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2014 kaleidoscope

30 Dec

Almost reach at the end of 2014. Still couple days remaining, but I’m glad that I survived to pass those days. Some were bad, some were good. Happy, sad, sweet, bitter, laugh and cry. Those were precious, horrible, terrific, unforgettable and yet so much challenging. So let me list things that happened along this year 😀


I was starting this year with a sad-sad-sad-sad-sad and also hard decision. Leaving Kalaweit. After 3 years and 10 months struggling for the gibbons, I couldn’t stand for the boredom, the stagnancy. So I decided to end my works there…But it’s not just about sad thing, I had happy moment too, because in the end of January, my brother got married. Just happy to witness the whole things, especially when I experienced it with my girlfriend :p

wpid-1390592228535.jpg wpid-1390592115906.jpg


I applied for a vet position to IAR Indonesia and got accepted. Thank God. I looked for a work in Java, still the same passion which was wildlife conservation. I realized that I lost so many times to practice my skill and ability as a vet. That’s why I picked IAR as my next plan. I needed to re-arrange things inside my brain. I needed to get closer channel actually. I moved to Bogor, to the foot of mount Salak, the IAR’s center location. Just before I reached there, my green laptop was broken.

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Things weren’t the same like it used to be. All I have to do is just work and work before. I didn’t have to think about food and place to live since it was already provided by my organization. Now, I needed to think about food to eat, place to live, how to reach my working place, etc. I tried to look a flat or a place to rent near the center. In the end, I couldn’t get any place near the center. So I rent a house around 2 km’s from the office.  It needed to hitch local transportation to reach the office. Then my girlfriend decided to give her bike to me. The problems were the road was up and down hill, in addition how heavy my body weight to be delivered. ahaha..up and down hill then many sharp curves with no light at all on the street. It took half an hour for riding to the office, but spent only 10 minutes to go home. I once succeeded to fall during my way to home and broke the bike. It was a hard time.


Getting my first release assignment to Lampung for about a week. I joined the team to release pig tailed macaques and slow lorises. Almost drown in the river due the stream (it’s a hard rain, the river flooded). Luckily I was survived.

DSCF0239 DSCF0123


Moving to a closer house. My first house was too far with limited channel to hitch and it’s too noisy there. So I just took a bit walk to the office, no needed to worry for late work or early work. I also succeeded to capture a big pig tailed macaque that dunno somehow stay on Mt. Gede-Pangrango National Park for months. Of course I couldn’t do it without the teamwork. I also experienced the first encounter with a wild javan slow loris in Kareumbi during KID’s gath. Superb! I fixed my broken laptop, but suddenly it wasn’t work anymore. Apparently it needed to remove the hard drive by the new one.

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I could fix my green laptop by changing the hard drive, in the other hand I also already purchased the new one. So I decided to donate the old one to my old partners in Kalimantan. Felling happy that I could help others, since I knew how difficult to work there.

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First Ramadhan after Kalimantan. Really cool atmosphere, especially in Idul Fitri. So many people around, celebrated the holiday together in the village around my office.  Eat festival, so much fun.


Birthday..and felt really lucky because I could celebrate it with Yumni. She gave many cute presents. We also attended an international seminar in Bogor about primatology. Really fun and lovely. But it’s also hardest month to work. The other good news was the series of Kalaweit Wildlife Rescue was airing that month. Love to know how people could know how our works to save the wildlife.

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Had a great moment when we done the collaboration rescue in an illegal zoo in Pandeglang. We worked from 6 pm until 6 am to rescue long tail macaques, pig tailed macaques, porcupines, mouse deers, siamang, cassowaries, Timor deers, peacocks and crocs..Very exhausting activity. I was trying to write a case report to participate in ASZWM in Vietnam. I didn’t get the permission to be the representative but was allowed to send the paper and accepted.  The happiest moment in this month was having vacation together with Yumni in Surabaya. I accompanied her on her presentation in our university. Then we also had a fun date on the zoo, well actually it wasn’t a date. It’s family trip ahaha..



During August-September was a very tiring moment for me in works. I got ill. Spending 4 days in the hospital then continued for bed rest in my house for a week. I was diagnosed for dengue, liver infection, pneumonia and measles..Luckily I have Yumni, her family and off course my family. It’s one of the worst moments for me. Never like these before. Probably the pressures were just too high..The fact that after my illness, my parents-my families gathered up with Yumni’s. It should be another progress for our relationship. So, after my bed rest, I had to join the team at release spot in Cikepuh. Sort of another vacation I guess.

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I visited the Hellofest..really cool event.. 😀

I got an offer for a wildlife conservation course in Malaysia. What I had to do was just sending my CV and personal statement then wait for the selection. My manager said that I had a nice and unique personal statement. He said that I could pass the selection. Well I hope so.

?????????????????????? DSC_0185


One of the hardest month also. It’s never easy to be blamed, though you know that’s your own fault. But that’s life, shits happened anytime. Anyway I had a great time working again with Master Paolo Martelli and his wife, Karthi. It’s always fun and enriching to work with those cool guys. I dunno when or how I could be like them. Me that always lazy to study and learn who hate surgery. Feeling like I have to give up with those cool knowledge.

Then I spent some days marathon in East Java for giving many presentations..the scientific gigz!love to called it that way..Quite succeed, but nothing was perfect. So beat it.

Good news that some of my friends passed the wildlife conservation course selection. Well some of them got the funding. But I couldn’t pass it. Lucky me.. Maybe next time I should try it better.

In the other hand, my works during in Kalaweit about hepatitis B study was accepted in a journal. What a good news, though I never want my name set as the author. But it’s great.


What I learn from this years is to face anything with parient and happy..enjoy all the pain, then you’ll gain something. Does it worth or not, it’s depend on how you could accept it. Anyway that’s my review, my kaleidoscope for this year. Hoping something better for next year..

Better living, better capability and skill, probably marriage?

It can be anything, just keep trying and enjoy. Pass is just a pass, but it will guide you.


2014 in review

30 Dec

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

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