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2012 review

26 Dec

2012 review’s world?still hard right?’s almost reach the end of 2012.and i just wanna curse everything that happen 2012,in my life,of course.LOL.we never expect bad things, we always hope for the best things.but life isn’t always fun anyway.*take a hard and deep we go


The good starts didn’t work.i lost one of my little furry friends who i’m taking care since she was 5days was so heart breaking to lose her.she even didn’t reach her one year old birthday.what a dissapointing me.eventhough i got 2 new recruitment,i thought it would be a good start.


Taking  a vacation to meet my family and gather in Jakarta.then we went to someone’s wedding..she said to me “may the success be with you”.


My 2nd years in Kalaweit.happy?yes.tired?yes.But the man on mission still figthing dragon.


A year has passed for my newest is quiet fucked up to did this and that. annoying.especially when troubles everywhere and some of your partners not helping you.but again, only the strongest and the smartest who will survive here.We were signing a collaboration project with an research institution,hopefully this could make us better.


Had a great doubt for scheduling my visit to Sumatra. I support some seminar event in Bogor.If the time matched with my Sumatra schedule, i would go there.appearently not.


Sumatra time. I need to go there to check everything.many bad things happen since i left out.the first idea is,my job is to backup the medic.but appearently the schedule was messed up.i made a short visit there.already told my program and no correction.But Sumatra always made bad ambience.i hate that,especially for the newbie there,lack of respect to me.then i left.i stopped in Jakarta,then straightly to old friends and gathered.also visited IAR,to gain more information and refference.exciting.more exciting than dealing with those iritating person in Sumatra,and at least i got new perspective and idea.


Find somenews about Vet conferrence in Bangkok and Yogyakarta.decided to participate those event by writing a paper and sent it there.hoping those works could be presented,whether oral or poster.shares many thing about other place that i’ve seen to my friends and positive responds i guess. Ramadhan started,and so did i start to write the paper.


Birthday,Ied..nothing special.but finished my works in writing,prepared to send it.and someone want to cut me out and break my optimism.


It was one hardest month ever,bussy to the death,exhausting and shocking.start with work in distance place then i took a vacation.made my passport,went to my bestfriend wedd, and start a new relationship from the beginning with someone i used to know and hurt (hope this would work). I need someone to control my bad mood. So back to work again,in distance.then the Bangkok conferrence acccept my paper.oral and poster.i would attend matter what.but it’s kinda sad to know that some peoples don’t care with my effort.suck. no sponsor at all to go. i didn’t know was it good news or no.but d’alton also succeed to participate too.which is i need more money.the money that i saved so far will be for d’alton (of course).and what about me?found a parents.they are the best parent ever.they booked ticket,the registration even the poster printing.while my others colleague who attend there were fixed by their institution, and me my parent.trembling my heart…but it wasn’t stop there of my best recruitmen request for resign…no…then also suddenly another partner resigned also in sudden and unpolite


In early october got a confirmation also for presentation in was in the same date with the Bangkok i decide to went to Bangkok.and my friend who will representing me to Yogyakarta,of course it tooks our own money again.and i went to Bangkok,ASZWM 2012.presenting 2 oral presentation and 2 poster presentation.i was one of 3 Indonesian vet who attend that event.the one and only who spoke about gibbon was me. 3 days of bussy event then some days for a lot of network and new idea to applied.Thank God.and when i back to work,i got another recruitment last..


A local tv start to shoot their new program here.with their sudden and expired topic, everything seems goofy.especially with the absurd crew leader.and need to debate many time just to make sure everything under was exhausting.


Dead furry friends,missing our feathered friend..fight someone strangeminded,explode and make someone quit for his job.totally fucked up..then while the volunteering program run,flood coming to the camp.need to stay focus and and my manager stayed at camp,while the other rescued to the village.then a fucker almost ruin everything by missing in a forest.+another trouble maker.break her own promise to quit,in the middle of hard time like this.damn.i felt like being sabotage by many fucker.and i still confuse for many things..

What happen in 2012 is very great.whether the sweet one or the bad one.i learn words, “what doesn’t kill you,will makes you stronger..” (appearently it was Nietzsche)
Then i keep talk to myself that only the strongest and the smartest who will survive.
When there is a will,there is a way. people who complain many things for their will without struggling to look for their own way is bullshit. People who have many ways but don’t have any will is a dung also.
It is hard to believe that i succeed through those trouble..but things won’t just stop over there..should be more well prepare for things in 2013.hope i’m strong enough..





22 Dec

what doesn’t kill you will makes you stronger..maybe it’s a christmas gift.flood for about 3days.i slept in the table,my manager slept in hammock.the others rescued to the village.




22 Dec

test by phone (again)