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31 Dec

Yesterday I had an email from wordpress. It said that 2015 almost end, they made my 2015 activity’s review. Couple week ago, facebook also made my “year in review” also. Those really drove me to write this post. My usual, custom and tradition to write things that I’ve done along the year, before it end and roll into the newer year. The kaleidoscope, or my kind of “year in review”. There were so may things happen this year. From happiness to sadness, tears to laugh, dream to reality, one become two, dead to live or vice versa and so on and so on.

Some people said that experience is the best teacher. So, I had so many great experience this year, means I learned a lot. But I can’t measure whether the lesson learned very well or I need to learn and practice more. That’s the part when we have to take an exam or test. When you passed, you’ll ready for the next level, more advance. Well it should be like that, but we’ll never sure. Sometime we thought that we’ve already passed and will facing the harder lesson. Then we surprised by the same and similar test, yet we still can fail. Not sure if we just too bored to face the same thing, or we just forget the solution or whole these time we just lucky to survive without even realize what the main problem for the cases is.

In my opinion, the global condition of the world in this year were quite sorrow. Too much hatred spread, too many predators that hungry for power, too many innocents died for nothing… Start from last year’s election, some human can’t move on and got burnt by some losers who use many motives such as religion. Religion become so much dope on your brain, drive dementia, blurred your logical senses and make you heartless, yet fulfilled your anger and hatred, turn you become zombie, kill other living thing for the sake of fantasy called religion’s glory. You can even kill someone by your words, start by labelling those who different, bullied them, soon beheaded. These craziness are the best arsenal for group who have so much conflict of interest.

Charlie Hebdo, Paris assault, ISIS, Papua rage….gosh.. I’m tired with these terror and in the future it would be bigger.

Not forget to mention how brutally the netizen’s behavior lately… They just didn’t think twice before do anything and post it. Torturing animals and post it with proud, mocking differences, stupid statement to the worldwide, hatred speak, sexual abuse, racism and intolerance act. All of this fatal stupidity organized by those who have tiny self-confidence who look for self-righteous and self-esteem, even though they know it wrong. Another dope.

How about other wars that we fought? I mean, animal welfare and wildlife conservation? The cruelty still happen out there. Already blurred the fact that you are not a bastard when keeping wildlife as a pet. No you don’t, you just save them from the hunter and the mean nature. Yeah you are a hero. Bunch of self-claimed nature savior who actually rape them brutally, yet again, organized by those who have tiny self-confidence who look for self-righteous and self-esteem, even though they know it wrong. Maybe they have sexual disorder. The trophy hunters, the wildlife traders, the wildlife rapist community,.. Bunch of Beastial S&M. This is what we face, and they grow bigger in a network and well organized. Beside we still have huge overpopulation issue that trigger the many deforestation product demand, nature rapist-corporate really love to suck our mother earth and suck our money too. Still a long wars to fight.

Well that’s the global issues, as my own personal issues for this year were quite tight. Some targets were bull’s eye, and some were air ball. My work started a little bit consistent, more interesting cases to face, my personal life improving a lot and I’m married with a cute wife, starting to build my little family, attempt to write things for journal. In other way, I was less productive this year. Especially for writing (you can check my blog post for this year), loss too many precious experiences to be shared, loosing so much motoric skills, lazy to study, less confident, easy to be distracted, haven’t decided my future plan (well some of it)..well it’s not easy to describe it, but let’s start the recap anyway.


Attended my organization’s annual meeting for the first time. Feeling a bit amazed of how this organization work, totally different with my previous organization. Everyone worked as a team. The challenge is, it’s a bit harder to work since there are more perspectives to brainstorm. But it’s better than without any option.



Started with a busy hectic dental surgery workshop on my place. Met an inspiring person Dr. Lisa, a vet dentist who really had passion to help animals though she seriously ill and dying. Such a sweet person. Then my girlfriend (which is Mrs. Purbo right now), finished her work in Jambi. Finally we got closer and I can visit her every week end,. It’s also a huge step for us to set our future. First, cover the distance. Quite relieving that she doesn’t have to struggle in the deep jungle in Sumatra, dealing with big ape that sometime could be very harming. But I also worried for her since she prefer to stay in her home for couple moment, to make peace and deal with her heart. Guess it’s my turn to accompany her. Once we had a fun date by joining the Kukang ID ‘s event. It’s so much fun to share her the things that I worked.  By the way this month I started to play futsal routinely every week. Such a pleasure, though I change my position drastically into a goalie..LOL




At the end of March I joined the team to release macaques in a remote place in panaitan island, located in the very edge of west Java. Hours for land transportation then sailing the Sunda sea to reached the island for hours. Lucky I didn’t have any travel sick. Since it was collaboration works, things were just complicated. Too many heads. Then the bigger head didn’t have any capabilities, yet too pushy and ruin the work plan. Our work messed up, one of my staff got wounded because of other’s reckless act. Lucky the monkey bite didn’t ripped out his legs that deep. Then I arranged to retreat and succeed to evacuate my wounded fellow. On this month I participated too for the Goodwill foundation lunch event. This is my very first time to be invited to come and meet student under Goodwill foundation sponsorship. The goal of the event was to motivate the student to be like those figure who got invited, also to push the student to improve their English. I’m a role model? Not sure….



We got another report about pig tailed macaque appearance again in Cibodas. Well last year we succeed to solve this kind of case, though it took the second attempt to succeed. This time? I was very not sure and there we went home with empty hand. NO proper tools to work, yet some people just love to be hero, ruining our plan.


Rescued a loris in Ciamis (my first visit there). Got cover by the press and awkwardly appear in national tv with the wrong name.LOL! Then me and Yumni gathered with other wildlife vet for the latest meeting of ASLIQEWAN (Association of wildlife, aquarium and exotic veterinarian in Indonesia). I presented a case on the workshop. So much fun to gathered with many faces from the old times, met many great senior vets, share a lot of cases and tried to look the better solution for our organization. Then after that I had a vacation to Surabaya with my girlfriend. I also gave a presentation in my university.



Nice experience to join the GFAS workshop. Basically it talked about how to manage a good rescue center/ sanctuary and the challenges. Met and gathered with old fams from Kalaweit academy hahaha…Also I finally met so many legendary person, especially in conservation, gibbon for more specific. Edwin Wiek, Susan Cheyenne. Too bad I couldn’t have much time to chat with them. *sigh Then into the beginning of Ramadhan in the middle of June. Got assignment to give presentation about slow loris in Bandung for a slow loris conservation workshop. It’s really hard to give a presentation while you were hungry and thirsty…



Spending my worst ever Ramadhan experience. Into the end of Ramadhan, I joined with the team in Pontianak. The government run law enforcement for community of slow loris owner and confiscated some slow loris. I wasn’t in good health though, but I have to take care those slow loris for a while. Then I have to bring those fellows to IAR center in Ketapang by ship for almost 12 hours in total time. Yet the slow loris survived to the center, but I was down, sick for couple days. Luckily I could recover soon though I still on fasting.



On the 9th august, finally I got engaged with Yumni. It’s just a nice gift for my birthday. Yup, I was turning to 29 years old that month. Then we were start to race for our wedding in the next 3 months.




Arranged a serial dental surgeries to our slow loris. But this time we got help from Dr.Aurora. We worked from 7 to 7 just for the dental surgeries. It’s not our first time. But sometime the presence of rookie, especially those who are not oblige to the duty such as the volunteer are really irritating when they can hold themselves. Feel pity to witness the recklessness. At that time, I learned that team work is just about you can hold your ego for the sake of the team’s goal. So it’s fun but quite such a pain in the ass. Then after the dental works, I had to join to the other team for the very first Indonesia Pet Expo. We knew that this pet things are the best connection for us to save the slow loris. So there we go to participate. I involved in a nice topic of talk show. Unfortunately it was on the day1, so less people came to watch.



There was a wildlife trafficking attempt from Indonesia to Philippine through sea in north Sulawesi area. They got busted and finally it revealed that some of javan primate were the object. Around 20’s of javan slow loris there. So me and my paramedic were sent to check the slow loris health. Luckily they already set in Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue Center. So it was quite easier to work. Felt very grateful to work on that site. Sometime I was thinking that it’s actually not a rescue center. It’s more like to be a resort. hehehe



Got married. The happiest day ever to married a cute girl in a cute wedding day. That’s it. But just two week after of our marriage, I had to leave her for macaque release in Lampung. Yep, the one that always drain my stamina, the physical exam…just tired, but also because I miss my wife definitely.




My wife started to work again in a breeding program of rescue center. It’s far away from our house. She took a part time job there, so we still can live together. Well at least for a half week. This family things made me to be more conservative sometime. To live yourself and someone else beside you is not easy at all.


And here I am, writing this post. I pushed myself so hard to finish and post it you know. In this New Year evening, without her beside me (then she argued it because we had several hours in phone actually). It’s just funny you know. We never had New Year party since a long time ago. Yet we are married and it’s not happen also.

Anyway to close this whole crap, these experience are our teacher. Yet they criticize you so hard and harsh for your improvement, for your better condition. It’s not gonna work when you are not honest to yourself, to state your mistake and fix it. It feels hard to accept critics. The sensation is just like when rookie outsiders advise your good system with cheesy idea. Cheesy idea that all people know things are not just that simple and cheesy like they thought.

Ok, I don’t know what my resolution yet for next year, just let it flow. Bye 2015, hi 2016.

Happy new year folks!!

Bandung zoo

31 Dec

Bandung Zoo

After our wedding day, we decided to take a short vacation and the direction was Bandung. Why Bandung? For the most honest answer is because we got free voucher of 2 nights staying in a hotel in Bandung hehee…. It’s been a long time anyway. We were never sure how we will gonna spend the days there actually since the hotel located in the middle of the city. Far from catchy tourism object. Most people spend their time in Bandung for shopping anyway and we are not that shopaholic though. The other option is maybe to enjoy the cold and breezy mountainy in the highland of Bandung, which is outside the city and we’ll spend too many time on the transportation. Besides, the nature stuff seems too common and mainstream for us. We’ve seen many better place during our works anyway. So we decided to just sightseeing Bandung by our foot to the nearest city’s attraction. Then we knew that Bandung have a zoo, in the middle of the city. Google map said that it’s not far if we tried to walk for it. Well, both of us are really a walker head. We used to walk on our dating event, for many hours. But why visiting zoo and post it here? Well I’m writing this not because I’m just blaming the zoos for their mismanagement (this is my second post about visiting zoos), though both of us had disagreement perspective about zoo. Been on the zoo of death (if you know what I mean), and try to make a fair review about it. Zoo is a zoo with their function as an ex situ conservation, tourism object, education centers, but some time people forget the animal welfare concept to manage the animals as business. I grew from zoo that formed me into a wildlife vet like now, once I had bad expression about the zoo, but it’s not that wise to just spread the hatred.

So here it’s our adventure starts!

We walked from the hotel in Cihampelas area, straight to the zoo. Took around 30 minutes of walk to reach the zoo. Seems very quiet on the outside, maybe it’s because still on the weekday. It cost 20000 IDR /person for the ticket.


From the very first part of the zoo, the gate, I already had bad impression. Well most of the zoos in Indonesia were totally old school zoo, sometime it’s just about wildling kept in the cage. So I need to be patient to experience the zoo..

Too many old and bad cages (I mean really cages), less enclosure to show. Too many rusty materials in the cages and enclosures, some of its just broken everywhere and they just fixed it randomly without thinking for the further and proper maintenance plan.

Bit amazed on some of the carnivore enclosures, they put glass wall in the visitor site, like a modern zoo design. But the glass looked less maintained, because some of the glass wall had unclear view.


We passed the enclosure of Binturongs and it looked too many animals inside. It was like 5 animals in one enclosure with less enrichment and one of them looked submissive (yet it looked smaller). Didn’t think that the enclosure will fit for them.

Then I saw also the sun bear enclosure. It’s to flat and empty for animal like sun bear. Then I just realized that my position was higher than the enclosure and when I looked into the floor there were bars. Apparently I was standing on the top of the sun bear’s resting cage (with a sun bear inside). It’s just too dark and humid, since the only way the light goes inside the resting cage is through the bars that I step. I also could see that it look very dirty inside with puddle in all of the floor inside. No..

I also noted that the avian cage and enclosure looked terrible.. Damage and broken everywhere, small, and it’s almost without distance between the birds and visitor. I could easily took a clear image of brahmini kite in a very close distance after the wire. Just like the other part in cassowary enclosure, I’m sure the cassowary can snap you easily. Some of stork’s cage looked very dirty and bad since poops everywhere, the cage was rusty and I saw kids trying to scare the storks by beating their cage, and there was also one guy blew his smoke to the pelicans. This is sick, but it could happen just because you don’t set proper distance for both safety!

Some of animals in their enclosure looked very lonely like tapir and Bengal tiger, gibbon but some looked abundant or maybe overpopulation like Binturong or maybe the salt water crocs. But the weirdest part was in the Sitatunga enclosure. Probably because they afraid thar Sitatunga get bored or sad for being alone, they put couple of goats together in the same enclosure…

Most of my concern is their primate’s section which is f- a-a-a-r from good. Well for a credit, the orangutan enclosure was very good compared to the others primate cage and enclosure. But there was one moment, I witnessed the keeper give the food to the orangutans straightly by hand to hand from a door that connected to somewhere inside there. I was concerning the safety, but maybe those orangutans were hand raised since a little and known the keepers very well.

Into the worst part of the zoo was in those small block of cage filled with siamangs. Again, there was no safe distance between the animals and the visitor. The siamangs were very stress. At least there were about 4 individuals set in on block. Yes I know they did separate each individual in one cage, but they are territorials. They really hate each other, especially in that kind of space. They keep screaming all the time. Stressed by the people that very close to them, or maybe stressed by each other. I witnessed a siamang tried to take a visitor’s camera. Luckily the camera just fell on the ground outside the cage. The visitors also tried to imitate their call, which was making the animals more stress.. and at that time, I saw my wife cried.. She felt really sad to see the animal’s condition and how people very mean to treat them.

Looked weird when you could see a gibbon live alone in a quite huge and high enclosure, but without proper enrichment and (again) lack of maintenance… Rusty all over the enclosure. In contrary, beside the siamangs, there was also a gibbon live in the other part with similar condition as the siamangs. But this time, the gibbon was quite lucky that he/she didn’t have to face and share location closely with one of their kind. Still it’s not a good cage though.

Bit awkward to see a block of primate cage that contain of some macaques species, separated by old crappy wire mash. Here I could see how easy a pig tailed macaque had serious contact with Sulawesi macaque next to them. Starting with vigilance and aggression, but maybe could lead to mating, someday. Not to mention also how dirty and less enrichment inside, it’s totally creepy..

Almost like two hours walked inside the zoo, then we got bored for the zoo and their animal’s condition, with the people’s atmosphere that really mean to the animals, and the rain started to pouring down too. We decided to leave soon after the heavy rain stop.

It made us sad to see these kind of faces of zoo in Indonesia. Some zoos are trying to move on, evolve to a modern zoo. But more just stop on “theme park with living things inside” mode.

Hoping for better condition for the zoos in Indonesia regarding their functions as a place for education and ex situ conservation


3 Dec

08-11-2015 / 8 November 2015 was a great day for me and Yumni. Since it was our wedding day. Well on that date, we were officially married. I’m not gonna tell you the drama about it. But, it will be more to describe about how fun we have worked for the event. The creative process, the arrangement, concept and theme, things that we never thought that we would run it by our self; because it was totally different things that we used to work, since we are just vets. However, we put a lot of our ‘soul’ in the event, and somehow it became a cute and fun event with all the complexity (beside the drama stuff, of course).

At the first time, we felt like we had not to arrange a big event. We thought that it should be enough to do the religion ceremonial in the Office of Religious Affairs only, since it is the most essentials marriage process in our country and in our religion. But we forgot that in our culture, our parents have the right to celebrate their children’s wedding in a more party mode, as a part of gratitude, family and relative gathering. Inviting peoples to come, to share the happiness, blessing and pray. So here we go…

Starting with place for our event, it wasn’t possible to run the event in Yumni’s house (in Indonesia culture, wedding celebration are mostly hosted by women’s family). We tried to look it out in Bogor, Depok and Jakarta, since those cities are the most accessible to be attended by our guests. We considered the location, hall size, service, and the most important thing is the price. We did many surveys and none of them were suitable for us until one of Yumni’s cousin arranged her wedding just a month before us in a ballroom in the South Jakarta. It was in Sovereign Plaza. Actually we had already visited that place couple times. We thought that it wasn’t suitable for our wedding. It was small, and the ballroom was located in the 23rd floor of the building (which is gonna be complicated for the guest flow). In the other hand, they offered a good package, with cheaper and reasonable price, with so many options for the vendors of -catering, decoration, make-up and wardrobe, entertainment and photography. Plus, the location was very accessible for us and the guest, so why not? Deal!

Then we started to think about the theme. Both of my parents are Javanese, Yumni’s father is Javanese but her mom is Bataknese. We didn’t want too much complex culture and traditional stuffs on it, so we decided to use modified-national theme for our wedding, with a lil’ bit Java and Batak accent on some small details like clothes, make-up and music. To make the theme comes true, we need to have perfect balance combination on make-up and wardrobe, decoration, music, photography and rundown executions.

For make-up and wardrobe, we did survey many vendors, but our choice finally went to Nina Arimurti. She really knows how to apply her artwork through the shape of people’s face, she can make people looked different from it used to be, more charming and dazzle. From her portfolios, we could see that she has many great consistent works in make-up. Also her wardrobe collections are elegant and catchy. We pick white color for the religion ceremony and maroon color for the reception. We would wear modern beskap and kebaya.

We choose Satrya Decor to decorate our wedding ballroom. It wasn’t our first draft, but then our first choice had already booked for the same day by other people. Then we tried to compare many vendors from their catalogue and their communication service. Then we thought that Satrya Decor had the most intension and approach for our event. Since Javanese are more dominant in our bloodline, we asked the décor to put gebyok (Javanese special ornament like big door) in our stage. Usually it’s brown, but this time we requested the white one, just to make us looked contrast and striking with our red wardrobe.

We also picked Banyu Bening as our photography vendors almost in the last minute. Since we didn’t have any idea which photography vendors that has a good services. The ballroom management said that Banyu Bening is quite frequent being booked by their clients. So we followed their recommendation, any other reason was because the vendor’s studio is very near to Yumni’s house. Hehe. Both of us are anti-pre-wedding photo. So we skipped that, for sure, totally.


Finish? Noooo..nooo..noot yeet… I told you before that we were planning to make the event more live, fun and soulful, covered with our passion. First of all, we are two persons that love to watch anime and read manga. Sometime I spent my time to draw/sketch myself in manga version. But the more interesting part is I draw it in chibi version (pocket size, big head). Long time ago, Yumni requested me to draw and sketch our-together moment in chibi version, and I did it. Then I had wild imagination to make those image become something bigger in the future…and it’s on our wedding invitation and pre-wedding picture replacements! Ahahahahahahahahaahah.. Since I was just an amateur, I asked a young illustrator named Ellis (@ellisavitri) to remake some of my sketches, some of me and Yumni real event picture in chibi version and digitalized. In addition, we also asked her to draw two of our most favorite wildlife species. Yup, both of us are wildlife veterinarians. So we would make the event gone wilder for sure..raawrrr… :p

From those processes, we got at least 5 pictures and we used those pictures for many other things like invitations, pre-wedding pictures, souvenirs and our special guest books. Wait, special guest books? Yes. It’s very special, unusual, so wild and out of box. The finger print guest books! Instead of people just write their name and sign the guest book, we tried something else like to put your finger print in our picture and write your name. Yumni got this idea after a long research in socmed haha! But the problem is, too many old-school-minded rejected this idea with so many reasons like cleanness, childish and immature-minded. But in the end we keep forced it to be real, with diplomatic reasons like it’s just voluntary to do the finger print, to prepare the cleaning stuffs.

We are wildlife vets, we have big concerns about deforestation that drive the wildlife to extinction. Therefore we tried to apply our eco-friendly policy in our event. One of the highlighted point is the use of paper. We tried to minimize the paper amount, and if we use more paper, at least we choose the recycled material. So again, Yumni really worked hard for the research. Then we find a recycled paper type that called craft liner. Then we designed the invitation with precise and efficient size, so we didn’t have to throw too many paper. We designed the invitation by our self, inspired by many source in the internet. As our accent in the invitation, we put 3 things to representing us, which is our chibi picture, tree silhouette image and recycle signs. Then for the final shape of our invitation was just one sheet of 32×12 cm paper in size. Then we folded it into 3 areas, so this one whole sheet would contain as cover/envelope and the invitation letter itself. On the front was our cover that just look like envelope, then the behind area is the map of our place, and in the inside was our invitation letter. Then we sealed the folded area with a round sticker that has heart image made from combination of our thumb prints. Rejections come and go just because it looked childish, like a rubbish material, too simple, too dark since it’s very vintage. It’s one of most frustrating part for sure. Changing design and size many times, rejected by the elders, negative thoughts and then the printing stuff. In the beginning we tried to print it in some digital printing service, but none of them can helped us. Plus, they also say a lot of negative things about our idea. So we decided to print it by our self. The challenge was, we used just a common printer. Each time we printed it, we had different size, lost some of the image and we stop to print it on the 62nd sheet, frustrate, and almost gave up. Luckily I remember Gundaling, a digital printing shop that my office used to order. They could print it perfectly and produce more sheets than our calculation. Finally we got 520 sheets in total, yeeaaaay!

For souvenirs, we ordered two kinds. For siraman (traditional ceremony in Javanese, means bath and done on the D-1 of the wedding day), for those who pour the water to us (gave a bath), got a piece of towel with paw image and our name’s embroider plus a fabric bag with our chibi image print. For the wedding day, we made a small wallet/case from fabric with an image of gibbon and orangutan hanging in a tree. Not forgot to mention our wise words/tag line “Sometime gibbon and orangutan are found in one tree, just like us…”. Well those animals are representation of us. Yumni was a vet clinician of orangutan and I was a vet clinician of gibbons. :3


Into the most wild idea and creation in our wedding event is…..So actually, it’s not pure our idea anyway. During our last technical meeting between us, vendors and ballroom management, tante Nina Arimurti spoiled to the others that both of us are vets. So she pushed us to be more fun to execute everything in D-day. For example like bringing animals, makes the room’s atmosphere more like jungle, throwing animal dolls, etc. Yep, it’s really burned us. We put more green color in the stage. Some gardening plant, synthetic grass wall in outer side of the gebyok. We bought couple of animal dolls, especially the Indonesian origin species like tiger, rhino, orangutan, gibbon, elephant and bekantan. We attached bekantan, gibbon and orangutan on the pergola in the ballroom’s front gate. The rhino, elephant and tiger were placed on the guest table. Our mission was trying to introduce Indonesia wildlife species to our guest, beside to show them that we are a wildlife vets couple ahahaha..

In the last minute, we got an idea when we entered the ballroom, lined with the families, both of us hold gibbon and orangutan dolls. So I took the gibbon doll from pergola after religion ceremony. Even when we did photo sessions with the guest, we still hold the dolls :p

And the most fun part was..we followed what Tante Nina’s said, instead of throwing flower’s bouquet to the guests, we threw an orangutan dolls to the guests. We did this in the name of our spirit to love and protect wildlife, so people could do the exactly what we were trying to do so far. 😀

An in the end, the event run very great and fun. Peoples smile and laugh, gave their finger print (not only the youngsters, but also the elders). We all so happy to celebrate this moment.. That’s what we wanted to share fun and happy moment. And we did it since the first time we invited all of the guest.

We know the event wasn’t that success, but we satisfy. We hope this happiness celebration would become a great pray for both of us in the future. Hope we could always remember that our marriage is just about happy, fun and passionate, no matter how it hard to live. We felt sorry if there were too many inconvenience things in our wedding day, we felt sorry for those who didn’t get our invitations. But we would thank you all who already become the part of this great event.


We would like to Thank to Allah the greatest, our families, Mas Ilham and BRP crews, Ellis Savitri, Tante Nina Arimurti, Om Frans-Banyu Biru, Pak Sulis-Satrya Dekor, Pak Burhan-Emerald Catering, Mas Anjas-Gundaling Digital Printing, Eyang Titik for Siraman Ceremony