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4years withou you,but life goes on

10 Nov

4 years without you, but life goes on

So, about a years ago, i remember when some guys having a great discussion about who’s their vet inspiration. Many peoples mention many big name in Indonesia veterinary or even the international one.but for me, one person for sure who keep in my mind as my vet inspiration. He is the late Ahmad Mas’adi Sam. Not many peoples know and familiar with this name. It’s okay then. But he is one my great colleagues and senior while i still studied at university. He was a great figure to describe what a vet should do (at least for my opinion). He was aware for many issues, he had a strong will, idealist,rebelious,hardworker, dicipline and inspiring (of course).The best part he’s very concern for wildlife conservation.

While in the university he was very active in organization and teach me many great things about things that we couldn’t get in the class. And when he graduated, he straight went to Way Kambas to volunteering at the elephant project and then worked there. He used also to work abroad, in Myanmar in animal rescue team during the disaster there. His last action was joining in wild big cat survey in Sumatra,and somehow he got drowned in the river in Way Canguk.

Such a big lost for me and some other peoples who know him. Many great memorieswith him lasting in my mind..and i’ll never forget it because it is one of my inspiring moment to sharpened my spirit.

I remember when we fight about our each opinion, i remember how he reminds my fault, i remember how he work with me,i remember how he bullied me because of my stubborn,i remember how he gather his friends to donate me to go to that international conference, i remember how the bad news about him when he lost in the river, i remember how we all pray together for his safety, i remember how his death news revealed, and i do remember how i stood in front of his grave..

He was the one who inspired me to be a wildlife vet.he was the one who inspired me to learn more about dog.he was the one who inspired me to write anything especially scientific publish.he was the one who inspired me to be more active in such conference and meeting. He was the one who inspired me to be more open minded. He was the one who inspired me to be more brave to express my idea.

If he still alived, i just wanna say to him that i passed my walls and step in the same level with him,doing the same interest and try to share his positive energy to everyone just like what he did in the old time.
I’m very excited to tell him my story so far,that i already a vet, that i work in the wildlife,that i encourage youngster for their organization activity,that i went to bangkok to present my scientific publish.if he just still alived until today.

Rest in Peace my brother..though you are die now, but your spirits keep alive with us.