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30 Jul

after our last date, i never thought that we will meet again in very soon time. yeep, she decided to do her internship in BOS Nyaru menteng just after i left to Kalimantan. we got closer than before,even in a short time. eventhough we couldn’t meet each other everyday,every hour, every minute and every second.. eventhough we still had to talk by phone like it used to be.but we believe that we would meet directly like what we did in Bogor, we would urged and managed it. and we did it, without any pessimism,doubt, and afraid feeling. we’ve passed those scam,we trust and believe each other, we seek more and more happiness,together. Then we meet, finally. She finished her internship program in Nyaru Menteng very good,which i was very proud of her. she did excellent, and i would hope for her more bright future. maybe like when someday she go study abroad. i’ve already got that sensation, hope her dreams come true. ¬†yet she finished her internship program with a lil’ bit challenge because some vets there are my close friends indeed. Some of them praised her too much (at present), some of them tell sweet memories also, which drive her a lil’ bit mad and jealous. to a guy ( great ūüė¶ ). But those are all my friends,companion, partners who know what kind of person is me anyway. hopefully she’d know me further :)..the problem is..there were too many gossip spoiled about our relationship,in her internship place to somewhere place across the border there. LOL. but i thought ¬†it was a consequence of a famous person like me (HAHA)

So, we arranged a date again.with in 2,5 days. she took a spare time before left Kalimantan, and i took a long weekend break from work. i drive miles and miles at her door (sound like maroon5’s song, but i didn’t drive by myself anyway, i took the public transport anyway). I reached ¬†Palangkaraya and kinda got balls to spent the time with her by help of a motorbike. Thing that i absence for many years, and now i did it again, with her. would be a harsh moment for me alone, but now with her..should be hectic,but i must. would be safe enough, if we used the standard motorbike. what i drive is an old motorbike that actually should be thrown to garbage. with broken front break,lousy gear stomp,no any hind lamps,dead speedo, slow speed..we were lucky to survived in the ride.

first night of meet, i took her out and spent time to dawn before break our fasting (it was ramadhan, yup it was lousy to hold my desire of her temptation..LOL). Then we ate!an old words from Arab,from our beloved prophet actually (maybe), we should break our fasting with something sweet.yes,indeed.i got her sweet in that sweet moment.i love her and ¬†i love it.this is my really first time to spent ramadhan fasting and break it out with my lover.hope we’ll always meet ramadhan like this,in a greater step.after ate, we hangout with those vet guys from BOS. yeay i meet old friend,and very happy because i got someone special by my side now.

At day2,i kinda sleepy.and she told me to come to her place. she told me to rest there before we went out. yep i did slept easily when she’s around me. never been felt so safe like this..then we were ready to went out,drive her to the souvenir’s market. spent quiet time to shop for her friends. we back to her place, because it still more than an hour before dawn. i slept in her lap, while she was pulling my white hair out of my…relaxing (it hurts in the first, but i enjoyed it more and more..eeek, masochist detected). dawn come,we ate less before took a dinner. after that we hangout in a such a lousy coffeshop. big name, but dropped in a town like here. we talked,discussed, and argued for many things.things that we should prepare from now for our future..we are not young anymore,we need find a place to rest and live. a lil bit fight, but in the end we were realized, that before we make sure whether the time is near or faraway, we need to settle the way of our communication. especially our ego, we were not mature enough, eventhough we are old.we believe.we end the night by a 5 second big hug.feel so relieved my weight..and felt so warm indeed.hohohohoh..

day 3, the last day.time for movie marathon in the cinema..we planned for 3 movies in a row, “pacific rim”, “conjuring” and “wolverine”! but in the fact we just had 2 movies, and i got very sleepy after that. don’t ask what happen in the cinema.she grab my hands very hard whenever she got shocked and surprised by the scene,perioooods. felt tired and sleepy, but we continue our tradition, which was walked around together in some distances, holding hands, ¬†talked. we took a dinner, then back. it was the end of our romantic scene for this palangkaraya’s session. and it was awkward, i wanna hug her tight,shares some warm feeling but it would be failed, because it was already late night and it was outside the house.would be funny when peoples found out our lust.LOL.but anyway.we honored and protect each in a limit.couple hugs and kisses would tremendous and lovely to describe our romance.will be missing her, like now,i already miss her.damn.but we believe there will be more romance session for us. the funniest thing is, i got a lil present from her.a lubricant gel.WTF, but it’s funny.she said that she didn’t it.well i would need it maybe,sometime,to jack it off.LOL.

crap,time is up.need to prepare everything before i back to my place.however, i miss her.i miss that moment.well ¬†i find a happiness again, i’m happy again.Dear GOD, please give us your bliss and bless.hope we could be like this again and always.forever.

I love you Yumni..ImageImageImageImageImageImage