ASCM 2017 : I Did It There!

28 Dec


After 2 months! Finally I get the time to make this! At least before the year change, I have to post it!! (Well if you read it after 2017 already past, the I fail again!)

Asian Society of Conservation Medicine (ASCM) is a great networking group of vets (mostly wildlife or zoo vets) in Asia and it really has a great relationship with me. Professionally and emotionally too. Previously they were known as Asian Zoo/Wildlife Medicine and Conservation.


In 2008, they held the conference in Bogor, Indonesia and that was my first participation in the event. I was in the university and joined with my friends to go there, supported by our seniors. We presented a poster about our activity in sea turtle’s basic observation there.


Then time flew, in 2012, I participated again in their event in Thailand, at that time they already changed their name into Asian Society of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine. I was presenting 2 oral presentations and 1 poster presentation. That was my first time experience to travel abroad. Very emotional for sure, since I came as my organization’s representation but minimum  support and appreciation. So my parents funded me (yeaay!), then I also share fund to my junior who her theses and research were funded by me since her paper accepted for poster presentation there.



A year later I attended the conference again in Singapore, this time I worked very hard to find a fund. I made it in the last minute. But then I messed up with the presentations. Lousy topic, lousy presentation and preparation..But i had a great experience in their post conference workshop, the reptile endoscopy.

But then i never expected that it’s my last time participation with the society. Until 4 years later….


Well this year, the conference was held in Kuching. I tried very hard to work a paper to submit. Nothing wrong with paper, though it’s not a perfect paper and cheesy topics. But it’s a compilation of record of clinical findings in our Javan slow loris post-release activity, I have to look so many data and stuff. However the problem it’s not only that. Four years in absent of this conference, many things has changed. We have to register and submit the paper online, including to complete the payment first so we can get a validation for the account registration. Well I’m kinda short and still trying to look for fund and to get a fund at least you have to show the acceptance of any kind presentation (well this is as my standard). To send any paper you need to have the registration’s account, means I almost in the dead end, until Alice (the secretary) really help me with an access to on spot registration form. So I could send my paper, then I have to wait couple weeks until my paper accepted to be presented. Surprisingly a week after the submission, I got an email for my paper’s revision. In my entire history of this conference, this is my first time to get a revision order. Even I already tried to review it to many people first. I mean, this probably was my best paper so far. Again, things change in 4 years. Sometime when I tried to review my old papers, it just feels like rubbish. But when I submitted in the couple previous similar conference, no revision at all! LOL!

Anyway my paper got accepted for the oral presentation in almost late time, I succeed for the fund and finally I could attend the conference again!!yeyeyeyeyyeyeye…..!!

I tried to prepare many things. Got my funds and cashed it, finished my presentation and reviewed it to many people and revised it again after so many good inputs. Charts, pictures, videos and then I practiced the presentation also. and revised again until I really satisfy and confident enough for my presentation. I had to finish everything before left to Kuching, I have to make sure everything well prepare so I could just enjoy the event there without being distracted by any other thing. For other reason is, my laptop was already broken, I couldn’t afford the new one and didn’t planning to bring any other. So it’s my first conference experience without any laptop.


Anyway, I reached Kuching after flew from Jakarta then transit in Pontianak. I slept less than 3 hours the night before, left my house at 3 a.m. to catch the flight at 8am (Jakarta’s traffic really absurd, so you better move earlier). Things was okay with the flight, I transit in Pontianak and met with work-mate there and stepped in Kuching on time. But the problem, I was very hungry. The last time I ate was at 2 a.m. and it’s already 3 p.m.! Luckily I could find the nearest McDonald’s.


dododododoo..I’m lovin’ it! it’s cheaper than in Indonesia!

I was exhausted, sleepy and hungry. So yeah, I survived for lunch then at dinner I joined my friends near the riverside.


not bad for a small room in a hostel




Kuching statue :p

So the ASCM meeting was held at 20-22 October 2017. 21-22 October was the conference and a day before they ran some pre-conference workshops, USG on small mammals and wildlife pathology and forensic. I joined the wildlife pathology and forensic workshop. And here I told you a stupid story of me…When go abroad, of course internet network is a problem, unless you had the local SIM card. So at very near the workshop day, the announcement spread by email. It contains of schedule and meeting point. Since the workshop place located in a far-faraway place in state veterinary lab, then from that place, we would move to the conference’s place (which is in another faraway hotel from the city). The email didn’t reach me (well actually it did, but in my other email and why the fuck my phone didn’t notify me ??!). Well but it’s okay. Since I wake very early and planned to met my workmate at 7 in her hotel then decide where we should go. Eventually and accidentally I met the workshop’s lecturer during my way to my friend’s hotel. His name was Chia-Da Hsu, I remember him since my manager already showed his Facebook account and we did communicated by email before. So, he told me that workshop will start at 9am, the meeting point was in my friend’s hotel and the shuttle would be left at 7.30 (for the lecturer) and 8 for the participants (It’s my first time to meet him and it’s awkward).. In the hotel I saw so many people already put their belonging to the mini bus. But here I started my stupidity again. 1, I straight to the lobby to wait until the actual time while I await my friend ready. 2, I didn’t ask anyone again there soon, even I met some familiar faces back from 4 years ago. Then until time was running out, people gone, hotel seem quiet and I ask the hotel’s staff who apparently didn’t know anything about the ASCM and what made it so perfect is, my friend hadn’t show up from her room….Then I met another familiar face which is Junpei Kimura, who is the general secretary of ASCM, I asked about the shuttle bus stuff to the workshop place. Then he just shocked and told me that they already left several minutes ago! ( and I was  just so fucked up.yeah). Luckily he ran outside and stop the remaining committee and there were Takuma Yanai (the head of ASCM’s senior board) and Alice Lau (the secretary, who correspondent with me all time since my registration trouble, included to ask her for extra person in the workshop for my workmate). Yeah, it’s an awkward first meeting and very great impression. Alice bit upset for me, since she saw me at the first time I reached the hotel. And my excuse is, I waited for my friend. Without wasting for more time, we just carry on to the destination. But just we turned to other way and passed the hotel, I saw my friend walked in relax. So I asked them to stop, to wait for her. And finally after all those shitty things, we hit the pedal to the workshop place. I was very embarrassed for this and here we are the stereotypical Indonesia, the late people..The journey seems awkward too because I didn’t have any topic to talk, but I’m amazed to see how my friend looked cool and innocent….The morale lesson is, don’t hesitate to ask anyone ASAP and be selfish.

We arrived on time in the state veterinary lab and straight to registration (luckily, yet I still felt very ashamed). I finished my payment then continued to the class. The workshop was started with introduction of every participants as ice breaking. After that we had some theories like general wildlife pathology, general veterinary forensic, and general guideline of necropsy photography.


Then we break for lunch and then heading to the wet lab for a necropsy practice. We were divided in couple groups and got 3 different animals for necropsy practice; turtle, bird and a mammal (at that time my group had a slow loris carcass!yeay!!). Well basically for the mammal and it’s in a slow loris, had no  different than the way that I did in my place. But seriously, Chia-Da performed and teach the better and neat procedures of necropsy. As he could presented and exposed the organs very clear, so we could see the anomaly of the carcass easily.  By his way. I could see more critical points of examination than the way I used to do.. This is very enriching for sure!

After the workshop done, we were wait for bus pick-up to Damai resort where the conference would be held a day later. I was very exhausted since in the last two days, I just slept not even more than 6 hours. I just overslept on the way to the hotel. It almost 1,5 hours and the traffic quite jam.

Touched down the hotel, straight to the lobby for check in, then another problem popped out. Because of my clumsiness to state out my flight’s schedule, the hotel got confused for my reservation eventhough I already stated the actual plan and booking date. I should have just stay for 3 nights, but the hotel charged me for 5 nights.And it’s my office and donor money. Great!So I just skipped it first, since I was tired, probably the jetlag stuff still bother me, and I was hungry for sure. The fact that the hotel looked so isolated from the civilization and the hotel’s meals were expensive. The WiFi was sucks also, so I went out to the lobby again after spent couple minute in the fancy room.


Fancy and big room huh!

I met Sumita who’s the wife of Reuben, the local chairman of the conference. She said there were free dinner in the bar as the welcome party of participants. Hell yeah, dinner time! So I ate and socialized with old faces! Woaaaw….this is so good..after 4 years, I could meet these people again! And I did make sure eat a lot as I didn’t want to get starving.

Remember my mission to not bother my presentation anymore after I finished it? Well I failed, I got some mistakes issues on my slide of presentation when I was practicing it with my phone. So I borrowed my friend’s laptop to review and revised it again. The fact that nothing wrong happen, it’s just stupid things appear in a different device, but I then changed some color’s font to make it looked well. Then I went to sleep to recover my energy.


Awake in the D-day earlier. I decided to walk around the hotel as it has beach and seaside view.


Hang out at the lobby for WiFi (seriously the WiFi so sucks, as I had to connect to the hotel’s admin network in lobby area for internet). Met Junpei again. Talked about how the organization of ASCM improved, how it goes for the yesterday’s workshop and how it would goes for the conference. As more people appeared in the restaurant for breakfast, I decided to go back to my room, took a bath, change my clothes and straight for breakfast. There then I met the rest of Indonesian participants. So in total it should be about 7 Indonesian. Me and Uwi from the IAR Indonesia, 2 persons (Rico and Pandu) from OIC and SOCP, Prof. Bambang from IPB,  dr. Kadek from Udayana Universities and not forget to mention Lina, my former partner in Kalaweit who become a student of Seoul University at present.


Endonesa!endonesa!! –>Indonesian contingent minus Dr. Kadek

The conference started! I was so nervous, I really cautious for everything. Started with earlier presentation submit to the committee.

Set the folder very neat with all of the video attachment there. Then just couple minute before my session started, I did the double check to make sure that the presentation was okay. Well my session was started after the second coffee break, which was around 3 p.m. I had plenty time to relax, enjoy the other session and presentation.


To be honest, the conference run very well and quite smooth. Set on time, the session divided very fair and in a good arrangement with so many interesting topics. The food were great too… I was glad that i could alive during the conference without losing glucose or even caffeine support to my brain and eyes..but then the time was getting closer to my show time…

It’s my turn to give the talk! I was so nervous, my voice was trembling, the tone sounded loss of pitch, I was a bit shaking.. I tried to make it more comfy by throwing some interactions between the audiences, yet it succeed so I started to gain for more confident. My slide went smooth, the video played successfully, although I pressed the wrong button. But then there was a disturbance, I did edited one slide since the font’s color not too clear, but in the end the words just gone! Luckily I wasn’t that panic, so I could finish it until the end of the presentation. During the discussion, there was only one person who asked some questions, but then the questions almost out of the context. So this is quite confusing me whether people really understand or not. LOL! But finally, I did my presentation again there! With a better topic, better execution and this is so relieving! After many months of preparation, stressful works and so many blocks…pheew…


After the presentation, I straight to the lobby again. Then the hotel had a good policy about the reservation mistake. They would refund the rest of the day in cash, later after I checked out! Thank god!

So I was very happy and relaxed. Spent the day by hang out with other Indonesian fellow then prepared myself for the gala dinner. So I took a bath then gathered with other people. I sit in a round table with some of Indonesian and the rest were the Singapore zoo guys and OPCF Hongkong.


they drunk as hell for sure!

Then people started to drunk and we, the Indonesian were bored after finished the meals. So we left the place earlier and took a walk to the outside, the civilization. Apparently there was a small path connected to the world. There was a hostel there, with cheaper price! Around the hostel, there was a food court and 711! Gosh! I should’ve stay there! So yeah, we bought some stuff like snack and ice cream in the 711, then hang out in one of our room. Had some chat and joke. Then we split back to our room for rest.


we are young!

Well at the second day, I already felt calm. Just enjoy the rest of the session. But also talked with some other people about the next year conference that would be held in Bali. I tried to connect the board and the local organizer with the Indonesian Wildlife Vet Association, as I am one of the junior board there. Hopefully they would considered my idea. Then after session by session, the conference reached it end. At the closing ceremony there were also announcement for best oral and best poster presentation also the winner of photo contest. Amazingly Indonesian participants won the best oral presentation and 2nd place of photo contest! But too bad it’s not me, LOL!I should worked it harder next time.

bit weird to see these two people win the competition LOL!

After the announcement, we had a big photo session together with all of the participants then continued with closing ice breaker in the bar. Alcohol again, so most of the Indonesian stayed outside the bar, some were smoking, and some just enjoy the rain. We asked for non-alcohol drink, but the bar almost charged us. Luckily in the end, we got a free non-alcohol juice..yessss! After the rain stop, all of the Indonesian decided to walk to the food court outside or dinner then again continued with chit-chat and snack in the same room like the day before.


The last day in the hotel, me, Uwi, Pandu and Rico decided to travel around the town. So we planned to check out from the hotel around 10, after the breakfast. During breakfast we meet some guys who prepared their diploma exam. Yes, the ASCM also arranged a diploma program of conservation medicine. Each year, after the conference, they will held exams for the registered candidates. While we gathered around, there came Junpei, who joked with me, by saying “I saved your life that day man!” (Yes, the pre-conference workshop! LOL!) Then the diploma candidates left the restaurant earlier and so did us couple minutes later to prepare our goods. After our check out stuff done, we hitched an Uber to the town and we were lucky we got a good car(a brand new ford ranger haha!). Stopped at Uwi’s hotel first, to drop our bags. Then we walked around the riverside area. Had lunch, tried some different mall, visited an old and famous coffee shop there, hang out and eating some snack again, enjoyed the riverside view. We were bit unlucky during dinner, heavy rain happen with strong wind. It stop after like an hour, then we could continue dinner, the shopped in souvenir shop. Then we end journey in Kuching that night, as each of us had to fly to Indonesia in the morning with different flights.

great mural YO!

welcome and goodbye!

chill and hangout


Bata does exist in kuching!


Local wisdom!

Gosh..such an emotional journey! To look back in the past, how I could joined this conference experience this ambiance again..I just glad and happy to say that, “ I did it again!” and I’m very excited for the next conference. I’m very excited too if I could start to aim the diploma in the next couple years..

Dear lord, please lead me to the way..and thank you for all of these opportunities…

High appreciation to the ASCM’s board (especially the wonder woman Alice!), the local organizer (they organized a flawless conference dude!), and thank you KFGB for funded me to this event!



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  1. asudomo January 6, 2018 at 18:40 #

    lanjutkan mas bo, speechless aku bacaanya haha, ikut bangga aja boleh ya mas *junior macam apa aku iniii hahaha

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