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when there is a will,there is a way (actually)

23 Sep

When there is a will, there is a way (actually)

Hi.How’s on earth?hope y’all good. So i’m in trouble deep i guess. We all need to progress,developed and move matter how it takes, even walks,run, or maybe fly. What would motivate us is some support and facilitation. How come you want to touch the star if you (at least) don’t have two things which is will and way?so that it is.

People who just saying or complaining a will without doing nothing for the way,is bullshit. And people who have many ways but don’t have any will is a dung also.

My career wouldn’t be able to progress if i’m just doing routine stuff like i need also to improve myself with many things such as study,practice, writing and talking, than only working in some lost place like here. To be honest my other goals beside doing my profession and also save the animals, is to be known as a person who explore and share in one great topic which is wildlife medicine (of course because i’m a vet who deal with wildlife). That is my achievement,my goals,my desire,my passion.

As selfish thing yes.but in general thing, i’m not only struggle to improve myself. I try to improve my institution also. Because we do have many science thing that shareable but never exist.

So back on my memory on 2008 while i was in university. My senior colleague offer us to attend the AZWMC meeting in Bogor (it is somekind of association of zoo and wildlife in Asia). They would arrange the fund for us to participate as long if we could make a scientific article and presented in that event.So I wrote it,done. The fund already collected, but i try to share this opportunity with the others. So they made a selection and interview. For a fair thought,actually i was the one who made the fund process start. I made an article that accepted to be presented as poster on that event. So as a fair thought,i’m the one who automaticly being sponsored. Then there was my senior colleague who don’t know the process and my effort somehow said like this, “you don’t make anything for the event and for the selection right?so this isn’t your rights at all.”

Okay,thank you.i have my parents who still able to paid it for me.and i still attend the event succesfully.done.great memories but bad story also.

And now.this october, the similar event will be run in Bangkok. 3months ago,i decided to put my efforts to write and apply it for the selection.i write about gibbon (think that i start to explore more and more).i should do this as my institution representation.done.

And somehow after many efforts in the process,someone try to cut my guts and spirit with saying that event is too expensive,not too cool if being compare as a journal and bla23..the bottom line is things that i did is useless,not cool and no serious support.okay,fine.i’ll do it by myself and my way.

This is ironic.this is the truth..while all my colleague being support 100% by their institution for the same thing,and i’m not.i should just stop.there is no advantages on it.but,actually there are so many advantages,at least just for me.i musn’t stop.i should continue,nothing could stop matter least until i send my works and wait the result.i’m not a loser anyway.

I saved my salaries for this event.if my works accepted,i’ll go.after hillarious works and waiting for the result, the commitee accept my works.they give me 2 oral presentation and 1 poster presentation in ASZWM 2012 in Bangkok.goodness…Thank God..i’ll go..i’ve made my passport.i booked my ticket and try to register to the event.and all by myself..well not by myself actually..i still have my parents in acritical moment like touching…:(
I take 10 days vacation from my works to works..funny.but i dont have any choice. The happiest moment also a year ago i collaborate a research with my friends.i support the funds,i drive my friend to participate her research in this event.done,her works accepted also as poster now i support her to attend the event too..
No one support me?fine i can do it by myself.i can support someone else too by myself at the same time.

Today,i learn something.never quit before fight.when there is a will,there is a way (actually)

Screw the ironic