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send my warm greet to your family

26 Aug

Idul Fitri

great ceremonial day for the moslem after doing a month full of fasting,holding their thirst,hunger,emotion and desire. What so identic in Idul Fitri is people,friends,and relatives gather together,shaking hands,holding and doing the apologize-forgiving thing by each of them.

And in Indonesia, another symbolic thing for Idul Fitri is “mudik”, which is mean to go home.many people prefer to go to their home in the village or any of their origin place just to meet the family,gather and celebrate the holiday.

But not every people could do the mudik stuff.because there are some reason that people won’t do the “mudik”. For example like me who still bussy in work and don’t have enough money to go home…so me and some people missed the opportunity to meet the family.

but some people still lucky to meet their family,

that’s is why i write the was my theme for this idul fitri and maybe for the rest idul fitri on my life.

“send my warm greet to your family’

because i know how it feels like to missed the idul fitri moment with my family,i always said this things to my friends and relatives.

usually in idul fitri i said.’I’m so sorry for everything that i’ve done” but now i’m adding it with “and send my warm greet to your family.happy holiday”


so happy idul fitri 1433 H,i’m sorry for everything that i’ve done and send my warm greet to your family.happy holiday.

sorry for this late post also,God bless you 🙂