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2013 caleidoscope

25 Dec

2013 soon will end and 2014 will arrive..yeeeaaay…time for year’s recap…the caleidoscope…hohohoho…

Just past the new year..hope for a better year than last year.  But this year without any cookies present from Olga Lidya, the warmhearted artist ..LOL.. We were hoping for no flood again in our camp just like the one in December. So january was start with some great conflict with my partners. Things need to be set up with my rules, since we need to avoid cheesy troubles. Yep, it went safe, thank God. But in the other hand, i also worried for someone accros the island,she sick and i couldn’t accompany her.

It was my vacation month, i haven’t took any vacation since last october. Plan to meet someone, but it failed huhuhu..many big decision i took for that month..tired for work with cheaper phone, i pushed my pocket to buy aq phone with bigger memories,more sophisticated and we can call it “rhino phone” since it powerfull to water and dust and quite tough for crush…welcoming the sony experia acro S!!actually i looked for the expera z, since i didn’t have enough money, so beat it.hahaha…and i bought also a watch!last time i wore it was about more than ten years ago.hahahah..and i ready to worked again. During my holiday I also interviewed some peoples for the vet’s recruitment…yeyeyeyeye… and it’s already start to built the clinic excited!
Well skip the march,nothing last on it.

On April we got new vet recruitment. But actuallyit was kinda sucked, sinceI was planning to recruit two vets. but in the end, there was only one vet to come. Very hard to look out the vet who want to work in conservation yoo..Anyway it was my junior colleague in my university,so i thought i had no doubt for her. Smart,brave,very organized person,quite experienced and willing to learn more. A way to go then. Finally the clinic well built, eventhough there were so many things not quite right, but at least we have a place to treat patient properly.aha!

Skip it also.since it was busy month to train the junior vet while my other partner sent to Sumatra. And I was curious actually to wait my turn to look out Sumatra again. But I thought it would be impossible since Sumatra now also had their vet coordinator. It easier my job then, thanks.haha

Another vacation..spent family time for trip to central Java. Visiting big family of  my parent’s childhood..Meeting my grand’s been for about 2years for me to meet’em the graveyard,of course. Then straight to Bogor to meet someone, meet many colleagues in conservation medicine. When I said someone,it was someone special. Yup it’s Yumni,the girl I love,finally. I stated my love to her and we officially in relationship on June 29th. It was one of the best day of my life. Thank God. Well not just only that,i met her parents again after couple years. Got many wise advice about our relationship, know..parents desire for bright future for us.hehe

Start with sad lost for my little fireface friend. He died after few days getting ill. I remember that i’m the one who brought them here in a very hillarious way.It was fasting month,ramadhan.this time i did it with my lover. She had an internship in an Orangutan NGO in Palangkaraya. So we set up a date.yeah, i know it’s ramadhan, i need to control myself.hehehehe..spent three valuable days with’s hard to walked this, since the distance separated us. Each of us work in a remote place,couldn’t meet each other easily. So text and call are the only way..even if we could meet up, there’s always a goodbye for it.a risk anyway

End of the ramadhan, idul fitri and my birthday. Such a slap for myself to realize thati’m not that young anymore. I need to be a more responsible person for my life, for my love and for this world. But it’s also such a warm hold since i’m not alone anymore, somebody beside me to support me. It’s really lovely life.27 years old..darn. I got a present from my girl, two pieces of japan’s handkerchief. Thank you koala, I love you.

almost reached september and we lost another furry sad,since he was a charismatic gibbon,an inspiring one. A week after continued with two little fireface died due the ants attack. So sucks to see how they died so easy since you take care of them very hard. We’ve tried the best, eventhough we were not that expert on this species.quite hurting when someone still blamed our incompetent work. Not ended just that. A week after our lost,another victim came. A little sunbear died also.we haven’t know the problem yet until was so creepy moths,not include patients more to come with many weird cases.hard month to do..

I did it again. Got my papers accepted in the conference, this time Singapore. But it needs great money,i do save some,but i’m afraid iit’s not enough. So i looked for sponsors.meanwhile i keep my work for the presentation preparation.  I took couple days for vacation before went to Singapore. Had a great fight with her,just before our dating plan in Surabaya. Stressed for everything and i got sick..luckily i got well very to picked her up in Jakarta then travel to Surabaya. Dating time and introduced her to my family. It went soooooo lovely..She helped me to prepare the presentation,she accompanied me to gave presentation also in our university…almost found the dead end about the sponsorship, and finally my friend, Vanessa Rowe and many friends from Animal Welfare Trus New Zealand helped me.relaxing and relieving.Thank you!!Since Singapore preparation stuff cleared, my love moment with her almost reached the end..So sad to left her earlier..I wish we had more time together..The Singapore  was fun and enriching myself.even i couldn’t make a good presentation. but the atmosphere and the knowledges transfer were very great. I also had a cool workshop about reptile endoscopy. Sightseeing Singapore were fun, since everthing so simply through by MRT and bus, even walk!everything so well set-up, everyone so lovely part in Singapore was I met my cousin and her fams. especially her daughter, so cute and funny baby.

Back to Indonesia, back to work, back to the real world. Got busy day to arranged blood check stuff for our staff. We also continued to filming our first Indonesia series Tv shows. It would be aired on next year.don’t miss it guys!In other hand, there were  so many pressures happen also, after i back to Indonesia. Many important things need to decide and I did it without any regret. This is for the best result .

Keep to work and work and work. We survived from flood so far eventhough rain come and go and come and go and come again. Pressures everywhere..fighting everytime..its stressed me out. I felt really tired for’s not the first time anyway. I will survived (

Many goals achieved in this years, especially having this great relationship, so lovely days to face with smiles…succeed  more papers and presentations,even it was not good at all..but many things failed also.hope i could just get it again next year…who knows..The almighty one who decide the result, we just keep trying and trying the best.

Some resolutions i need to work are:

more mature and serious love relationships since i’m too childish for everything

more quality time with her

more science, knowledge and experience

more quality work and goals to achieve

That’s it. Would be very happy to kiss a goodbye for 2013  and welcoming many new hopes on 2014.