Gate 2017 almost Closed, Proceed to the Gate 2018

31 Dec



Why things feels rolls so fast?just like a blink of an eye and suddenly it’s almost reach the end of year 2017..Suddenly it’s already reach my 2nd year of marriage with a daughter that already turns 1 year old and my family already stay in Bogor for more than a year…

Feels like I missed all of the moments that were happen during this whole year. I feel like missed all of the event in a blink of eye. I feels like I waste so many times, but in the fact I did so many things. Some were standard, some were just left out and some were just a milestone. Some were happy, fun and exciting, but sad and sorrow also complete it too.

In general, things in 2017 were mostly mean and harsh, uncomfortable. People tends so hype at religion, they’re become fanatic, but then forget what religion are for. Most of them become morale police and thank God internet, they spread so fast like an outbreak. People you known before are changing. aggressive, hateful, self-righteous and love to judge in the name of religion. Some of them are actually insecure for their state of obedience, therefore they start to seek other’s privacy just to be told a better person. Thank God again with the internet, these people become so vocal in social media.


Actually this first happen because of the polarization of political atmosphere and their the religion sentiment took place to shake your faith and common sense. logical fallacy, hoax, double standard, made people lost somewhere. No matter how high they enroll their education.


That’s also a golden moment for some cults to penetrate the society such as, flat earth community, anti-vaccine, racist, terrorism, etc.

While the capitalism harvesting the hype too. Then people start to block one to another just because a different preference and it’s happen to me too. Time wasted as more just annoying debate and it’s not a discussion at all. So social media less fun nowadays. Well it’s a self-note to myself when I got irritated with people who boldly think different,  some of them would feel the same like me and pissed. I always try to keep in mind that is normal to have different interest, but don’t let it lead into an ignorance, intolerance, friction and ruined your relationship. Especially with those who had good relation  before. So sometime with those kind of consideration, I tried to hold my opinion to be post, though it’s feels like an apathy. There are a lot of bigger things to fight actually.


You still see how cruelty still happen in animal, you still see how wildlife crime still happen. The fact that it can affect our healthy environment and our healthy state, it affect how we treat the marginals and it also affect us in the way to afford the social justice in society.  As Gandhi said the greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated and it also can be related in one health concept.


“The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” – Gandhi


While in the other parts of the world, there’s  a stupid person who apparently has super power and doesn’t care about climate change (he doesn’t even think it’s exist!!) as the matter of his money. This is a huge problem for at least in the next  4 years, if it not gone too far and bigger.



I keep remind that we, human,  are responsible for anything in the past, present and the future. So yeah, I still stay and struggle to take care what the almighty has gave us. To become a small part of the mother earth protector. In the whole year, I tried to save the wildlife, promote their welfare, in this case are slow lorises and macaques. I tried to change my way of life slowly. I tried to spread the awareness slowly too, start with my family, especially my daughter, who will become our better hope for the future.


Sadness will always complete your day, to make you stay sane, though sometime it depressed you and drive the insanity. That also happened to me this year. Started with cheesy things like my broken laptop, broken phone, broken motorbike, and other things.


Continued with how barely I almost failed to survive myself and family everyday was. How some close people still  disturb my comfort zone was. How learning through an experience was such as marriage and parenting are quite stressful and exhausting. How your professional works not good enough for a better result were.  Not enough just that, I lost some friends around the mid of this year. A buddy back in the university, one of  funniest person, died earlier in young age due to his illness. Felt sad, since I couldn’t come to his wedding, couple months before. Another one, my childhood friend, who ended her life by suicide after drowned by her sorrow. Also not forget to mention about the lost of our cat, Doraemon. Well he just a stray cats that often stayed at our house for almost a year. We first met him since the earlier day we live in this house. Then we decided to start a spay and neuter project for stray cats in our neighborhood and he was the 2nd cats. Since that time, he was more attached to us. As he also the first cat that we introduced to Gemi and they quite along. His calm attitude really friendly for children, no matter how rough the touch of Gemi was. But he got older, then he was gone like couple weeks and come back but then looked so much ill until a week after he disappear forever.

Another lost also for us in the clinic, we rescued an injured cat and treated him. One of his hind leg got necrotic and we had to do the amputation. We called him Utut aka toothless. After that he become a resident cat with a lovely attitude. But  couple weeks ago he died by a venomous snake bite.


I don’t know if those things mentioned above also affect my health state and fitness. But as a highlight of this year, I felt like so easy to be ill, easy to be tired and exhausted. I got like almost 8 influenza this year, even though only half of it that made me really drop. But it’s difficult for my body also to get recover after the illness. It took almost 2 weeks to get well after a flu and it’s has to be help by antibiotic. I once had almost 3 months of dry cough after a flu. The worst one, I had an hemorraghic- keratoconjuctivitis with influenza a few weeks ago.


The fact that i just recovered from an influenza before the eye infection. I tried to change my diet, I didn’t had a frequent work-out since I was too tired for the works. My belly was getting bigger, more hair turns to white, easy to get exhausted. I’m getting older in this 31 years of my life. My body seems almost give up..Then my wife started to worry. She keeps tell me to not die earlier…

Well, those are my problem during this year. How about my productivity ? I failed to produce any paper for a scientific journal, but I did make 2 papers for 2 conferences. 1 oral presentation for the conference and it’s the ASCM! I did it again!

I also gave a class about conservation medicine to vet students in Padjadjaran University, Bandung.

That was fun! As a milestone, this year I think I did so many surgeries, more than last year. I did surgeries in my work place (mostly dental surgeries in primates, vasectomy-castration in primates and spay/neuter cat).  I did also some in my house (spay/neuter for stray cats). Before I never want to do any surgeries and mostly I only assisted the surgeon for anesthesia monitoring. So yeah, I did it!finally

This year I got less fieldwork duty, it’s just 1 trip of slow loris release and 1 trip of supervised slow loris in one of our rescue shelter in Malang.

In contrary for my state of health, I did really great physical effort during the release work. It’s on Ramadhan and I survived the day in fasting eventhough I walked for so many kilos in quite bad ass track!


though it’s not too often going outside but at present I easily got homesick, especially when I miss my daughter..So I guess I’m not as strong as it used to be….


What makes me happy for this year? Well me and my family still survive and happily ever after. My daughter getting bigger, my wife quite adapt for her role as a mother and housewives, our parents are healthy and happy too.

I was happy to join the ASCM again.

IMG_20171114_182930_239 The bottom line is I’m happy no matter some bad things happen to me or my family, since we still alive and in every worst stage of my life, I believe that there’s someone else with worse condition. That’s why I should always feel thankful and happy for that.

Some goals were failed at this year but again, there’s still a chance for next year. I just have to trying harder, or probably my target are just too high, so I may drop my standard a lil’ bit.

For next year, I plan some things that hopefully I could done. More scientific publication (especially the international one!), participate in ASCM again and start to aim it diploma maybe, involve with a different community just for the sake of conservation, run more frequent and consistent surgeries with better standard and result, involve more with student to share my knowledge, work hard to gain more money for D’alton Project, to be a better husband and father and trying to stay alive as long as ever just like what my wife asked.

Well just in couple hours the 2017 gate will be close, and another gate will be open. it’s 2018 and let’s get it on!

We spend the new year’s eve at home again, the baby girl is already sleep, we had a great dinner and to wait until the year’s change we already got supplies of Hok Lo Pan and Martabak! Enjoy your new year’s eve everybody! Keep in faith!



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