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2016 in review

31 Dec

Here we stop almost at the end of the year. It’s become my own tradition to review things that’ve done for the whole year. Life is such dynamic and ironic. Sadness and happiness fill the life continuously. Many tragic things happened too globally, and it sure affect myself directly and indirectly. The fact that things just change simultaneously and drastically. It used to be warm but then turn to be freeze.

Hoaxes and hatreds run their victory lap, logical fallacy spread as the hate gone wild also. Yet people slay each other, well not only by the actual physical war, some just can easily to use their tongue and fingers.

World’s nowadays is different, harsh and mean.

Bombing, terrorism, war, Ahok’s blasphemy, Juventus had their numerous consecutive champion, Warriors beaten by Cavs in the final, Rossi failed to get his title again, Trump won the election, etc. Such a lost to know many great figures died in 2016. But one person that became a note, our young colleague drh. Esthi,  who died in an accident while she worked with elephant in a zoo.


Some other good things cover it up, let just say like promotion, journal’s contribution, and more law enforcement for conservation.

But then those were easily wipe away when my daughter born. That’s the bottom line :p


Had to separate-lived with my wife for couple days in a week. She went to work part timely in a different city. This was sucks. In the other hand I did my first time-first author contribution in a journal. Hope for more things like this



Had some change in working place. The LDR stuff, though only just couple days in a week, made me weak. For sure


At the end of the month, we decided to gather in one city as a normal couple. Though she already completed her training period, but it’s just made her too exhaust. The travel took almost half of the day. We noticed that she had bleeding twice after the travel to work. Not include how the tenses of her working place, so she resigned and stay at home. This was one of the best decision that we made actually.


We concerned about my wife’s reproduction status, since she got bleed many times during works. So we tried to check it to an obgyne. Amazingly we got a good news, my wife was pregnant. Things were getting tenser. Since her earlier stage of pregnancy bit hard. She lost appetite, weak, easily stressed out. I was trying the best for her and our baby, even my working stuff was another issue to fix. But I noticed that that this month was my 6th year of career. It’s not easy at all, praise the Lord for this great moment.



The first long-ranged travel was done to Surabaya. We made a special trip to attend our best friend’s wedding. Also spreading some news to family about our future family’s member. Both of us also visited the University for some scientific gigs. My wife gave a talk about her latest experience in avian medicine and breeding, I talked about my experience in macaque’s conservation.



Ramadhan came. First Ramadhan for us, in fact the first Ramadhan with our future baby. My wife didn’t do the fasting. So it’s my first time experience to pay the fidyah also. Some hard times happened when she got weak during our monthly shopping moment in the hot day. But in the other time, she was so much fit to shop in a shopping festival in Jakarta. LOL.


Got an opportunity to attend the OVAG for a week and this time is Kinabalu. Been like 3 years of absent for going abroad, and it’s bit awkward. Luckily the workshop was fun, the ambience was cool, and people were very warm and friendly.



Finallly 30…Had my first ever experience to remove collar of our monitored slow loris. It means that the individual officially wild again. At the end of August, we finally moved to a new house, straight down in Bogor. This was a big step that we made so far. Things became better and easier, especially for my wife. Though I had to drive one hour by motorbike to my working place.




Had another opportunity to remove another collar of our slow loris. But this one was special since the individual had a baby. So much relieving to see our mission succeed. This also reminds me of my wife with her pregnancy. Got invitation to give talk about profession in highscope school in Jakarta, yes I was very nervous to talk in front of the kids :p ..At the end of the month, both of us took our nerve to run a trip for coupe day by motorbike riding to Tangerang, to gather with our colleagues in a conference called KIVNAS.


In the beginning of October, I joined the team for a workshop in National Park in Lampung, I did give a talk about emergency care and handling of slow loris. Assisted the team for a big confiscation after 2 big wildlife trafficker in West Java caught in hand. 34 slow lorises seized  in a day.



We just had our first wedding’s anniversary. Then at 16-11-16, she was born, Gemifaly Bonirezar Wanakalani was her name. The whole sadness and upsets would disappear by the presence of this cute baby girl. A week after, I still could spend a day for a primate seminar and gave a presentation about slow loris.


Gemi already a month’s old and healthy. She also already had her first ever shave and Mangupa.

So I’d rather to say that 2016 was a great year, I’m happy for sure.


Though so much bad things happened and made you down. I’m happy no matter some friends and colleagues became weird and hate me just because different perspective. Being different is normal, those who can’t stand with it surely become fragile and vulnerable. Yep they are fragile and vulnerable, soon would be lost for many things. Let’s just say some people tend easily to spread hatred, mixed with stubbornly logical fallacy and bullying attitude. Yet they can’t even crosscheck it first and brutally shares hoaxes, with hate and proud. Most of them are educated people with respected profession. It’s very naïve to say this is just about religion or race, the fact that it’s pure politically interest. And someone used your faith for their own greed. Some of them didn’t realize that, some of them apply it in their move. And here some people like me, who actually not too different but had worse treat than those who perfectly different. That’s 2016 bullshit, and it’s gone too far. The world gone too far too.

Well I didn’t care, well at least I tried to.


Since there’s a little angel who we don’t want to grow with this sick world. She’s our hope in the future for better world, better nature and humanity.

The world harsh and mean, but she has to ready to embrace it.

Yet I was hoping for the better condition in 2017. Though you’ll meet the same bad repetition happens every year, could be worse sometime. But every year I’m trying to be a realistic positive reason, even though I’m still swearing a lot. More targets set, more productive, try to park those unimportant ego and drama with those stupid people (if you want stuck in stupidity, then leave it. But if you want to embrace the stupidity, the gate always open wide).

Good bye 2016, thanks for guided me with all those enlightens and lessons. And I will very glad to welcome 2017 as the Pandora box may flood you with so many enrichment like hard work, knowledge, joyful and dream.

Happy new-year folks!


*ps we are not celebrating the new year’s eve, we just preparing our baby’s night shift..ssh…be quiet, you don’t wanna messed up with that lil’s super saiyan :p