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attending someone wedding party = wedding survey

29 Feb

i often use my vacation time to attend someone’s wed.and so far it happen for 3times..

attend and alone.will be a problem when peoples ask about my turn.well sometimes i don’t care..hahahaha..

to prevent any bully happen,i always said that attending someone’s wed is just a weeding could be to survey the food (number1),the concept,the organizer and the ambience.

for me,attending wedding party is a celebration for the happy couple,reunion,eat festival, sightseeing,hope and bless for the couple and for me also so i could follow their act too,soon (which is a tought of normal people).

so happy to see the couple,but sometime it feel strange to see provoke many question which is when will my time come?
after that question then follow a reflection behind when i’m the one who celebrate my own.well i bet,i will looked goofy with that kind of look and ambience..haha..

many people wait for my invitation.but for me,myself,i don’t think so..

well one issue to solve is,with who?
and i think those issue will screwed me one – another if i hold it too serious :))


so i still looking for the wedding survey moment 🙂