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Happy World Veterinary Day : The Endangered Wildlife Vet

27 Apr

Without any mean to complain, but sometime we need to utter the problems that happen in the real world. Apparently, colleagues in wildlife conservation also claim this thing as a big problem. Couple time we had discussion about labor in wildlife conservation, which is vet. It is very hard, takes time and energy to look for a vet who want to work in this field. By time goes on, we kept joking around about one thing which is it’s not only the animal that endangered, but also the vet.

Generally, the demand of vets is in a great number but not in good distribution. There are too many vets but stays only in certain discipline and area, definitely it isn’t in wildlife conservation. Sometime it takes months until years for a conservation organization to recruit a vet. It takes time also even just only to receive any less number of job application and CV. With less option makes the recruitmen process become more difficult. We could say it is quite luck when there were vets apply the job, eventhough sometime the quality were far from expectation so need a big consideration to recruit. How could be like that?

Most of activity and civilization in Indonesia runs centralized in Java, approximately in their bigger city. Many peoples prefer to live and work in the big city. Complete facilities, easy telecomunication access, good and comptable transportation access, provided entertainment,anything.

Unfortunately, vet profession isn’t always runs in big city. In every each places will need a vet role. Even in conservation, the whole activities will run not always in the city. It will goes far from peoples, inside  the jungle, in the middle of nowhere with limited facilities, bad access of transportation and communication. Another consideration is safety. Sometimes peoples just afraid working with wild animal due the shigh risk of safety and also hig risk of the transmittable zoonoses disease. Then ther are also high issue about the wealthy life of a wildlife vet that may be not as same as other vets,and maybe worse. That are the some troubles that prevent vets to work in wildlife and conservation.

Those issues are potential to become natural selection for each vet who have interest in wildlife and conservation. Not include  the closest relation’s mindset like family that influence manny things. For common people’s mindset in majority, they are just too much take focus in target, status and number. So many peoples still focus on their dream to be government employee, work in office, educational title, and have a family. These majority mindset will makes wildlife and conservation to be their last option.
Indonesia is a late developed country but not equally in every region.

Transportation and communication still a problem in many places. But we need to sure that things will never be the same just like that, because everything will keep developing. The economic growth will keep going on, and if we make it with good management, we believe every places will well develop also. Logically, if investors interested by many potentions of each region, it will make the region grow and develop better. Altough it will looked paradox if we talk about wildlife and conservation, the more grow on some area and region, the more also the nature exploitation happen. In other side, by working as a wildlife vet in some nowhere place, you’ll be the agent of that area development in accidentally. A conservation message has a great connection in green economy,which become such a great interest for some peoples and companies to invest. Plus with a good management, the places will develop. So communication and transportation access shouldn’t be that such a problems for the vet whon to be work in wildlife and conservation.

How about the risk factor of security and safety in wildlife vets? At present, all of the wildlife  conservation have good SOP and push the risk as minimum. Many of them start to use insurance services and listed in safety assurance program, including health assurance. Even not all of it being well covered , it‘s quiet safe enough from the risk. By the time goes on,hope everything will be better.

Actually all of the proffesion’s field are competing each  other in prosperity issues. Even some of them below the standard, but there are still better option. So does it in the wildlife conservation. So far, in many wildlife conservation organization give better prosperity for their worker (the vet), at least most of them give salary above from the regional minimum salary. Sometime they offer better facilities than the others work. Living place, electricity, water and food are some facilities that they offer for free to the vets, so it’s quiet support the prosperity sometime. In addition for the work location that far from big city, it will hold our life style. In the end the prosperity could be very good if we could make good plan and enough saving.

Wildlife vet career sometimes not as good as vet in other institution like in the bureaucracy and company. When we carry out our profession, sometime we need to remember that is not always the desk and office work and indeed it’s quiet wide type of works. Many peoples make wildlife conservation as a first step or first experience to another big plan  in some moment, many peoples that could stay in a long time also. Talking about advanced and continuity educational actually wildlife vet will get many short time additional education and training from abroad experts. Could be like seminar,workshop, study tour, etc. More in non formal, but sometime also the formal one. Beside that, there are also more vet assciations and international universities that offers diploma and courses program, sometime in online. So education not quiet a trouble in wildlife vet.  Then wildlife vet have more advantages which is writing. Working with wild animal could face many case, could face many unrevealed fact. It’s one of their job to describe it in a paper. If the paper exist in international journal or international conference, you will get acknowledgement and achievement by the time goes on. And that would easier you for many things someday. One of great obstacle in wildlife vet is having a family. Usually peoples that want to have a family earlier will avoid this job. It is related to financial condition and also live separated from family. Even in ASZWM conference in 2012, Dr.Dominic Travis said that many wildlife vets who just start having a family in their 40 year of age. But life start from 40, isn’t it? Well maybe yes it’s hard, but it still possible.There are many wildlife vets who have family in a younger age, so do many vets also who works in wildlife conservation eventhough they have family in quiet a long time.
That’s all the stigma that could make peoples be reluctant to work in wildlife conservation or also make their closest relation in reluctant to support. But another thing that turn into my curiousity is..i’ve seen many vetmed student who had great interest in wildlife conservation, they are very active and excite for it, but when they already become a vet, somehow they just dissapear like that. Actually when you had great interest in wildlife conservation and quiet active on it since you were a student,it’s such a plus mark to apply the job. Especially when it’s written in your CV about experience in internship,workshop,seminar and training in many relevan places. Would be better if they doing research in wild animal also. Should be many peoples like this but in the reality become less and less. And somehow there are some wildlife vet who actually never had any wildlife and conservation experience before, while they were a student. Kinda paradox.

I try to find the way to explore those potential persons, push them to step forward and give a real shot. They had organization in each university and linked each others in national level.They need more inspiration, more motivation, more provocation, more chances. Since 2 years ago, there were an investation called D’alton Project, a channel that designed to fix this burden. Still trying hard to networking more colleagues to participate for the next wildlife vet, trying to push these student to be ready to work and serve,trying to make these student believe and sure with their dreams and passion. Hopefully there are more and more ways to fix this trouble.
I am very sure that the future of the Indonesia wildlife conservation were controlled by their younger vets. But these endangered species would be hard to be saved if  the wildlife vet also in endangered status. Hope this post could opened and brightened our view. Yes, this is a partial minded, but without any intense to lecturing, without any intense to discriminate our profession, hope this would share the benefit.

“There’s always better option, but life is a matter to choose a choice”

End of my words, happy world veterinary day folks!!Manusya Mriga Satwa Sewaka!!Preserve Human’s Prosperity by Animals

Viva vets!