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29 years old *just a reason to post something

20 Aug

It’s just a couple minutes before the day passed, but I just fall asleep, losing the moment to say “ OMG, finally I’m getting older..”

Almost reach the edge of twenties.. still wasting my time  without really know what I should do..

It’s just like I’m starting to blunt.. losing my sharpness and less productive.

For just one little example, I passed many great moment without even wrote about it. Yes I was lazy but also feels like there are too many distraction to do that..sometime when I was very excited to do that, then somehow my inspiration just gone.

And it’s also happen to so many other things. *sigh

To correct that, I need to blame this birthday moment as a step and commitment to start it again..

Well I’ve lost so many months with many great moments. The dental surgery workshop, macaque release in Panaitan, GFAS conference, ASLIQEWAN workshop and meeting, trip to Ketapang ,Ramadhan stuff..

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Feels weird to just leave those moment without any single post huh..

But the most fresh and actual moment is just about 11 days ago..the day when I finally got engaged with my girlfriend. .should be a premature birthday gift for me. 😀


Gosh.. I’m  getting old.. will start to do so many huge responsibility  things, soon for sure.. but it’s not enough to raise my maturity to think, to act, to react…

Because I’m officially 29 years old now!!yeyeyeyeyyeyeyy!!

Hope it’s not degenerate yet haha..

Ok, I think it’s enough for this post, at least I start to write again.. ahahaha

Happy birthday to me!