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Another flawless victory : KIVNAS 2012

21 Oct

So almost all of the Kalaweit’s vet were work so hard during these months.not only work for the routine activitu in the camp.but also wrote scientific paper for such great conferences event like ASZWM (Asia Society of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine) and also KIVNAS (Indonesian Scientific Vet Conference).I’ve already told you all about the ASZWM in Bangkok,Thailand.And now it is for.the KIVNAS turn.

well i just hoped the less for the KIVNAS event,since it was held in the same time with ASZWM and i’ve already confirmed to go to ASZWM to present my paper.but however,KIVNAS also an exciting conference for Indonesian vet.almost near the D day,3 Kalaweit’s vet got the confirmation to present their paper (oral and poster).

i was confuse but i made a policy to delegate someone else to represent it.we had lack of time and money for.that big opportunity.i won’t loose it,so i sent Arga to the far,me and him were collaborate in 2 it will gave more advantages to us to present more presentations due the capabilty of our time and money.

so i went to Bangkok and Arga went to Yogyakarta.and in KIVNAS,Arga did very well for the presentations.also he could make the commitee display our 4posters!

it was a great opportunity for us to share many information.especially in In Indonesia veterinary,exciting and also open ourselves for many important informations from outside,since we work in the deep location..

and yes.we should attend fpr more similar events and keep writing for the knowledge sharing..we need to developt more and more and better..

it was a flawless victory, but i’m not satisfy enough…

10 Oct

so today is one of my big day on my life..first time ever sharing my thoughts and hardwork abroad in front of foreign peoples about things that i always dreaming of..

i was in Bangkok,Thailand.struggling for it since couple months ago,wrote about my works..waiting for confirmation for approval..then..

i was accepted to presenting my works in poster and also oral presentation in ASZWM, Bangkok ,Thailand.

“Hematology Overview on Borneo Gibbon (Hylobates albibarbis and Hylobates muelleri ) in Kalaweit” (oral presentation)

“Tibial Fracture Management On Sun Bear (Helarctos malayanus) in Kalaweit” (poster presentation)

Then I also should presenting my friend’s work about “Abortus and Placenta Retention in Siamang (Symphalangus syndactilus)

and my collaboration study with my junior “PREVALENCE OF GASTROINTESTINAL NEMATODES IN BABIRUSA (Babyrousa babyrussa Celebensis) IN SURABAYA ZOO AND PRIGEN SAFARI PARK II BY FECAL EXAMINATION” also accepted for poster presentation.

Kinda flawless victory for me in this event.but, somehow i’m not satisfy enough..especially most of my works weren’t interesting enough for some people.and i was good in my friend’s topic, but lousy on my own.*sigh

the worse part is the commitee was sucks, random and messed up..

many peoples complained about the presentation list,including me.some people’s work were being listed in other presentation and some people somehow weren’t listed eventhough they got the acceptance those trouble already solve..


but somehow the schedule of oral presentation participants was crashed with the guest speaker!!many oral presenter were late or absent due the schedule of guest speaker in the other rooms..just like me,i missed my oportunity to attend the guest speaker just because it was my turn to gave the presentation.great.

and somehow many peoples also prefer to watched the guest speaker who spoke about many poor topic…horrible..i paid them,and i missed their poor topic.lousy.and somehow the topic from oral presentation were more interesting but less people to

at that moment..i felt so much upset and unsatisfy..maybe someday,it should be my turn to be invited to speak.i have to be more productive…

i should read more,study more and write more for this..