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Nice start,i guess :)

17 Jan


Hi.been so long not to post anything..a year has past.*LOL

Yeah i guest it is quiet late for posting about but just wanna share what happened few days ago.before new  year’s evening lot of problem drop in my way.

I was alone for stand in the camp which is there were no backup for manager and my vet partner were in holidays..

The electricity was down because of some damages in the dinamo and it’s mean no clean water to consumed..

Having days without electricity until we decide to use the gasoline generator.and for the clean water,we looked for it in the small river across our camp…
Need the right person to made the dinamo getting well.takes several day and two peoples until everything better.

And what made everything more fun was when olga lydia,yes the actress,sent us some delicious cookies  as a new year greet and gift.feel touched..because i never thought  that there is still Indonesian whose care for our effort so far.

Well it was boosting my mood and my faith about what i’ve done and also what will i do in this year..

So excited  🙂