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great art work

16 Apr

i try to asked my shy friend who.actually is an artist in painting to sketch a picture of me.his name is carlo wijaya pramono.he is a great artist with so much french taste and interest.


and then here it is his artwork for me..still not too finish but it is great


the sketch is taken from my real picture

well it is very great artwork!merci beaucoup monsieur carlo

teach and educate

14 Apr

i never realize that i love toi teach and educate.eventough i’m just a vet.i have a great responsbillity to educate people about animal welfare and zoonoses issues alert..

but i do love to teach and educate others about specific things that i know and i work was inheritance in my bloodlines  maybe.because my grandparents  are teachers.

my grandma always ask me why there are none of her children or even grandchildren who wanna be a teacher..

maybe it is just because a children should be better than here i am as a vet.but i still doing some teacher activity well at least a great effort and passion about sharing knowledge to others..

well teaching activity started while i was in university.since my first year,i often tutoring my friends in the is fun,because the others  need an easier way to understand the subject and me who know a lil’ bit could use the moment for upgrade my memory for the subject.and somehow it trains me to speak in font of people about specific type.some of them thought that i’m doing a lecture’s assistance,but i didn’t. i did it by my own one lecturer pointsunami ne to do that.and i didn’t  use it for commercial.just wanna help my friends,that’s it..

when i joined the organization i often did some tutorial activity in practice and also educate many juniors..

until the real moment while i should gave a presentation of my scientific poster in a general lecture.and after that did more and more presentation.

even after i work,i still being invited by some universities to share about gibbons and Kalaweit in front of their students.

it is always fun,joyful,exciting..

in every vet recruitment now in Kalaweit,i also teach,educate and train them to be a good vet.

i also made an educational program for vetmed students,especially for those who have interest in wildlife medicine. .

one should peoples remember and realize:

knowledge is an expensive thing, but you don’t look cooler when try to sell it

a year and still 4years left

13 Apr

last year,my boss told me about something.a mission.

since almost everyone leave the medical team include the former coordinator,we had several bad times in the medical team.especially our focus divided in two location.until me,the one who still stand but no experience and too young.boss ordered me to be the coordinator.not only in kalimantan but also sumatra.

he offered me an oportunity since no one else who could stand in is hard,i still have a lot of things to catch and my boss want me to handle this crucial situation…

well it is also an honour for least he trust me something that i might could handle.higher position,higher salary,bigger responsibility..

the job?take control for sumatra medic and also kalimantan medic it self..i have to visit sumatra couple time.make sure everything are fine.manage all those medical strategy and policy..recruit more peoples for better team and work.lead them into the ‘new’ Kalaweit. but not forgot to upgrade myself  and also upgrade my team..

i was doubting the offer.because i’m not in the way for this one.but there’s always a challenge in each step.and maybe this is one of it.i face it and took it.

it is hard.i couldn’t  work alone but in the fact i had to dealt  with many disagree..until now,i thought i’ve survive so far.many good times and also bad times happen.

i’ve downed many times but i have to raise my head to struggle.peoples who work with me are struggling to death.that’s one point which i have to remember.

i guess i survive,but i don’t  know what inside my boss’s up to him.

never thought would be this fast but no body said it was easy either.

i believe working isn’t always about democracy.and i keep try to believe that everybody work hard because they believe i work hard also (hope so).

if the boards aren’t complain me,i shouldn’t bother the decision,my responsibility.

one thing for sure,we are not the best but we keep aiming for the better condition.and so do i.

a year already passed,still 4years left to keep in faith.

bless me lord.

maktoub-written in your destiny-coincident’s coincident

4 Apr

have you all read paulo coelho’s book “the alchemist”?if you already read it,you’ll find “maktoub”’s arabic word,means “written in destiny”..

well “maktoub” would be blamed by human when they don’t the answer of something.just like karma.

when you’ve already watch “127hours”,there is one scene when the main character whose his hand got stuck in the rock in that canyon..and the man think that the rock is waiting for thousands year until a perfect moment to stuck te mans’s hand..there he goes “maktoub” also…even in the end the man cut his hand then get away from that canyon. you all have figure it out about every single thing that you do until now is “maktoub” also?i’m doubting it if you haven’t think like that..

because i do too..everything that i do until now is conected mysteriously,coincidentally,accidentally..or like my brother’s always name it for the similar condition: coincident’s coincident..which is mean a very great unacceptable accidentally coincident..

how could i think like that?

in the present,i’m a vet who struggle for conservation.but i never think about it least until 7years behind..i study vet med.but when i passed highschool through the university,i never thought it will be this way.i don’t even dreamed myself as a vet before..and so do the conservation.

7years ago after made sure my mindset for being a vet,i picked wildlife as my minor the time goes on,i involved deeper.joined the javan langur release project,present a poster in wildlife meeting event,doing research in wildlife for my final task…and suddenly now i work in gibbon conservation.

let me back to coelho’s book “the alchemist” said when we have a strong will and hope to do something,somehow the nature will collaborate and conspire with us to fulfill our destiny in a strange and miracle way..

but how could it happen to me who actually just own a late passion like this?then i realize something.when i was a child,i do read my book about a national park that became a habitat of banteng.i asked my parent to go.there,just to ease my curiosity about banteng and wildlife,and i did it.i was glad,but never wishes that 10years later i visited the same’s  a national park and i found peace the wildlife since my first visit.apparently the peace feeling on my heart is stucked and grow bigger until now…that’s one fact

the funny other thing is my mom was a secretary of French embassy before she married.she speaks French fluently.and somehow because of her big passion in French,i often said that my mom is a French.LOL.i do want someday i could be like my mom speaks in many language (she speaks Indonesia,Frenchand and English).i also dream to be like her which is work in embassy or at least somekind of that.i almost study in Holland but failed,i almost study in international affair  study,it all just to continue my mom’s passion.i failed.i study in vet med and now i’m a vet in the jungle.

but you know what?i work in a French NGO,my boss is a French,and i meet many French peoples.

what a funny fact that the bottomline  is maktoub!

yeah!it was written in my destiny.coincident’s coincident..

but no matter how maktoub it is,it all comes from your deepest will and passion..

if it strong,it will leads you to collaborate wit nature to fulfill.

that’s it!