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5 Nov

Dear people,

How’s life? Sucks for sure, no matter how much happiness come..

Well I’m kind a lost myself within myself… stop to write anything even though there were so many things inside my brain. My laptop got broken due the unstable electricity and burned the circuit, this made me less productive..


(I couldn’t get my laptop’s image, but this was also heartbreaking )

Then I skipped some happy moment that I couldn’t mention one by one..Bit memorable was my childhood friend gave me a cute birthday’s gift: She jumped out from the 26th (floor of the building and died. Nice huh?bunuh-diri_20160111_092102 (well i couldn’t find any better picture of her)

Works seems also so stressful when you can’t finish so many things, the fact that you have 2 hours of additional stressful time just for the travel.

(surgeries…and i got hit by a damn minibus)

Then some cutie peaches awaits you at home. Try to compensate with the whole family stuff but then you got exhausted earlier and need to sleep earlier in addition to awake earlier.


For the last couple months, tasks and deadlines really thrilled me.. I have to stay alive to work some papers for couple different conferences. I’m just glad I can stay alive, get fat and complete those works!

In August, I completed the paper for poster presentation in a primate conference. Yet the topic was about behavior and I was so frustrated to work something that beyond my knowledge. Yet the paper done, the poster done and the presentation went great by our team! We got the 2nd best poster presentation dude!


And for another paper.. This was so much emotional for me.. The ASCM conference. I skipped the event for the last 4 years. Well actually on 2014, I sent my paper and accepted, but then I got very ill and failed to participate. Then things changed a lot for 4 years. You have to pay first to complete the registration and paper submitting. But I couldn’t get any funding when I don’t present something in the conference. Luckily the committee allow me to submit the paper after I filled the manual registration. Yet I have to revise my paper before it really accepted. The letter of acceptance itself was late to reach me.. Yes I was accepted for the oral presentation. I applied the funding and it just confirmed nearly the d-day! But, yess….I could go to Kuching for the conference!!


Beside those papers and works… i got to arrange things to support student’s event toO..and it’s always related with fundings!


So this is at least things that I can write so far to ease my writer’s bollock (I mean block) ..  Anyway, actually I may have to title this post as “run for your writer’s block”

I decided to tell the details of those two stories in two additional post. Soon… after i finished my conference’s report