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13 Sep

To live as a vet in social life are quiet challenging though. Peoples just easilly stereotipe you for many things.especially in this digitalized era like this,social media connects you without any border. For the best example is, when you are a vet, people will ask you many things about their pet’s problem many times. Oftenly it tends more to consult their pet’s health, to look out the solution, and they just put a shortcut for their sick pet by buy some drugs  by themselves. Well, we are a doctor, not a pshycic or even witch. When we want to diagnose a problem in the animals, we need to see directly into the animals, touch them, know their actual behaviour,seeking the absent of any normality in their body,checking their vital sign, sometimes do the laboratory test also. Since the animals can’t speak, and we, vet, don’t understand their language, we need to gain more information from the owners, because they are the closest ‘relatives’. After those serial examination, then we know the problem and give the diagnose. Once we have diagnosed, we decide possibilties for the case and choose the best treatment.

When you use to check your health to a doctor, well it is the same like to check your pet’s health to us, the vets. I’ve never seen any human doctor that can easily know your health problem and give any treatment by just texting or telephon call. So why they don’t just bring their pets to the vets anyway?
They are doing this for many reason. They don’t have any time to bring the pets to vet, which is they don’t care for the pet. They are afraid loosing much money for the pet, which is they don’t care the pet.They never bring the pet to the vet before, which is they don’t care the pet. They don’t even know how to taking care pet and what to do about them since they don’t care for the pet. The main problem is, they don’t give a damn care for the pet.

One specific example just happen few days ago. My follower in twitter, contact me for the second time with stupid and silly question as a pet owner. Once she asked about why her cat won’t eat the food. And the second time, she asked about why  her cat making sound while breathing. I knew from the first time that she didn’t care for the cat anyway. It was revealed that she kept a a 15 months old persian cat for a year, and she never brought the cat to the vet, she never vaccinated the cat. She said she doesn’t have any time to bring the cat to the vet, she doesn’t have enough money for the best care for the cat, and i believe she never felt that the cat is a living thing either. She would upset when we didnt give the best solution, since when people asked to me about their pet’s health problem, i just tell them to bring the pet to the nearest vet immediately. She tried to seek shortcut by asking what is the best drug, so she could buy and treat it by herself. She felt offended by my advice to give more cares to her cat, and she talked too many reason and excuses about how the way she’s taking care her pet, which in my opinion is very worst. This are happen everywhere,this is a stereotypical behaviour of pet owners. They just keep a pet as home decoration or a toy and they don’t care for the others. No matter how high their educational background or how wealthy they are, this wrong perspective are common.

I would say like this, HAVING A PET IS ABOUT COMMITMENT. It need constant and persistent act for the consequence. Before having a pet in your home, you need to think wisely. What kind of pet, is it suitable in your place and environment, is it suitable for your activity, is it suitable for your pocket. Once you decide to having a pet, it need your commitment to taking care for them. Pet is a living thing. They need to eat and drink, they need to be groomed, they need a comfortable place, they need to play, they need to be cleaned, they need love. Their life depend on you, the owner. It is your responsible to taking care of them. And yet they need also health care. That’s why pet owner need to bring their pet to the vet regulary, sometimes they need to be vaccinated, sometime you never realize if your pet have any disorder. It could prevent your pet from any critical case sometimes.  Moreover when your pet got sick. Please, my advice, don’t even try to think to consult it with a vet by phone or text. It would waste your time and your pet’s time to be saved if something bad happen. Bring them  to the vet immediately. If it too far or you dont have any spare time, there are many housecalling service from the vet. Easy right?Yes, sometimes it’s expensive. But it is the consequence of having a pet. Remember, HAVING A PET IS ABOUT COMMITMENT. It is the same just like when you taking care your own children. Preserve the best care for their life. Their better life should be your smile and happiness, so why need to be  afraid to sacrifice more? Hope this perspective would be viraled. Then hope so many peoples would realize on how they treat their pets. If you think that pet is just a toy or decoration, just buy some animals picture or buy some doggie robots. You don’t have to love them anyway.