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Concrete solution for forest

31 Oct

This post is inspired by my boss tought.

Couple days ago the france press interviewed him about indonesia president’s statement. The statement about SBY’s commitment to more concern in conservation and environment,in the rest 3years of his governmental session. It is a good news for us,also funny.because it triggers one big question in our head which is. “where the hell are you for this 8years?” SBY period,he’s well known of the trees planting policy and action. Planting a million trees/ year for the nature conservation. So what?It doesn’t mean at all if he let the deforestation happens more and more…

Why?this the reason (from my point of view):

1.The trees planting action are sporadic,inefficient and uneffective.they could plant it anywhere.but not in the place that really “clean” because of area that really need more intensive attention.and also after planting,there are no further maintenance for sometime the trees already dead before growing

2. The amount of trees that lost because of deforestation are too many.a million trees in a year never will be the same with the unstoppable deforestation in is not equal,not worth.we should stop deforestation to save our nature.and it’s meaningless if you plant trees (no matter how many) if the deforestation still happening.

Then how the solution?forget the planting stuff.all we have to do is just holding a forest concession. Forest concession is a legal permit for company to do the deforestation in 25000 ha,in more than 30 years,to fulfill their activity to make monet.timber,mining,and palm oil company use to get this permit.and it takes a lot of money to get a forest concession.

If we could save at least one forest concession, we will save the nature.not need to planting anymore.

How come?

Here i tell you a simple an area of 10x10m,there should be at least about there will be about 5000trees if there’s one hectares right?then we multiply it with is 125million many trees.

and also don’t forget the animal that live inside the forest.if one group of gibbon


live in 40hectares. And one group contain of 3Gibbons. There will be about 625 group of gibbon which is 1875 gibbons..

So it is very precious to keep and save our nature by holding on one forest is a concrete solution to save our forest!our nature!at least it is more concrete than only planting trees.

This is what Kalaweit also trying to do.beside doing the gibbon sanctuary,we also try to save forest from the big company that doing the deforestation anywhere.

We just try to help.


30 Oct


i’m not a person who hunger of fame. i’m not like that

25 Oct

So,at the social network or social media,people maybe aware of my act when I was posting links and sharing about Kalaweit. Especially about Kalaweit existence in TV. Because it’s the easiest way for people to connect with in.a

In Indonesia media,it is rare opportunity for Kalaweit to be blowin’ once there’s a chance we appear on TV,that’s a perfect time to ask people to view on it. I’m spamming the news. on facebook,twitter,yahoo,blackberry,blog and even now google. But because of people don’t know it yet.there’s always 2 question follows after I spreading the message,which is :

1.What is Kalaweit?well this is my job to explain to everybody. But my shortest answer is “it is the place where I work. for better information,just go to or”. Simple isn’t it?

2.This is the most irritating one.the always ask about “are you appear on the shows?”
Well..most of everything about Kalaweit that appears in TV is without me. So when I answer “no”.Lot of people will think,what for then I watch it?And the one that irritating is sometimes people think that I’m on the thing,so people should watch it. if the thing without me,why should I bother them and ask them to watch something that unimportant. It’s just like I’m the one who need attention and appreciation. And people do tease and say something bad about this.

Well the point why I ask people to watch it,is because they need to know what happen with the nature and what Kalaweit are trying to do. Not because I’m cool and appear on TV like that.

I’m not a person who hunger and thirst from fame and to be known. I’m not like that.

vacation will never be the same..

15 Oct destination is take a rest..refreshing..thanks God it’s happen..
some great things happen and satisfy enough..i think i take my time efficiently this time..even 1 or 2 bad things happen.i think it’s okay..

meeting the family,buying some stuff,take rest,meeting friends..

it is good…
i met my family,spend some good time with them..met my friends..from the old one untuil my campus mates..

and refreshing..i’m having enough it all..
internet,good food,good places,peoples,the music!

i watched 3 great artist in 2 days in a row..!i even enjoy the rave party..never been like this before,.hahahaa….

well…it’s almost is sucks..i want morre holiday!!!ggrgrgrrmm..:D

Sheila on 7

14 Oct

so this is on of legendary band that still exist in indonesia even after stand more than a decade!

this is my first time watchem them live in front of my eyes..after more than a decaded they are exist..and i’m not too admire this band actually..but i like the first album which is their breakthrough in the country..

they play bluessy-folk pop,and very nice in the first..but then in 2nd album,they were lame and mess up,even the album was booming…and the third one is kinda better than the 2nd..but after that, wathever they made for the album become an awsome work.because i think they are growing up..they already have special market for the record..

so back in the stage..everything is cool actually but a lil’ bit mess up in the beginning.maybe just adaptation problem..but i’m kinda upset when the problem is in the guitar…but it better by the time goes on..

so this band kinda in mature stage in their journey..they can perform very good even it’s not perfect but nobody complain about it..everybody enjoy the gigz!

i like the show..even i am not a fan of them…:D

happy today

14 Oct

happy today.

good news

12 Oct

well i think it’s a good news but also shocking one for me..!

why?becauseĀ  Dr.Eric Meijaard email me!always feel excited for moment like this!but who is Dr.Eric Meijaard?well i actually i don’t quiet know who is he..from what i know,this person have write many journal of wildlife..especially when i was in my research back in the university long time ago. So…it’s very shocking and exciting thing!

well he’sĀ  the iucn ssc group for wild pig. and he contacts me after he’s been suggested by Lynn Clayton. he looks for update membership list in IUCN SSC group for wild pig.and he offers me to join the group, because i used to work in Babirusa..(and this is the reason why i could have contact with Lynn Clayton )

And since the membership is volunteer, i decide to join the group..uhaaa…i can imagine if i could explore myself further by this group..

It is a good news..very good news..and i’m so exciting…