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25 Jan


Yep..finally..After 3 years and 8 months of working, struggling and helping these gorgeous species, finally i have to say enough and decide to quit. Start from today, i am no longer a staff of Kalaweit. So sad and hard to realize, but it’s also relieving. At least i can just easily breath now..It’s very hard to deal with hundreds of animal, collaborate with minimum workers, fighting in a remote place, losing more times with peoples that I love..eventhough i promised to stand for more than 5 years here..but in the end i can’t. I’m very sorry for this. I love to do this work for many years, I love to take care these cute gibbons. Since the hardest part of this is that I’m exhausted to fight the boredome, to know and realize that this is not my only life..So i need to decide,i need to quit, before i messed out everything deeper. I don’t want to ruin what i’ve built and worked so far with these most dedicated peoples here. And i’m just a vet, many other better vets out there will come to work here also. So i guess this is the time to say goodbye to Kalaweit and those cute gibbons .

I once have a dream to explore more about gibbon, I once have a dream to travel around Borneo and Sumatra, I once have  a dream to bring my future family to the nearest town here. But i need to bury it now. Need to have other dreams to work.

I once said that only the strongest and the smartest who can survive, butI forgot that Darwin said not strongest or the smartest who can survive, but the one who can change fast. Well i don’t.
It’s a fun and exciting time here. I learn many things. Not just the scientific like vet med,biology and management but also social things, local wisdom and spiritual. Yes I’m gifted. Thank you for these opportunities so far.

I will miss my humid tiny room and my room mates like those spiders,scorpions,snake, mosquitoes, frog, rats and other weird species..haha..

I will miss those long morning call, those brachiating attraction, those cutie face, those “uuh” voice, those claws and pulling behaviour, those butt showing..

I will miss these peoples here, miss the river with those coalmining ships passing accross and long logging shipping…I will miss those duren hunt and the duren festival..I will miss the greeen and big trees..

I will miss those 4hours of electricity and TV, those – cursing the phone provider- acitvity, i will miss those machine sounds, i will miss the klotok travel, I will miss the walking in the dirty  traditional market, i will miss those eating pentol activity,,,

I will miss those cutie cats here, bongkeng and pentol..

Thank you for everything..the opportunity,trust,knowledge transfer,experience..

i’m so sorry for all my matter what happen, i’m still a big fan of Kalaweit.
good bye..hope everything will be better and better..go!go Kalaweit!