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Move On :)

1 Oct

​Hii guys!!

I’ve been lost for many months…and again, it’s always took nerves and guts to write again. Anything. Even the most random simple thing, such as, my life. OFF COURSE.
Bit uneasy for all of my activities. Things change in my work place, makes me bit uncomfortable to stay longer on a desk or maybe treat those cute animals. Time kills me, towers getting taller, no proper access, no shortcut, and high demand. Besides, I already had life after work. I have wife who always worries and waits for me. Couple months ago, she left her work. A moment after, we just realized that we are getting a baby, she’s pregnant. Things got change.

The early of the first trimester was hectic. Late to go to work to prepare everything since the early first trimester sick syndrome was hard. Yet I have to face another stupid rule which is late to work means penalty. Stupid because it said late staff makes the organization loss. Well first of all, it’s a non-profit organization, so there’s should be no profit or loss. The second, no matter I’m late or not, I used to work more than the working hours. Things were normal, animals are fine, duties and task were accomplished. It’s not about how much the penalty, but it’s stupid enough to mock my profession and dedication. So let’s just make things more complicated. Sometime the sophisticated one makes you more productive. 

So here I am, decided to move my home straight to Bogor since 28th August, which is one-hour of motorbike journey. On behalf of my wife’s late pregnancy, it’s easier to settle things in Bogor. Easier access, shorten our distance to everywhere, bigger house, better environment. Before, we could only go out on holiday to the city, it takes hours to travel. Rough street, rain, unsecure road, especially in the night. But now we can go anywhere, anytime, without worries to go home late. Before, it felt like there’s no space left for both of us, we had to sleep on the mattress and leave the bed outside the house. Now we can fill everything in our house. And the hospital is nearby,just 5minutes of motorbike ride.

The only problem is, I have to drive one hour to the office. All of those bumpy and curvy roads, traffic jam, hills and heavy rain. Not to mention when it’s already night and it’s dark for sure. Before I just walked, no matter how the condition. But psychologically, it made me unaware to be right on time. So by move to the new house, it made me stricter within time. But still, overwork always happens :p

It’s a bit hard to move since I spent 2 years in my previous house. Yet it was just a rented house, there were so much memories happened there…

 In the first, I really don’t want to move, especially this far. And don’t even mention how much the cost that I have to spend. But there’s always a priority scale. In this case, it is my family. Days, weeks, and finally a month already happen. I’m survive without much trouble. 

You know things are changing and moving by the time goes on. By doing this step, it teaches me to easily adapt in every new condition and circumstances. Those who survive are those who can adapt. Means when you can’t move on and stuck in big hole of shit, you totally fucked up.

 Anyway, hope this new house can make everything better. My wife, my baby, my life, my work. At least just for the next year, at least until I can get more money to rent it for another year. Yes, it’s a rented house. Some people think I buy a brand new house ahahaha…

And if you guys want to come to visit us, we’ll feel free to open the door :p