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now i would define one of my happiness

30 Jun’s on earth lately?

hope, not worse..just like me..

finally i’m happy again.things what i’ve been expecting since before i took my vacation are coming true!it is better actually.i took a very prolonged vacation to come home and follow my family trip to central java to visit our belated grandparents cemetery.then spent couple day in surabaya to check some samples and control the progress of our hepatitis B research project.then gathered with some old pals from elementary one of my lovely old sister from university and ride her vw beetle,hang out around. enough?not just that.

well finally i end my single status.i made another relationship with someone.need a long time and way to make it through..hillarious and dramatically?yup.

we know each other since six years ago in the university..our relationship like on and off, come and go..but also breaks each other’s trust and feeling,almost turn in hate.

Until last year in september, after our very last meet. she declares an disenchantment about the way i treat her.i hang her this lost relationship..well..after i break up from my previous girlfriend,and being played by another girls, i just don’t care for everything.all i have to do is just working.but during my loneliness, she always looked for me in silent.that day, in the phone, on september last year..she cried and told how that i a mean person to killed her slowly.

then i realized and feeling guilty..for all this time, i abandoned and hurt her very much..i don’t want to be a bad ass anyway.and i just want to repaired everything,fixed them we start it from the first..with  a great handicap, distance.we tried to had an intense communication by phone.until couple days ago,we meet again for the first time with this new feelings and relationship..and i declare my feeling, my intension, and little bit pushed her to believe and trust that everything will gonna be fine and okay.we had a couple hours date in Bogor walking around there, holding hands, share a very real quality time.and in the afternoon,she asked me to come to her house.she asked me to introduce myself (again) to her family as her someone’s special…

kinda thrilling,awkward, scary…i used to met them before, but just as a common friend..but now everything bolder than before..and..her family gave us many advices,wise words and (i thought) it was a warm welcome for me..after many bad things that i’ve done to their daughter (and they knew about it)..well i don’t know..but it’s a happy for me.,i’m so happy..and it should be another stage for my life.

thanks to the one who reminds me this happiness again,

I love you honey,hope each of us could be more mature to face all of these,thank you.

*this post was made after a full 24hours of our rendez-vous to another (which is we dunno when)