A year old Gemi

21 Nov

Well I haven’t complete my promise yet to continue my stories after that post and that post. Well, busy as always, advance reports, conference report and work were so much robbed my time. Not to mention how my activities at home with baby and house stuff. Sometime I just overslept in my night activity, but then a week ago, I took a holiday with wife and baby and my parents in law to Bandung. It’s just a usual family trip, but my brother in law also had his graduation (congrats anyway), I got an invitation for a talk in vet school of Padjadjaran University and accidentally it also our daughter’s birthday! Yeyeyeye…

Well yes you’re right, I don’t have any intention to continue my latest post. I just wanted to talk about my baby girl, Gemifaly Bonirezar Wanakalani, a.k.a. Gemi who turned 1 year old on this 16 November. Yeyeyeyeyeyey!

Well you can read how the day went when she was born at this.

IMG_20161117_020707The fact that she’s already 1 year old now. We thank to God that she’s healthy, cute and sweet. Her body weight was just 2,55 kg’s at birth. Now she reaches 7,5 kg. Not an average number of baby in her age, yes she’s smaller. But then the normal body weight ratio of 1 year old baby is 3 times of their birth body weight, so my baby still in normal shape. She doesn’t looked skinny, she has a chubby cheek, bit fluffy belly and she looked tall actually. And I am glad for it, because some parents want their children looked fat, they assume that fat is healthy. Well we are different, since we, her parents had an overweight condition and we don’t want that happen to our daughter. Though sometime we were bit panic when her monthly weight gain slowly crawl, especially after the 4th month. A nurse around our neighborhood did judge that Gemi is a malnutrition baby. Well she got her mom’s milk exclusively. Into 6 months old, she already eat many various things as complete diet. Her doctor never worried with the bodyweight issue too. But some people are judgmental, include your close family.


As parent’s consequences, both of us tried to give the best to Gemi. Love, extra care, exclusive breastfed, healthy complementary nutrition, vaccine, parents time, good neighborhood. We agreed to share roles in our domestic stuff, include taking care Gemi for some occasions, although I can’t provide her as same as her mother. I cook, I clean, I wash the dish, do the laundry. For Gemi? I change her diapers, I bath her, wash her clothes, I play with her, I carry her to sleep, I feed her complementary food too. I’m happy with that. Well the main reason is, we don’t trust outsider, any outsider, so we don’t have any reason to waste more money for babysitter. We want spend more time with our baby, no matter how busy I am. I also want to learn and emphasize my wife activities with Gemi. A mother is the hardest job ever!

Well my wife is so excited for sure with Gemi, but it’s too exhausted to manage everything by herself and that’s what happen to the other moms when they don’t get a serious supports from their spouse or family. Lucky my wife can handle the stress. She was an active wildlife vet, now she stay at home. She had experiences in captive orangutans, so she made a good record of Gemi such as, body weight, nutrition, daily activity, medical records. So I guess she uses the energy very well to cope the stresses, beside Gemi’s smile and laugh are great endorphin for us.

We did remember how our early moment with the newly born Gemi. Sleepless, baby cries until late night or even early morning, yet each of us have other activity though the baby not so easy during the day, then the night come, the cycle starts again. We were just like zombie. I have to deal with that in the same time with the working activities. Sometime we were desperate when Gemi cries the whole time and we couldn’t find what the problem is, no matter how much things we tried to fix, then some random person just saying a random stupid things like they know everything about our daughter. That made us pissed for sure, especially when the things are just random thought without any clear logical sense. So we survived little by little by those situations. Invent some tricks and improvisation to control the baby, but sometime as the time goes on, it didn’t work anymore. The older baby could make some job easier while the other are harder. Especially when they started to crawl and active, we must keep our eye before bad things happen like a baby try to eat a stone outside the house,  baby playing plate and fragile stuff in the rack, baby play around the stove and other hot stuff or a baby almost went in to the water closet. Thrilling isn’t it?!

We survived those moments by making ourself keep health. It will be a disaster if one of us got sick.  So we choose to eat properly. Then we get fat together happily ever after as the consequence.  ha!

We both often laugh to see Gemi’s pictures, she changed a lot since a day old and we could note the differences within a month. Yet she’s a lovely baby girl. A year just a short moment, but it felt quite long moment too. We tried to deal with happiness, but sometime we couldn’t. With all the happiness, sorrow and obstacles, we always hope that we could witness her until adult, just like what our parents got until now. Embrace…

She’s our hope for better world in the future…


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