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Gemifaly Bonirezar Wanakalani

5 Dec

​Hi earth.. This is me reporting late, again. Away from the earth’s noise anthem for all tragedies that happen in humanity, all life. At this moment, I won’t share negative things, whether it’s right or wrong. Things exploded in November, but not with me and my wife. We succeed to survive for our first anniversary at 8 November, yet we would had another surprise of happiness soon. And who would notice it would happen just a week after.

16 November 2016, I was in the morning shift of work. It was almost 4 pm, thick cloud surrounded Mt. Salak’s area, but it wasn’t raining yet. Bit lazy to left, work stuff everywhere. But then I thought it will be nice to come home earlier, especially safe from the rain during the journey. So I packed things in hurry and grabbed my motorbike straight to my house. Took almost an hour, but the road were easy, no traffic at all, no rain also. I enjoyed my whole journey by singing song.
Reached home without any problem, my wife said that her parents has just left couple minute ago. Then we cooked for dinner. Around 5 pm, while I cooked, my wife had her discharge coming out. And it’s continue with more discharge an hour later, without any single contraction or stomach pain. Well, her pregnancy already on 37th week plus. 2 days ago during our check-up session with the ob-gyn, the doctor said that we must aware for the pregnancy since 37 week is a mature pregnancy and ready to deliver baby at any time. But the problem was, my wife didn’t get any pain, so it was confusing though.  Whether it was just a fake contraction or really a birth sign. But in case if something bad happen, we planned to the hospital after dinner. Then she called her parent to come, to take us to the hospital. My parents in law seems bit confuse with our problem also. 

At 8 pm, we already entered to the hospital. Again we were confuse to decide which place we aim to. So we decided to ask to the information center about our condition. Then they told us to straight to the birth room. Nurses in charge checked my wife. Shockingly, they said it’s a real sign to deliver the baby. Her fetal membrane already ruptured and reached the opening 2…ok we were going to have a baby really soon!! So I started to fix all of the administration stuffs. On 9 pm, nurses suggested to start the induction. Half an hour later my wife started the contraction, nurses checked it and its halfway ready for the baby delivery. Almost 10.30, nurses said that my wife already completed the opening and could start to strain, to deliver the baby. Well it’s so fast. I thought it would be happen on the day after. Couple minutes after the doctor also came with his loud Coldplay’s playlist to help the birth process.

And here the process began. I could stay in the room, next to my wife, held her hand, wipe her tears and sweat. What my wife should do just strain, strain under the contraction rhythm, manage her breath also. Yet it should be painful but also she need to push the baby out. During our efforts, the nurses and doctor almost failed our concentration couple times by throwing some funny thoughts (but not in the right time) such as saying that the baby would born in a nice date: 16-11-16 …whatever…but there went the baby’s head bit popped out…it’s almost there…then the doctor hilariously remind me to take picture for that priceless moment…I almost laughed very hard 😀

Finally… 22.59 our baby girl was born…it’s relieving.. she looked health and cried…I had the chance to clip the placenta. I whispered the praying call to her ear..I didn’t know if the baby was listening or not since the Coldplay’s song was very loud.. LOL.. I felt things just happened so smooth and well, and fast.. praise the Lord, Alhamdulillah.. such a grateful day for us.

After measurement, I just found out that the weight and length were 2,55 kgs and 44 cms.. she looked tiny, tinier than our estimation by the USG (should be 3kg). We need to separate from the baby a while. Our baby went to baby room and we took a rest in patient room.

Anyway we gave the baby name:

Gemifaly Bonirezar Wanakalani

Gemi = thrift and careful (Javanese)

Faly = joyful (Malagasy)

Boni = Purbo and Yumni (her parent’s name of course)

Rezar = pray (Spanish)

Wana = jungle- forest (Javanese)

Kalani = heaven (Native America)

So the meaning of her name is a pray of her parents for a joyful, thrift and careful child who love jungle like heaven.

Earlier day in hospital, we could only spent couple hours with Gemi in our room, or maybe watched her from the baby room during the baby show. Her mom spent more time to give her milk and bath her. Our biggest concern was her blood type which is A. The problem was her mom’s blood type is O. So she had greater chance to get liver problem due the late activity of her internal organ a nd it can caused by the difference of blood type of her and her mom. The first clinical sign will be jaundice, then the daily bilirubin level’s growth > 4. We thought that Gemi was fine, but the doctor said she had slight jaundice especially when she compared with other babies in the room. When the bilirubin level were too high, she couldn’t leave hospital soon and need to be treated in special room and restricted from her parents. We plan to leave the hospital on the 3rd day, Gemi would have her blood test also and that would determine our decision. Quite broke our heart since the late blood sampling with late result showed her bilirubin level quite high which was 12,9. But she didn’t looked jaundice at all. We couldn’t talk to the doctor either.  

Luckily the doctor appeared and decided that Gemi could go home with us. He said that even Gemi’s bilirubin level was high, Gemi’s milk consumption was good and her mom’s milk production quite good also. So the doctor suggested to bring Gemi home!!! Yeaaay!!

Until now Gemi is fine and health, her bilirubin issue already stable, no jaundice at all and her weight is gaining also!! I spent 7 days of holiday to take care of her. She already met her grandparents too!Really fuun.. :p

I had another exercises like baby lifting, baby holding and baby carrying.. Ooh I can see my biceps grow again :p

I used to take care baby patients, thought I can survive of this. But it’s still a hard time to keep awake and aware when your baby cry for milk or got pee and poo.. Not to mention how my condition the day after, wake early in the morning, driving , work until late then drive back to home. Try to cover my wife. These whole parenting things are so much fun. 

Maybe things got complicated for our life now but we complexly happy since no one ready until they ready and there’s always a first time for everything.

I love the moment when I carry Gemi and sing a song to her. Well she’s already a Coldplay fans since our ob-gyn already played Coldplay during his check-up (while she was a fetus!!) and birth process.. But I remember the moment when I was riding motorbike to home on the day that she would born…I sing “Stolen” from Dashboard Confessional on the whole journey.. So here I am, singing the same song to her. She did stole my heart now, after her mom for sure :p

I love also to see her smile, smirk and laugh.. it’s relieving, wipe all my tiredness of work, wipe my concern to see those tragedies in life.. But I also note that this world would be so much tough and mean for her.

But Gemi is her parent’s hope for better world in the future.


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