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Too comfort to move

26 Apr

Every people deserve for their best moment. Especially when they get it by struggling in a long process. It’s one kind of orgasm, one kind of pleasure and fun, pride, prestige, enjoyment. It’s just like struggling to reach a lake in the middle of hot and dry desert. You can drink it, bath in it, pee on it, then drink it and bath it in.

But what if that just a mirage? illusion? No one knows. Those package of enjoyment really a distraction for some other things. At that moment when you have those pleasure, then repeat it again and again.. The brain will memorize the fun thing only. Meanwhile, in the same time you can’t feel any other things that feels wrong like pain or even guilty. and sure it blurred your other sense.

And nothing can make you realize and aware for those delusional moment. You can’t even move a muscle.. Because everything is too comfortable and addictive.


It feels just like the sitting toilet. You can just spent so many time sitting while shitting, or even just sitting, shitting then sleeping, or sitting-shitting-reading magazines /newspaper/playing your gadget. iT’s just too comfortable so you don’t realize that you spent too much time on shitting and feel lazy to finished that poopy activity, to flush the shit or even wipe your dirty ass..

It’s just too comfortable in our seat-shitting, while we don’t give any shit out there. Especially when it has nothing to do with us in advantages.

Because It’s just too comfortable for us to move, to stand up, to raise your hand..and sometime we don’t wanna stop those enjoyment and we are too afraid to lose it, we even too afraid to admit that we afraid to lose it.

And here I am, try to stay awake, so I can’t be sucked on that sitting toilet curse, again. So I can stand, not stuck like others.

To be this kind of sensitive and critically ‘nyinyir’ in my pay day (that even faster than it used to be), really a proof that I haven’t reached that comfortable sitting toilet. And that’s totally very good.

Let’s move J

Happy world veterinary day!

25 Apr

Happy world veterinary day!


You’ll see that a lot in social media in the last Saturday of April, every year.
It was celebrated for the first time on 2001 by World Veterinary Association with intention to promote the work of veterinary professionals from all over the work as they work to improve human and animal welfare, food safety, practices of animal transport and quarantine, the environment, the environmental conservation and protection.

Well I’m not gonna tell you the detail about this anyway. I just wanna share something that tickled me lately during this special day celebration.
Yes, I’m a vet, though I don’t have that particular look of a vet. Well, that’s some people thought about me in the first impression. Most of them don’t believe that I’m a vet. Some of my colleagues did that too. People can’t easily acknowledge me as vet when I don’t introduce myself as a vet, though they quite surprised and doubting it after that. Such a pity huh?

I just live myself as a vet for 5 years. Such a short moment. I started my veterinary medicine on 2004 in Airlangga University. Took 4,5 years to get my bachelor degree and then gained my veterinarian title a year after. I didn’t graduate from that top class university, I  screwed my study, I slept in the class during exam, I passed my class many time, I did my research recklessly, I couldn’t satisfy my lecturer on my final exam, I was avoiding many surgery cases, I didn’t spent my spare time to study or even to practice my motoric skills in clinic. But I passed those exams and graduated. The university and the association entitled me “drh.”, I did take my oath as a vet either.
I hate surgery, because I’m not that neat, I’m clumsy, and easily distracted. Sometime I’m afraid my big hand and body would harmed the animals, I have short memory, but lazy to write a note. I didn’t have enough money to buy those cool vet books, stethoscope (until now.LOL). I have big interest in wildlife medicine which is dominated by clinic stuff, so it’s terrible choice. Instead of spending my spare time to work in clinic or hospital, I prefer to travelling to the jungle, doing the birdwatching, mammals watching, sea turtle watching, joined a releasing project of leaf monkeys and a project of avian influenza surveillance in wild bird. I even did my research on captive wild pig, so contrast with my friend who did research on clinic or sophisticated lab things.haha

Couple week before I graduate, a conservation project has already accepted me to work. While my friend were busy to look interviews for poultry or medicine companies. I remember during my vet’s graduation ceremonial, my faculty gave a form to be filled by the newly vet. Companies and salaries. Mine was the unknown one with the smallest salaries ahahahaha,…

From that weird discipline I could attend and gave presentation in an international conference of Asian zoo and wildlife vet society for couple time. During my holiday, I also gave couple presentation about those weird stuff to students in some universities, stuff that student never get from their class. Go on check my account on to get my case report and scientific article. I spent 3years and 10 months to worked at kalaweit, a small unknown conservation program that had self titled tv show series in Indonesia.
Yet people still don’t believe that I’m a vet? yeah pity them then ahaha.

There’s no any standard particular look for a vet, never judge a book by it’s cover.

That’s why vet need to be promoted more. To change how people think about vet.

Sometime they don’t even call “doc” to a vet. And it’s happen to me who got called “doc” for the first time on 2014.
Until I now, those “no way you’re a vet“ stereotype really pushed me to study and learn more..don’t give a shit for those doubt.


Yes I’m a bit cocky though I don’t confident enough about it. But I’m just a bit of sensitive for these couple days and this special day can blow it more.

Happy World Veterinary day dear my colleagues, we’re not just a bunch of freaks that dealing with the animals 🙂