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21 Jun

you’ve done it very well many time..succeed and perfect.but it is in same uniformed object..try it in different object..and somehow everything is messed up because we are too confident about examine same subject in different object is something that shouldn’t done in hurry and least defy the main problem..the principal of all.then develop it with the suitable not generalize things.different perspective need but will become wide perception.

well it is hard

*inspired by missperception of qudrapedal and bipedal,ended in failure

gather with old friends in Bogor

21 Jun

So i got the assignment again to go to Sumatra site.because we had extra activity,they need me as a cover vet in the team (plan A).but since the schedule was mess up,so i just went to Sumatera for short visit and control.

well done for the job,but i decided to stopped in Jakarta before back to Borneo..i went to Bogor..somehow just want to feel the nostalgic feeling back when 4 years and friends were attending the 3rd AZWMC meeting.that event motivate me to be a vet that concern in much sweet memories during that time.

i meet friends from IPB,especially the wild animal student organization.we reconnected the missing link that lost for many is fun for the start and i believe it will be more fun to maintained until now.

it of my friend let me live in his dorm, and the others are welcoming me with warm way.

i wanna go to IAR,two of my friends work there.well it’s a conservation NGO just like Kalaweit,set in near Salak mountain.yup..the one that crashed a plan lately..and a lil’ bit amaze because actually the mountain isn’t that high..and how come the plan crash?i dunno..such a mistery then.

well Binol,my friend accompany to IAR,while Cipie and Ota wait for me there..they have works to do..but in patiently waiting for my coming also.well finally i reached IAR,a place that i used to aplly my CV 2 years ago!LOL..should bow down for it in some reason but i wasn’t that lucky to meet Karmele,the legendary wildlife vet..hhmm….

For sure,i didn’t consider this as a vacation.i try to look,observe and compare for the place which is gonna be a good input for my work also.All of us talk and,really fun.we share many things.

And i glad that we all meet and know each other,so proud to see them grow and become bigger person..

Felt a warm and generousity of them,not as friends but as a family.really love this.

the best idea is we humble each other without seeing a wall called almamater.great

from the very first time,i always keep in faith about us,the future of Indonesia’s wildlife conservaion and medicine…it should be always like that

Then i remember that this all happen because the seed of “Chelonia” that spread long time ago by their foundingfather.