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26 Feb

HOw’s earth?long time no story here..hahaha..well, i’ve resigned from my job in Kalaweit. need to set up my emotion, since it was one of my saddest moment in my life. I flew to Jakarta met my girl then, not forget to visited Banjarmasin.Just to say goodbye to my friends there who always helped me during in Kalimantan.

Since Yumni is the only person who i can rely on, so we met again, arranged vacation together again. Her parents asked me to join their family vacation in Cibodas. well i thought it’s okay, since i need to wiped my misery anyway. I got introduced to the new persons, new family. Happy to share thoughts and discussion, happy moment with them. yep, it’s one step closer to my future plans with her. hope happy to went through that step by step.

I also stay for couple days to follow her family activity. quite open my heart from the sadness. Well we sure have another event and it’s my brother’s wedding. It’s turn her time to be introduced to my big family…yeaaaay…positive reaction and hopes for them..

Since many peoples said that we have a similar face, so they believed that is destiny for us.hohoho….so touching for me..

Before tmy brother wedding, we ran a date..hahaha.. a date for us means walked together and talked..and then eat, then talked then eat again..we also did some new donating our blood to red cross, eating sushi, and many lovely things..

Once after my brother wed, i got ill..then she accompany me the day after..felt so comfort and safe beside her..crap..i’m getting addicted by her..hahahhaaa

One more lovely moment is when she and her family offered me to take me to my newest working place..They always hope the best for me from the first time i decide to quit my previous job then proceed to looked my new job and accepted..those lovely parents from a lovely girl who i love very much.. couldn’t say more than happy and thank God for the bless.

Yes this is my happy moment, and i look for more with her to the future…

I love you Yumni..