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Passion is not only a word

20 Mar

Couple times i present a presentation in some university,also i share many stories to my colleagues and juniors.

Mostly about what i’ve done so far in my profession.i hope i could share many inspiration and motivation so they could have more passion for their future.

And the funniest thing,i often meet these peoples..

Peoples who come to me ‘after show’ and say many things about the same passion like me,about having the same dream like me,about looking for same future like me..

Well mostly it’s come they would have a dream like me when they are lazy,no action and talk only. the end they are just looking for attention and channel for internship and job vacancy..these peoples are true opportunistic peoples.

Don’t ever talk about passion when you don’t  even know what is passion..

Those peoples who come to me are people who looks for shortcut,popularity,but don’t  want to work,study hard and struggle…

Most of them are true groupies and opportunistic..

Feel pity for them

Adrenaline triggered by testosterone

20 Mar

It’s not one of my scientific publication.but i do think this couple  time.adrenaline is a hormone that could push someone to do something beyond their affect  your respiration  system,circulation system,muscular contraction and nerve reaction..well almost cab drive us stronger,faster and the important one is braver than it used to be.well actually it isn’t the real definition.

But producing a high amount of adrenaline  would lead your confident very high also.that’s why this hormone often involved in something extreme,dangerous,high tension,high risk,etc…

But sometimes behind those involvement,there is one true thing which is dumb.

Yeah,we don’t realize that adrenaline works in some of dumb situation and out of our most logical sense.

How could dumb?yes because normal people with lower adrenaline won’t do the dumb thing.

I should give a dumb thing example for the adrenaline act,it’s fall in love.peoples  do dumb thing that contain of dangerous,high risk,full of tension and out of logical senses (which is dumb,literally) that define the adrenaline states when they are falling in  love.i examine this many time :p

So the amount of adrenaline sometimes equal with your love status.if you are in love,you might have a great stock of adrenaline that could release anytime and end in some stupid act.

But what triggered the love status?

Well in male,they will interested with women because of one hormone which is testosterone.this hormone lead all of sexual stuff inside a male.

Some of your love appetite are dominated by testosterone.and man has greater possibility to do dumb thing when they are in love.

It is because of the that’s why we could say that adrenaline triggered by testosterone.