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#WthKIDFeb2015 Action!action!action!

5 Mar

Time flies fast. Almost a year I joined to the Kukang ID, a community of slow loris conservation and researcher in Indonesia. The reason I joined this community is because I need to improve my knowledge about slow loris, since I worked in IAR Indonesia (a slow loris conservation program). And also there was Om Rheno there, my old pal from the GAINZ WCS project in Wonorejo *LOL


We have a cool event which is Walk To Habitat (WTH). Sort of fun field study in the habitat, or just simply we can name it Slow loris watching. I’ve already describe it in my older post anyway.

So we, the KID’s members would gather up and sharing many great topics about slow loris and in the main event we run the slow loris watching which is more like to a nocturnal watching.

And it’s kind of frustrating when we did nothing for many months. Especially after the new coordinator elected. The last WTH was held almost a year ago, and it’s during Ryan era as a coordinator. We forced and urged all of the guys to held a WTH since it’s almost the KID’S initiation day, which is on 12 february 2012. Theen… some guys from Banten swere suggesting to held the WTH event in their place. And hell yes!it’s decided that the first WTH in 2015 will be run in Banten on 28th February-1st March2014. And we are readdyyyyyy to roaaack!!!yeyeyeyeyeyeye…!!


So the participants should meet up on Serang or Pandeglang on 27th February and then depart together the main location. The latest time to gather up in meeting point was 9pm. More than that, we have to reach the location by ourself. That’s totally a problem for me. Because this time I asked Yumni to join the event and I already plan to took one extra day off. My last working day on 27th, end at 5 or 6 pm. It’s not possible to reach Bogor-Depok then straight to Serang or Pandeglang to catch the rendezvous. Even though we forced it, we’ll arrive in the middle of the night. That would be risky, especially when you are not travelling in a bigger group. The Bogor group decided to depart earlier, and so did the Jakarta…But luckily, Fido (KID member from Jakarta) asked me to go to Serang together at late night. Apparently Fido, already arranged the committee to rent one car to pick us to the location, together with the other Bogor group. So it’s a deal!

Unfortunately…..Bogor had a heavy rain that day..I was late to reach Depok, and definitely late to meet up with Fido and her 2 other friends in Kampung Rambutan bus station..though we could make it to Serang together (thank you Fido for waiting :D), we were very late for 2hours. The other bogor group already left us to the location without any single news, we were abandon in Pandeglang at 2am.. Then we decided to take a rest in the police office, at least until morning and try to reach the location by our self. Not more than an hour, here comes our heroooo… Adit the head of the committee, came to pick us with his motorbike. He said that we better took a rest in his house, he would drive us to his house one by one…Superrrrrr adiiit..yeyeyeyeyyeyee! well I didn’t care what happen next, all I need was just sleep…


In the morning, we woke up, cleaned up, did the morning job, and breakfast…so relieve…thank you Adit!Then we just realized that we were not the only one that left out.. There were also Nicky and friends from bandung came.. So we depart to the location together.

When we reached the location, the guys almost start the event. Then I just remember that I should give a talk about slow loris rehabilitation but I hadn’t prepare any..While the other run the show, I was hiding in the backstage to prepared my presentation. The funniest part is, Azka (Mba Winar’s minime) was watching me to work. Everytime I stopped to work, he just spanked my butt…mean kid… -_-


During my work, the event opened with introduction by each participants, then continued with a talk from Mba Winar about KID and slow loris conservation (I’m not sure about this since I have to worked then Azka spanked my butt, and sometime he yelled “permisii” many times). Whatever.

Then the first session was done, we went to the nearest school, an elementary school. We gave some introduction, socialization, and some awareness about slow loris conservation to the students. So much fun to saw the children enjoy our short socialization and they understand our message. Hopefully


Then there it came my time to talk about rehabilitation about slow loris..i hate to gave any presentation in a moment before lunch..hehe..i’m hungry, people hungry, we couldn’t focus. But it’s quite dynamic interaction after all. Switched to lunch, then moved to another presentation about field research software like SMART by Laurio..that thing was interesting to work anyway. Too bad that the coffee came late, so I couldn’t concentrate more..LOL..


Another session run by Asti – Tya. They talked about their bachelor’s research  about slow loris observation in the nature, they also talked about tracking slow loris with radio collar transmitter. They done the research in partnership with IAR for about 3 months.marvelous 😀


Finished the presentation, the next session was sight seeing..this is the most ridiculous part of the session..In the night we will have the nightwalk and observation but couple hours before we should walk in random, in the name of warming up. Silly. Not to mention that we have to across a rocky dry river trough a bunch of unstable, old and dry’s 3 m height. I’m 100kgs and there were more than ten people passing by it. My first step already cracked the bamboo. I decided to retreat. Not worth yo

IMG-20150228-WA0019 IMG-20150228-WA0018

Well it’s almost the main event…night came, prepare my gear… The slow loris watching!! I’m not confident that day, because I didn’t bring my lucky longshot headlamp. I also bit tired and the field would more difficult than last year in Kareumbi. After the group made, her I am in the team1 with Fido, Nicky, Dicky, Kiki, Fahri, and Tia. That night looked clear but the moon wasn’t that bright in the beginning. The field condition and contour felt really like Salak mountain. We tried to walk from a dry river, up to the hill, slowly move from a cliff aside.. The path that we choose sometimes were just too dense, sometimes the trees were just too far. The guide moved too fast and too noisy.. My torches were lame…Bad night..met only lizzards, mice and unidentified terrestrial mammal in the bush..probably feline or civet..The other groups found a pair of colugos trying to copulate, squirrel, and only one group that witnessed a slow loris from distance by eyes appearance only without any pict..Baad night..But that’s the challenge of nightwalk to looked out the’s not that easy as flipping your hand, or maybe spanking my but.haha

So let the night goes on…On the next morning we were gather up for the nightwalk discussion, of course it never started before we had the breakfast :p

IMG-20150301-WA0005 IMG-20150301-WA0004 IMG-20150301-WA0002 IMG-20150301-WA0001

After the discussion, we continued for the ice breaking. The facilitator throw a ball to someone. Inside the ball, there were many random question. The one who got hit by the ball and can’t answer it, will get a punishment. Quite fun to se how people can answer the question, it’s a sign that they pay attention.


The last session was field orientation method, spoke by om rheno. It’s about how to use a GPS in a fieldwork. After flash theory then he ordered us to run a simulation of slow loris survey by spotting some ordinates in the field. That was very fun!!each spot that we seek, presented as a slow loris in the nature :p

IMG-20150301-WA0025IMG-20150302-WA0006 IMG-20150302-WA0002  IMG-20150302-WA0003

We succeed to found 8 slow lorises but failed to complete the assignment hahaha..

We were the coolest team on presentation because we had the group selfie picts in every spots 😀

So almost in the end of the event, the committee arranged a quiz for the participants, with prize!hohoho…

Before the closing ceremony, they announced the winners, 3 of 4 selected participants were my team member :p

IMG-20150301-WA0012 IMG-20150301-WA0011 IMG-20150301-WA0010 IMG-20150301-WA0006

Then finally the WTH KID 2015 closed, people were happy and tired..packed out their luggage and get ready to go home..Still a long trip to dashed… and people really slow to packed their things.. we get bored you know..

DSC_0918 DSC_0915 DSC_0924

Before we left, we took pictures together..Really fun and amazing event held by the local members..nice concept, bit blunt on execution, but it’s very good for something that prepared instantly (2weeks). Salute!!


The most important thing is action!action!action!

Idea without action is non sense anyway.

See you on the other WTH folks!!

*pictures courtessy by KID and WTHFEB2015 committee

motivation letter

4 Mar

It is such a deep topic to talk about wildlife and its conservation. Unfortunately, the conditions are getting worse as the time goes on. I remember when I was 9, I was visiting Baluran National Park (East Java, Indonesia) and saw big populations of Banteng (a species of wild cattle) moving from the hill to the savanna. Ten years later, I couldn’t experience the same thing. That moment was quite upsetting. Sometime we never realize something is so precious until we loss it. I don’t want that happen to our wildlife. I know also that some of us are quite conscious to prevent it happen. We don’t want those beautiful creatures just vanish and disappear. But how we can save the wildlife? Wildlife conservation sometime considered as a small thing, but actually it’s very huge and wide with so many various disciplines involved. That’s why we also have many ways to save the wildlife. We can wither work on it directly and or in an indirect way. But for me, I prefer to work on it directly. I have plenty of time to work it out. I don’t want to get myself upset again, or maybe make someone else upset just because I waste my time and let the wildlife disappear through extinction.

Well basically I am just a vet. But I had great interest and passion in wildlife conservation since I was in university. Even though there weren’t much studies in the class about wildlife, I tried to feed my passion. So I joined an organization that has a focus on the study of wildlife and conservation medicine. Then I started to experience many things about wildlife such as bird watching, wild mammal surveys, sea turtle surveys, etc. The organization also arranged me to participate with many real wildlife programs, such as Profauna with their Javan langur releasing project and WCS with their Avian Influenza surveillance of wild birds. After I graduated, I worked in Kalaweit, a gibbon conservation program. For about 3 years and 10 months, I rescued and rehabilitated gibbons and other species in remote places with limited facilities. It helped me to develop as a field practitioner in wildlife. Then I moved to IAR Indonesia for a bigger opportunity to learn and practice more about wildlife conservation in a better condition. Though I gained more knowledge and experiences, there are still so many problems in conservation that are beyond my capability. I realize that I have to improve and develop my ability and skills. Well not just about the veterinary medicine, but also other knowledge that is applicable to help the wildlife. That’s why I have big interest for this wildlife conservation course since it’s a very rare experience to gain. Besides that, the topics are so cool and interesting. I read that they provide lessons on GIS, population management, capture-mark-recapture, human-wildlife conflict, conservation genetics, animal behavior, experimental design, R analysis, science communication and writing skills. Well some of the topics are perhaps only trending now, but some of it will last forever. Some of them are familiar, but some of it is new to me. Well science and knowledge are always being developed and evolving all the time. It would be great for me to participate in this event, because I can update and upgrade myself. The most important thing, I can also implement and apply it to my efforts to help the wildlife in Indonesia.

survived for a year

4 Mar

During my journey to went home last year after my big goodbye.. I felt relieve, calm, relax and happy… But on the other side I also worried, sad, afraid…Yes It’s a big loss for me to left..sometime I think that I’m breaking the wall that I built..i’m worried and afraid that things will never be the same again. An inferior mind, afraid to start over again from zero..just like when you finished a relationship with someone and you can’t start a new relationship with anyone, you can’t even move on..pathetic, silly..

Though I already set a job in a new place, the doubt is in the line also. I have to adapt in new system, new peoples, new environments, new places, new pressures, new species…it pushed me to study and learn more…I’m just afraid that I failed and made many peoples upset..

From a remote place surrounded by river in Kalimantan now I moved to a place in the foot of a mountain in rain city, Bogor.


I work with a super animals like pig tailed macaque and long tailed macaque, also super mystique animals like slow loris…often pet animals too..I work with sophisticated machine, complex SOP, crazy cases, expatriate partners, my boss is women (sounds gender, but it’s never been that easy).. I was lucky the organization system was well set up, clear job description, and the peoples really had their passion working with the animals…With all those backgrounds, it’s so grateful when peoples here call me “Doc”.. After 4years working as a vet, that was the first time.. I almost criedDSC_0811Bobby

The new place also teaches me one thing: to live a life like normal peoples. I have to find a place to sleep by myself, they only gave me lunch, and our location is just one hour from the city which is made me easily to waste some moneys..ahahahaha..

But the best parts is it’s quite near and easy to access many great places with great events actually..took 2-3hours to reach Jakarta and took 2 hours to come to my girlfriend’s house.

I once had a trouble to look out a place to live.. my first house after living in guesthouse was quite far from the office. Well actually not that far, but I don’t have any proper vehicle and the public transportation around there is limited. I used to drive my bike to office. But it’s so difficult to reach house since it’s downhill street and dark. I got fall once and break my bike. Then I avoided to drive the bike anymore.. My house was located near the main street. maybe it’s not too crowded but there’s a place to hangout in front of my house and it’s totally noisy. I couldn’t get any food near that place.. such a wrong choice.

Then I moved to the closer house. just 10 meters from the gate of my office. the neighborhood were nice. And it’s quite easily accessible. Since the workers in my place are living in this village also, I can get the people’s humble.. very fun and friendly..

I gained more experience here…surgery, dentistry, anesthetic, pathology, radiology…and it trained us to be a vet with more sharp diagnosis and also boosting our motoric skills.. and that’s my great fear and worry…the fact that I’m not that capable.. need to learn and practice more..

DSC_0256_resize DSCF0208_resize AM7_resize 866x650_resize

I met many superb persons here.. Dr. Karmele herself, as the living legend of wildlife medicine in Indonesia, Dr. Paolo and Dr. Karthi – great vet couples with their superb endoscopic surgery skills, Dr. Lisa Milella, superb vet dentistry who had great spirit, struggling to help animals and sharing knowledge even in her illness condition.. sometime these peoples really motivates me.. but sometimes it’s also drowned me to the deepest sea of knowledge, since I’m just a lazy person who keep hiding in the shell..


Yet when I staring up to the sky.. sometimes I missed the old time in kalaweit. Sometime I keep asking how’s the condition there. Sometimes I felt guilty to left.. Sometimes I felt that I don’t deserve this chance, since there are so many better person for this. Sometimes I worried that things would be worse without me there anymore.. But in the end I’m happy. Because things were changing a lot there. They had a better condition there. It’s just some relieve sensation, so I can let it go and move on.

Working is not always fun actually. I faced many difficulties here. I slow to adapt. I kept doing many flop things. Sometime I thought that many things unfair. But, hey.. it’s people who see what you are.. many people can’t see the mirror’s reflection. In the other side, double standard really exist, that’s the one that makes peoples survive.Tried to give the best, but it’s still not enough..tough i had to park in hospital and continued to bed rest for two weeks. After 4,5 years working, that was the first time. Ironic.

Nah…forget least I’m still alive, doing things that I love. A life’s dynamic is when you taste sweet, sour, salty, spicy and bitter in one bowl. My responsibility as a human is to help the animals, the wildlife. The working place is just a channel. It’s a prove that I can survive for this whole year in different atmosphere and i really enjoy it. I’m starting to sure that this is gonna be my big step.Many bigger plan to set. More challenge. Let’s get it on. Hope it will be done! I tried to work hard, study hard, and enjoy it in the same time for the sake of my after my sun! Keep up the work, be better, keep in faith doc!