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Metallica : my point of view

26 Aug

Allright.all the metalheads flock in Indonesia will having their pilgrimage at 25th august 2013.

It’s Metallica who will burn the stage.after their first perform in Indonesia about twenty years ago. Well it’s such an impossible thing for me to watch it. Because 1. I don’t have much money, 2. I don’t have the spare time,3.i’m not a Metallica big fans , nor a chronic metalhead.Jealousy?of course. It’s metallica. A legendary bad ass band.
Honestly i looked at Metallica in the first time almost fifteen years ago. They play a song for MI-2’s soundtrack.yep “I dissapear”.then MTV blast it out with ”enter the sandman” and “One”’s too way late.It’s on their hiatus moment. Then they striked again with St.Anger which is their worst album anyway. This band have great bussiness management so they would sell everything great. Even in their lousy album like St.Anger, their die hard fans got tricked by “MTV icon” drama stuff. Many great bands at that time cover their song in the stage, then they appear with their newest formation after loosing Jason, and new album, of course.

I don’t attend their concert in Indonesia, but i watched their 3 DVD’s concert in different time. At Time Square, Lisbon during st.Anger and magnetic tour in quebec.Well i can see the different now. Everyone knows they are the best in Cliff era (well i’ll divided them in 3era,because they already had 3 different bass player in their history).I never watched Cliff era’s concert. But many bad ass song and great album during that era,the honest and pure Metallica one. And Cliff named as best bass player ever – list anyway.Until he passed away.

Then went to Jason era, and i think jason was as great as Cliff.During that 2 era, Metallica raised and turned their musical maturity better and better. And if  i know Jason or maybe Cliff earlier, maybe i’d like to name them as my favorite bass player. They play clean,even with picking play, produce many crazy tempo and beautifull riff also. I watched the Jason era’s concert, and it’s very cool. Even musical  technology in 90’s weren’t so good like now, but it’s enough the present their artwork anyway. Metallica, for me is a mediocre metal. You know, they are not speeding enough,rough distort enough, but they are neat and clean play,produce great composition in music work. Not just a labil youngster expression (maybe in the firt time yes). They have great and strong melody that memorable, sometime even greater and stronger than pop music or classical music. This is their power.  That’s the one that attract many peoples to love their music anyway. And those power came from James and Lars. They are dominating in writing the music. Eventhogh Kirk is an awsome guitarist but you can see the different. No matter how good Kirk’s shred, James could play it catchy 10 times better. In this Jason era, everything is balance.Each player control their role and doi it very good even sometime they got an awkward moment in their concert . Unfortunately Jason can’t stand longer hhuh..

St.anger was a forced artwork.everyone forced it,then it was instantly pooped out. It produced without any permanent bass player. Because of MTV icon, there Rob Trujillo come. So far for me, it is the worst time in their musicality. Their song, their gigs, for me sometime it’s sucks. But i do love Frantic very much. Even it’s rubbish album, frantic is very great. I watched their concert when st.Anger issued. Everything went so messed up.their tempo were just like running.i couldn’t enjoy that one,eventhough it’s still pumping. I think, they just acting like they are not end yet,even in their old age. Yes i know, they are capable.but they lost their smart creation.and i’d blame it on Rob fault. Not because he played fingering bass, but he lost the tempo and Lars went rampage, James-Kirk berserk everywhere. Maybe it’s true,it’s because Rob’s’s not easy to adapt 4way of music in a short time.

everything is better in dead magnetic. But still, i don’t like Rob’s performance. He played dirt and yet pushed the others playing out of tempo sometime.well i guess it’s their choice to colored their music like that now. But i do love their work.

James and Lars who set and create everything so perfect. James play rithmic guitar very clean and catchy even when he sing. Kirk with his black figernails shredding everything brutally and sometime sound it false. Lars like a drummer with a horse foot and long breath to race the tempo very nice. And Rob?possessed by gorilla and playing bass rough and dirt.

In the end Metallica is Metallica, a cool legendary metal band with superb ability to create and composed tune,tempo,riff, melody and lyric into a clean sexy ass music. Not include how their attitude would support their marketing.
James is still my hero. And “One” definitely will always be my favourite song ever.

That’s it.i’m over \m/


Officially 27years of age

20 Aug

Yet by the time i make this’s already come to a day when 27years ago i was born..i’m so anxious so that i couldn’t sleep just to make sure the day come earlier.i’m speechless..whether to describe my happiness about how i can stay alive and breath until this age, or feeling sad about how my life decreased another year but i still can’t make any good thing in this life. First of all i passed many greet since Iedul Fitri has been celebrate more than then days ago,then our lovely country independence day and including to express my deeply condolence about what happen in egypt lately. Here it comes my birthday.damn, i’m gettin older,fatter,longer hair and weaker. Damn i have great job to do, eventhough i have to live far from family, not in a package that they’re not quiet agree about my decisision to stranded like this in the middle of nowhere,struggle to help and save the gibbon. Sometime i just think like, how could i save all of these furry friends,when i couldn’t save myself anyway?But the fact that i am a human who gived by the almighty a better instict, yes i could save anything.So here i am, survived for 27 years of living and willing to save the others.

Just back from opening my birthday gift!!indeed from someone special of mine. Yup from my only lovely grilfriend Yumni aka Koala..she gave me two pieces of handkerchief..okay,well maybe these gift ment to stop my bad habit to sweep my dirty hand to her shirt hohohoho..i received this gift couple day earlier with a promise to not open it before my birthday.The most fun thing is not the gift.But her.i just love matter we separated in great distance. And i believe that sometime distance can multiply our’s true.well she’s kinda motivate me to do something  futher for my future life.esspecially when im getting old like this.

I’m glad that i’m healthy even i’m not wealthy but one thing for sure that i’m happy and try to enjoy it more and more. Happy birthday to me.hail for the hardwork,knowledge,joyful and dream. Thank you everyone,thank you God.