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25 Oct

I was depressed with everything. Preparation of the ASZWM meeting from making the paper and presentation then goes to look out for money. i broke my own pocket for this. Rupiah fall very high..then we fight couple times. I’m sad, yes I am. I can’t always stand beside her every time and everywhere. yet i always ask her many things. in other side, i need her.i need her around to make me feel safe. She’s my sanctuary..the fights happen many time, and happen just before our dating time. This time would meet in Surabaya.

Too much problem on me and her. i need an anger management, since i become too possessive. I always afraid of loosing her spite of i got too jealous for everyone near her. i dont wanna harmed her, but it feels so hurt to se her feels comptable with her friends there. and i’m alone here,look out for her.and she’s quite busy of her work, since i want her attention and took her business. in the end i felt sorry, we both felt sorry and hut each other.

Near our happy moment, we just fighting around..and i don’t wanna go through this war. This is all my fault. So before we meet around in Surabaya, i decide to pick her up in her house in Jakarta. While i was sick ad already reach Surabaya from workplace in a hilarious way..i did it. Then a day after, we go to Surabaya to spent our happy moment together, also to bring her to my home, introduce her to my family. And she also intensively help me  to work the presentation.

At day 2, we spent the whole day by visiting her closest relative during her study time in Surabaya..introduce me as a future person to those peoples. The funny moment and also lovely is, we got mentioned many time as a husband and wife couple. I was hoping it comes true.soon. Then i had an 2 hours presentation in my university. Felt surprised and amazed with how she set everything first before i start the presentation. She is a marvelous babysitting for a big baby like me, i guess 😀 ..Then in the night we had a dinner. I tried to fix our problem. We definitely blame each other. But it’s just a matter of our bad communication when we were away..Things are so sweet and easy while we hold our hand  each other.

The last day  we had a lunch together with my fun….we spent the whole day together, she assist me for the preparation before i go to Singapore.until night, i would say that’s one of happiest night in entire my life. i just love her. and she love me also. she boldly said that words couple time, which is it’s so rare of her..hahahaa…

at my departure time to Singapore, we take a picture together.and with my family sweet of us. and when i crop our pict and post it. many people said that we are so close and similar to one another. sometimes that’s what we called love and life partner..

i’m happy again. though we still had to live separate,but we know one day we’ll meet again and unite.the best part of this lovely time is,we dont have to talk too much but when we touch each other and silent, those same millions words of us are spinning around in our hearts.

I love you Koala…

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