that strong one 😂😂. well our vacation is fun, with all the worrying thing when she got sick.but yeah, really happy to spend our holiday in hometown after 2years. vacation is over, got to back to reality.while we have to aware if our daughter will get the travel sickness again.😅 #vacation #panggildiagemi #papbon #mambon #bonbontroopers

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Last year I easily got ill just because of flu, like 5 times a year. This year I’m getting stronger by simply to decrease my sugar consumption and had just one flu. But then problem affect my tooth. I got this periodontitis twice with so many expensive treatment. I couldn’t force myself for sports activity, since it’s one of my hobby that already forgotten very long time. The fact that I started to get this mental issues too. Whenever I stressed out for everything, I kinda loss my focus and got this sleep disturbance and it just affect my fitness in easiest signs, such as muscular pain in back. Though I’m naïve to start to look for help. One must goals to do in 2019 is to go to mental therapy.

Not only me, my daughter’s health also bit concerning as she easily get ill whenever she sleep less than 12 hours. it happened once in her first airplane travel and it break my heart to see that. But then we learned that all she need is enough sleep and nutrition and she’ll be just fine, even in the hardest day like what we did during our exhausting Bali quest.

I have to admit that I’m getting slower. All of my works are way behind to finish and often off targets. Including my charity works. I spay and neuter less for stray cats. I also have to commit that main charity program, d’alton Project, will be shutted down at anytime soon due so many things like funds, time and myself.

I write this again, that I have so many blocks on writing and read, so yeah. It will be a big failure and I need consider if this also still my passion.

So what OK for 2018:

In some other way to say productive, I’m quite happy can involve in some activity like volunteering in reptile conservation center as vet.

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got a call from @nathanrusli_wildlife for some snake's check up. recently the @ciliwungrc rescued some reticulated phytons. the plan is to relocate them to the wild soon. but we have to be sure that they're ready, physically and mentally. then we met this poor buddy who apparently got some serious open wound. some torn muscles, skin and quite necrotic too. probably old wound of physical trauma by sharp things such as machete's slashes. I was trying to clean the wound as I could and stitched it up. hopefully this could help our buddy!!🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞 the best thing of this pict is, each person gave their best effort together as a team, as most of us just knew each other for the first time! it's fun, it feels just like when you had a soccer game with new persons! #snake #wildlifevets #conservation #conservationmedicine #vetsurgery #python #veterinarymedicine #veterinarian

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I’m happy can share my insight about conservation medicine in Tambora Muda community )as most of them are unaware for things that I’ve done), such a pleasure.

I still can travelling to some place like Palu. It’s a beautiful place with good foods and happy can meet my friends there too. Too bad natural disaster happened couple months after, deep condolences.

I still can present my cases in Bali for ASCM conference as I attended the workshop with my family. My wife also joined the event, though is hard to split our time to babysit our daughter too. But yeah we had a good time in Bali before the event too. Visited some good places and met our old friends.

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Finally it's finish… i did my presentation quite smooth. i talked about The Effect of Endodontic Treatment in Survival Rates of Reintroduced Javan Slow Lorises in Indonesia in 11th meeting of ASCM conference in Bali. the bottom line of my talk is to know how's the survival rate of reintroduced javan slow loris that had undergone the endodontic treatment compared to those with complete teeth. these all happen because of the cruelty that happen in slow loris in indonesia.their teeth got clipped before theu were sold to the pet owner. whenever they got rescued and rehabilitated in IAR Indonesia, it's always become troubles for them as most of the time we have to extract the broken teeth and they're become toothless, which is not good for releasing candidate and it's almost reach 80% of our javan slow loris in the we decided to treat the broken teeth with endodontic treatment, as we can save/restore teeth and provide more candidate s to be release.the problem is, could those who had undergone the endodontic treatment survive in the wild? #conservationmedicine #wildlifemedicine #slowloris #wildlifevets #ascm2018 #veterinarymedicine #veterinarian

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since we were planning to keep moving everyday when we were in Bali (at least until the conference moment), we decided to rent a motorbike from krisna motorbike rental for a week. quite worth price with 60K IDR/day for a honda vario 110cc. and they were willing to deliver and pick up the motorbike (only in Kuta area). so yeah, we did our quest!! like in day1, we drove from airport area to sunset area then seminyak and ended in Tabanan. in day2, we went to Sanur from Tabanan, then we visited to the Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue! at the last day we tried to reach Nusa Dua from Sanur and then finished our quest in airport. 2fat adults and a almost 2years old child, 1huge back pack (75L), a 30Lbackpack and a 25L sidebag!! #familytraveller #bonbontroopers #papbon #mambon #panggildiagemi #baliquest2018 #roadtoascm2018 #latepost

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I’m happy as finally I can replace my shitty phones with a new one. Cheap Chinese phone really helpful for sure! And finally I have this runaway, playing some addictive game like NBA live mobile (lol)

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4 gadgets for the last 5 years!I have to admit that I'm a lousy person for electronic stuff.. from left to right sony xperia acro –> samsung gt b 2700 xcover (but mine looked slightly different)–>Asus Zenfone 6–>Xiaomi redmi 5a before this 4, I used blackberry gemini and samsung galaxy mini..then i seek for the tough performance since i worked in the jungle in borneo at that xperia acro and samsung gt b2700. the xperia acro actually still survived until now but its small RAM and internal memories really frustrating for sure.the samsung b2700 broken earlier since the battery lock already broken and water leaked inside.the asus zenfone 6, i loved it actually. big memories,big RAM and big screen. but it's too big in your pocket and easy to the battery bended and made the screen popped out. so now i stand with xiaomi. cheap and quite ok performance.hopefully this will be last longer #gadget #tech #sonyxperiaacros #samsungb2700 #asuszenfone6 #xiaomiredmi5a

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I’m happy that I’m trying to fix my problem by buying a new guitar, though it’s not working yet to help my problem but finally I can buy my own guitar after so many years working!LOL

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couple weeks ago, our aunty came to our house to visit us. Then she looked on Gemi's toy, the plastic mini guitar and then she told my wife something. the uncle's guitar. the one that used to be my wife's the mine then went back to him again.our belated uncle said that he wanted to give this guitar to me as he knew that i played the guitar. too bad he passed away and couldn't give it to me. so aunty offered it again to feels quite hard as i just bought a new one. but then it's just like our uncle's last memento, so yeah we decided to accept it. we just trying to figure it out how and when we'll take it and then this afternoon my father in law brought it. an old Yamaha FG325 (left image, the bright one)..still feels good with nice sound too.. it's hard for sure to choose these guys..but probably I'd sell the new one, since 2guitars are too many in my small house..😢😢 #guitar #folkguitar #acousticguitar #yamahafg325

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I’m happy as I finally my small family could go to travel to Surabaya although with all the drama stuff and our daughter got ill. But we learned the hard way anyway.

I’m happy that my daughter grow bigger and active with all the milestones

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16-11-16 such a nice number actually, though we didn't have any intention at that date. but 2 years ago she came to our life..makes our life more colorful, makes my life even worth to fight.. since her first cry until now..we witnessed she crawled, she stood, she fell, she walked, she run, she jumped, she hummed, she vocalized, she blabbered, she called us, she talked, from a random word to a clear sentence.. laugh and joy for every single development of her…tears flow whenever she got sick, in pain or sad. now she even stronger for travel for many hours with motorbike,car,ship or even plan. she's our hope for the nature, as the nature also a our hope for her. happy birthday my cutie peach, we always love you. #panggildiagemi #mambon #papbon #bonbontroopers

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I’m happy I can still live my lovely small family with these two lovely cutie-peaches

I’m glad I still can survive this life as I think that’s the only resolution that I can get by this year.

To set a new goal

Looking for a healthier life

Making a great LAKERS in my NBA live mobile (LOL)

Working new paper

Improve my voluntarily works                                                                                                                                 

More non veterinarian event to join

Make music again

Writes and read more non veterinary shit stuff

Thinking for advance education

Spend more quality time with family and run more family travelling!

Ok, adios amigos. See you in 2019, hope you can make peace with 2018 and ready to grind in 2019.

Happy new year!