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Hillarious 2011

25 Dec


This is the fun thing that people do in their december.take note for everything that happen since the beginning years until the years itself past.if i’m not mistaken,it called caleidoscope.

Well sort of it,i’m gonna write down the similar things..bad and also good things happen along the years.i remember it,i won’t forget it,so i could prevent it happen again and again..well this is it..

Still the newly years.still positive thinking

During on my vacation,and my grandma passed away..everything were messed up in the camp..but this month was a birth of d’alton project..

I loose my partner,she decided to resign,continuing her study.the boss offered me to run the coordinator position.then i said is for 5years at least.actually on that months i was doubting for everything.but since everything getting better,i step forward.

New position,new least every 2months i was scheduled to visit sumatra,our branch project.10days of anger,because a lot of messed up things there.gross..and also i lost my uncle too..

Things were better.only two vet work in borneo,we save our time for vacation just to make sure everything were fine.

My vacation schedule.and i wanna use it very i travelled a lot in java,during my first 6days.i spent it to visit my grandparent’s cemetery and attend my friend’s wed.exhausted.for sure.because i also presented kalaweit in university.and the good news,i got another partner..

Gotta handle the volunteer,and it was complicated..and still i have to go sumatra.checking for the condition after the first move on new camp.they are developt,but new people sometime made me suffer,i got a bad allergic also at that time and mood went down..

Ramadhan, birthday and should be fun,but it wasn’t.i stay on the camp,having several week without signal..i don’t go home meet with my family at ied fitri celebration

A years ago,in early september,i broke up with my girlfriend.within a year is a damn static..i got very serious trouble in my ear.i heard nothing for about 2weeks..

Vacation..but it was a bad vacation for dean in university cursed me in front of many people,just because i criticize the presentation there also was a failed one.i spent a lot of money for my health,and no one sister got her job after trying to look for it for 2years..And i made a great decision to stay in sumatra for a longer’s a good news when eric meijaard emailed me.he asked me to join the wild pig special group study on iucn.i said yes.

Injured ears again,stressfull time with dumb people over there..i lost a lot of money again because of my health.

Kalaweit was getting more famous.until there was a tv show take a tape in our camp.i appeared almost 70% on the whole was good for vet icon,i guess.and the hardest decision i took also.i stopped for the organization.hate the members and felt the organization were getting lame because of adieu,Bon boyage KMPV PW..and now trouble won’t stop blackberry is broken,loose so many important sad for loosing thing that i earn with my own hardwork..

Well too many bad things happen.but i guess the good one also worth to count.

Thank you 2011..but i’m hoping more in 2012..
Career,knowledge,achievement,love life.

Hope the same thing for you guys.cheers

adieu , bon voyage! :)

11 Dec

Since two days ago,they were bussy doing the meeting.yes,it is the KMPV Pet and wild member’s held every year to report the activity yearly,to discuss the consensus,to set the next activity and programs in a year and select the organization’s board.

So there was an issue that the lattest organization board made some several fatal it should be a hard decision to accept the yearly report.

But then everything was under the control,because everyone accept the report,even tough it was controversial (it’s always happen every year).

Then going into the 2nd phase which is consensus.there was a great effort to take out the ‘4th phase’ member from the the organization,the membership divided into 4phase according to the educational phase or level.1st phase for the newbie,until the 4th phase which is the the member could get higher phase if they could pass all the educational program.

And there goes the 4th phase which is contain of alumni (most of it).too many older people on it,the expert one,the advance.the 4th phase have a lot of experience and great responsibility also to share the education and to develop the organization.but sometimes the 4th phase is a great critics also for the board who organize the organization.kinda a thread maybe.and most of people don’t like them because their kinda bad and mean people.

So there was a issue that the member want to take out or delete the 4th phase from the membership.or at least they want to kick out the member who already graduate from the university. dunno the motive.but I’m one of the 4th phase member.I realize that many peoples hate me,even my whatever.

I’m feelin’ free to be kicked out from organization.this organization is a sanctuary from me.I don’t care with those newbie who couldn’t blend with the organization’s spirit.but I’m stop it’s a win-win solution.

I love the organization,and I always proud of being the part of it (used to).