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End of Ramadhan and Suddenly Eid: 2017

24 Jun

It feels like just couple days ago the Ramadhan came and it’s already finished within the next few hours. Won’t say it’s just a flash. This year’s Ramadhan completed my life, as I faced it with my cute wife and another my cutie peach baby girl, Gemi. Though I still did the Ramadhan, but my small family accompanied me the whole month. Again, it last sooner and lighter. Probably because my family could motivate me or it’s actually the Ramadhan were simply lighter than the last one. Then I tried to remember, I guess I’m healthy enough and sure it’s better than two years ago when I had sick many days with fever, diarrhea and dehydration (but I still made it through!). The problem was, last year I had to deal my emotion against terrible people who keeps argue for the sake of religion’s glory.

Argumentations about how people had to tolerate those who in Ramadhan activity, terrorism under God’s name, radical organization in God’s flag who love to banned everything. I stuck on that rubbish, wasted many time and got boiled, angry. Well it’s a useless though. People never care about my opinion and neither did I. We all just wanted to hear things that we thought it’s right. Yet it’s our right to express our idea, whatever it’s and no one can’t shut it down, no matter how it’s provocative.

This Ramadhan, I skipped all of those bullshits.I didn’t even find any stupid topic to noise with, or even some random bonehead to argue with. I don’t know whether it’s because the blasphemy law already enforced or there were some sharia vigilance that ready to persecute anyone who against them.

But one thing for sure, it’s happen because I hold myself to not make any war, I stopped to follow boneheads, Yes, I unfollowed them. I couldn’t stand to understand their idea and I don’t have any right to shut them down. So the best way is just to avoid/ minimize the possibility to face them. It’s just like when you’re in Ramadhan, you’re not allowed to eat, drink or sex during the day. But we can’t force others to not eat in front of us (and that’s the challenge of Ramadhan actually, to make yourself strong and under control), so we can just avoid those kind of probability. The problem in majority, they know they are weak and afraid, but they seek for the disturbances and bashed them, in the name of tolerance and God’s order. That’s why some people sweep food sellers that operate in daylight, sweep those who sell booze and force many “entertainment” place like pub to close during the whole month. And love to hear that I rarely heard about the similar incidents happen, thank God it’s easier!

For me Ramadhan is a moment to gain empathy from the poor by fasting during the daylight in a whole month. It’s really physical for sure, as we would suffer a light dehydration, focus disorder, sleepy and hunger. Some health expert said that Ramadhan fasting help our body to detox many bad things in our body. But then I thought Ramadhan is a moment to reflect our self as a better creature than animal , who just rely on their instinct to fulfill their basic need such as eat, drink, and sex. If we can’t pass the Ramadhan properly, we are just the same like animals, though one of human’s fate is prime leader of any God’s creature. Then a moment of self-contemplation follows after, whether it’s by formal communication to the almighty, meditation, think, or even just your usual daily activity.

As this year was a history for me. Since in the first day I joined the team to field work. Trans-located some slow loris to the wild. Walked for many km’s, up and down hill, for hours. When I was teenager, I used to play soccer 3-4 times a day in Ramadhan. Then I rarely workout now and I gain many kg’s after marry and become a father. I thought I would passed out, but shockingly I was strong enough to survive the day without serious dehydration.


My wife skipped the Ramadhan for the second years. Last year she was in mid pregnancy and this year she has to stay fit, to feed our baby with her milk. And Islam accommodate these kind of term and condition. Those who very old, seriously ill, pregnant or in lactation can be free from the mandatory Ramadhan activity. They can redeem the fasting in other days or they can just feed a poor people for the whole month as redemption. The best part was, my wife always accompany and accommodate my need during Ramadhan together such in ifthar or sahur. The fact that was not only my wife, my baby girl also accompany me. She woke up very early during my sahur activity, sometime earlier than me and awakes me too! She had breakfast also after I finished my sahur. Lovely wasn’t it?


Another physical challenge during my Ramadhan was, I didn’t sleep again after sahur. Since I need to stay awake and driver myself to work on 6 am. So I sleep less for sure and still need to focus to drive and work, then I have to drive again to home. This is awesome! (though for some people it’s nothing :p). And it did a struggle to work something such as surgery during Ramadhan :p


But yeah it’s very fun and lovely to do this year’s Ramadhan for sure. Then now, me at the nearly end of Ramadhan, to hear those takbir (not take beer, as some people would angry to hear that), the victory shout. Yesterday during my way to work, I met so many people start to mudik (travel to their hometown), with their fully-packed bag in the motorbike. Saw some small family, just like mine, travel to somewhere else. Met so many people sell the ketupat frame and it’s the holiday would start soon (i even already got a parcel gift)! Some people will travel back to their house in their village to meet their elder family. As it reminds myself too, since this year I can’t meet my parents in Surabaya, or to meet my wife’s family in Jakarta. It’s all happen because we think that our baby girl hasn’t ready yet to experience the hectic-mudik. So here I am, working in holiday.


So, for all of you guys, happy Eid Mubarak! Happy Idul Fitri! Forgive and apologize me, send my warm regards to your family!