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Idul Fitri : Bye Ramadhan

28 Jul


Yep. It’s already Idul Fitri again. Not forget to mention that we passed the holy month Ramadhan again. Well Ramadhan is a festival of self control for the Moslem. From sun rise until sunset we told to hold and control our emotion and desire. Start from the basic and nature one, to not eat and drink, to not have sex, to not to be sensitive and always do the good intention. I felt like that is a test and exam for us. To be someone who can’t do their nature desire eventhough they can. To be suffer in hunger and thirst like those poor. To be a better creature since only animal that live with their nature instinct and desire. To be a strong man who always on control, no matter what the boundaries is. A months full of detox, a month full of self battle. At in the end of ramadhan, here it comes the purification day, Idul Fitri. A day when you have already detox yourself from food, drink and bad things. It said like you were born again in as a baby without a sin after fight your own body and soul for a month. It is also said that it is a day of victory celebration for the battle of your own self denial and what so ever that. We celebrate the victory by thanking God and apologies each other.

Then here in Indonesia that have one special tradition in Idul Fitri which is “mudik”. “Mudik” means going home to your neighborhood, to the place that you belong with the family, gathering. Most of them do that but not everybody can do it due the working stuff, the inability of fund to reach their home. For me, both of it. It reaches my 4th year to not home in Idul Fitri. Well I already get used of it. And I really know how people’s feeling when they away from their family on this special occasion. That’s why when I send the Idul Fitri’s greet, I always tell’em “Send my warm regard to your family” for those who can meet up with their family, It’s priceless.

A friend ask me if I miss my family, yes I miss them. But my duty is here with the animal, since they don’t have the holiday :D.

Anyway this is my first time having Idul Fitri in a village. The last 3 Idul Fitri, I spent it just work in the jungle. It’s fun. Since I’m away from my family but I can gather with peoples around the village like they’re my own family. Blessed me. So many peoples out there are worse.

Bye Ramadhan, hope we can meet again next year. It’s funny that some old perspective said if you’re a good person, you’ll leave the world soon. For those who livelong actually it’s just you with the whole heavy sins attached. So god give you more time and chance to change to be a better person. So when you still want to meet Ramadhan, just do more sins. So God will give you more chance to live.LOL

Just kidding anyway.

So, the last but not least, I just wanna say, Happy Idul Fitri 1435 H, Happy holiday, please forgive my mistake and send my warm regard to your family.


Next step : IAR Indonesia

5 Jul

Hi earth. What’s happening now?

Long time no see this sanctuary. I feel like keep moving on from one sanctuary to another. It doesn’t mean that I’m that easily bored. But the bottom line is sanctuary is a safe place for me to seek my inner peace.

Before I resigned from my previous work, I didn’t have any idea where I should continue things that I work and struggle for. One thing that circling in my mind. I need to improve more, to grow and develop more than before. Not many quite good place to choose. But the idea should be sounded like this:

Wherever I had to go, it should be about saving wildlife. Because saving wildlife is still my primary priorities.

Though there are so many other considerations. I’m bored for many stagnant things, I felt like loosing my chances, sort of wasting my times, I can’t stand too long on remote place anymore (well I actually I can, but I’m afraid it will attached me very strong), I need to think about my future since I’m not alone anymore.

I need to go back to Java. Things are much better there. anything. Except the crowded and the noisy stuffs. And there is IAR Indonesia that gave me the chance to pursue my passion. Anyway this was my second attempt to apply there. Need 4 years to join the organization. I’m not working with the gibbons anymore, but lorises, macaques and someday also the orangutans are great animals also. Each wildlife have the same rights to live free. That’s what I learn before from my previous boss. So I should implement that also anywhere.

I arrived in Curug Nangka Region,in the foot of mount Salak, Bogor 5 months ago. My intention is just to apply my profession to save wildlifes and also to improve my skills more as a vet. I’m in the right place. More better management, clear job description and job distribution, better facility, SOP, source of knowledge and information, and not forgot to mention their supports for the staff capacity buildings.

The teamwork are very cool, cool guys and team. Warm and friendly place to live. Even though it’s a cold place :p . Even though I had to find and pay a place to live by myself, I had to buy things to eat. Well it’s just like those other normal people anyway. Beside that, it can hold my appetite (I’m too fat now :D)

Well sometimes I felt like these things are beyond my capability, I felt like loosing times during my early four years of works before. I felt less confident for many things here. But that’s the challenge that I have to face and survive.

The most proud thing here is, peoples call me “doc” before my name. Things that I forgot very long time ago after i finished my education. That I’m a doctor, a vet. Nobody call me that before, for sure. That absent culture sometimes turn me into an ordinary person, not a vet, just a common worker, without any specialty. And many peoples who meet me for the first time never sure that I’m a vet, a doctor. So now, I have to be more responsible person 😀

That’s my story. Start a new step for everything. wish me luck , and wait for my other updates guys! J

I keep believe couple things to motivate me. That life is just about hardwork, knowledge, joyful and dreams